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Published at 21st of January 2020 02:40:11 PM

Chapter 1180

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Intense despair filled Ki Kitagawa's whole being as he saw the line of enemies at present . He had secretly sent some spies to investigate the Buddhist Sect in China . Although the gathered information was scant, it was very clear that China's Buddhist Sect truly had deep heritage and foundation with lots of experts at the helm .

And now, even these Eminent Monks of China's Buddhist Sect came to Japan . It was likely that not only would they bring him bad luck, they would also spell big trouble for the Joyous Palace . Coupled with another faction of cultivators from China who had come to Japan, wouldn't it mean that Japan would likely be turned upside down by these Daoists and Buddhists?

Ki Kitagawa drew in a deep breath . He shifted his vision to Tang Xiu and asked, "Are you the one who can call the shots here?"

"That's correct . " Tang Xiu nodded . "I'm the decision-maker here . "

"I don't know how you can change your appearance, but I can still determine that you're Tang Xiu," said Ki Kitagawa . "I never had deep enmity with neither you nor these Eminent Monks of China's Buddhist Sect since I've never been a true member of the Joyous Palace . Hence, I suppose the only possibility is that you want information from me . Am I correct?"

"Well, it seems my conjecture was spot on . You are indeed quite smart," said Tang Xiu smilingly .

"Then we can have a good chat since what I said is correct . " Ki Kitagawa continued in a deep voice, "I'll tell you everything I know as long as you preserve my life . "

"You know, you'll naturally tell everything about the Joyous Palace since you're a traitor to them . " Tang Xiu commented with a smile . "It's a pity to you the status of my underling when she was in the Joyous Palace was much higher than yours, so I don't need anything pertaining to the Joyous Palace's situation . "

Ki Kitagawa's expression slightly changed and he replied with an ugly complexion, "You wanna know about General Fukuda and the Gene Camp, then?"

"That's right," replied Tang Xiu .

Ki Kitagawa took a deep breath and asked seriously, "Then answer me a question . I'll tell you everything I know about General Fukuda and the Gene Camp as long as you answer it . "

"Do ask!" Tang Xiu nodded .

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With flickering eyes, Kitagawa asked in a deep voice, "You said your subordinate's status in the Joyous Palace was much higher than mine . I can believe in this one because there are many with higher positions than me like those Mistresses, and some mysterious experts I never knew about . However, I'd like to know the identity of this person first . "

"It's me!" An aquamarine figure flashed and appeared in the hall floating mid-air .

Faintly smiling and holding a rosary in her hand, Yuji came to Tang Xiu . She slightly leaned and raised up her head to report . "I've sent some people to fully investigate some hidden networks of the Joyous Palace . You only need to command and I can take the men to destroy these hidden sites and then shift the blame to the Gene Camp . "

At this moment, another figure floated in from the corridor . It was the veiled Joyous Palace Saintess . Her intelligent eyes quickly landed on Kitagawa and lightly said, "Boss doesn't mind letting you know some issues so that you can willingly cooperate with us, Kitagawa . We prepared and did our best to lead you to this place and arranged the encirclement in advance . Not even a fly can escape this place, so you had better tell everything you know . "

Tang Xiu watched Kitagawa, whose expression now changed dramatically . He smiled at him and said, "You wanna know more, Kitagawa? If you do, I can satisfy your curiosity . But beware since the more you know, the closer your death will be, so you had better think about it clearly .

Kitagawa fell into silence for a long while before silently nodding . Then, he spoke, "I'd like to put forward another request . "

"Don't go too far, Kitagawa," interjected Kuwako coldly .

The man shot a look at Tang Xiu with an extremely solemn expression .

"Speak!" said Tang Xiu indifferently .

"Everyone I brought here must die," said Kitagawa .

"You'll have it, but it won't be done now . " Tang Xiu nodded .

Kitagawa took a deep breath and said, "Then do ask anything you want to know!"

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"I need details on General Fukuda as well as the Gene Camp," said Tang Xiu . "Tell me everything you know about them . Do remember that the more you tell us, the bigger your chance to live is . "

The entire night was spent with Kitagawa telling everything he knew . Although it was unknown whether he told everything or not, the information he gave was enough for Tang Xiu .

Early in the morning .

The morning sky was filled with light rain and the dimly lit world seemed to be unwilling to wake up . Several dark clouds drifted from time to time as though indicating that heavy rain would soon pour tears down on the earth .

"Let's move!"

The killing aura emitted out by Blackface Buddha was particularly strong even though he was a monk .

Tang Xiu glanced at him and lightly said, "Blackface Buddha, you need to restrain and control your killing intent if you want to be an Eminent Monk who reaches enlightenment . Only then will you be able to break through the barrier of your present realm . This campaign in Japan will likely make you reap more lives, but this is also a good chance to change your mental state and mood . I hope you can grasp this chance and break through the barrier earlier . "

Blackface Buddha shook his head . "You're not from my Buddhist Sect, so you have no idea about the Buddhist cultivator's situation . "

His response made Tang Xiu sigh inwardly . He didn't bother to say more since this monk turned a deaf ear to his advice . Then, he clapped his hands, announcing: "Everyone, the plan has been devised and completed, so let's take action now! We have 8 targets in total—four belonging to the Joyous Palace and the Gene Camp each . Immediately withdraw after you've accomplished your mission and gather at the designated point . Also, do send immediate notice to the nearby team should you face any unexpected situation and wait for the reinforcement while withdrawing . "

This surprise attack was meant to wipe out the targets!

Although it was carried out during the day, it was also the time that a surprise attack would be the least expected to those stationed in these various strongholds . Therefore, it was expected that this blitzkrieg attack to decimate eight footholds of the two parties would be very successful, while the plan itself was also to leave the traces of the Gene Camp's people in the Joyous Palace's sites, and the reverse for the other party's target sites .

As noon came, a group of people from both parties strangely came to the decimated and massacred bases . Both sides pointed to each other after seeing the traces left intentionally there .


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Kyoto suburbs .

In the outer-ring area of the Gene Camp, two patrol teams crossed each other, leaving only four genetic warriors in charge of guarding at the intersection as they coldly observed the surroundings .

"Why do I keep feeling restless and scared, 1183? It's like something bad is gonna happen soon . " A genetic warrior suddenly frowned and spoke to his companion at the side .

"Cut the nonsensical crap, 1184 . Do you think you're a woman and got a sixth sense or something?" His companion rolled his eyes at him and contemptuously snorted .

1184 didn't speak again, but his vigilant eyes kept scanning the surroundings so that he could immediately find the slightest sign of disturbance in the surroundings . Nobody knew that it wasn't his first time having such a particular feeling . He had the same sensation several years ago and survived that crisis due to his intuition . Such a sensation appeared again a few years back and similarly saved him as he was able to escape again .

This time was the third .

Suddenly, he caught sight of a dazzling flash of light in the deep woods in the distance . He would have missed it had he not raised his vigilance at the moment and was very sensitive to the movements around him .

Shoo, shoo shoo…

In that instant, he abruptly threw himself to the side . He could feel a slight itch on his back as his back fell against a piece of bluestone . But his unaware three companions had their necks swept over by a sword beam that appeared out of nowhere and were fully beheaded .

Tang An's figure flickered and vanished in just 2 seconds after . She was now wearing the attire usually wore by the Mistresses of the Joyous Palace . She didn't pursue 1184 but shot a frosty glance at him, but it was enough to send a chill to 1184, causing the man to feel like he just fell into an ice hole .

'That was so close . '

1184 didn't dare to move and stayed like that for a long while . As he found out that the mysterious female assassin didn't appear again, he cautiously crawled up and vigilantly scanned the surroundings . He touched his back and felt something slimy . He retracted his hand and then saw that it was full of blood .


Then, 1184 shouted as loud as he could with a hoarse voice .

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A group of shadows flickered and bolted like lightning from afar and tens of sturdy genetic warriors had rushed over . One of them was a giant man with a nearly 2 meters long blade in his hand . He scanned around and then shouted, "Aren't you 1184? I remember you!"

"I'm 1184, Captain, Sir!" replied 1184 aloud . "It was an enemy raid, a mysterious female assassin . "

The towering giant waved and said in a deep voice, "Send the notice and announce that someone is sneaking into our Gene Camp . And be sure to find her!"

1184 hurriedly interjected, "Captain, the enemy should be more than one person . I saw some dazzling lights in the deep woods a while back . I could have ended up as these three and killed by that female assassin if I didn't raise my vigilance then . "

The giant man quickly grabbed the walkie-talkie and, after reporting the situation in this spot, he began contacting the genetic warriors who were on guard duty . What made him furious was that nobody answered his call from the other guard posts .

This meant that the enemies had already killed all the genetic warrior sentries on duty!

At this moment, two off-road cars came vrooming from the outside . The person in the front seat of the car in front opened the window . It was a big man with a golden token who swayed the token and then passed through everyone guarding and quickly entered the inner area of the Gene Camp .


As the two cars stopped in the square, it happened that General Fukuda just walked out of the building with the red-haired man . Eight masked men got off from the car and paced forward at the same time and saluted him .

"How come all of you are back now? Where's Kitagawa?" asked General Fukuda with a frown .

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