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Published at 31st of March 2018 05:13:07 AM

Chapter 358

Chapter 358: Layout

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Hope! Through Tang Xiu’s words, several core members of the Bai Family suddenly saw hope .

This made their previous restless mood calm down .

“Second Uncle Bai, please give me some time, I’ll use my network to save the Bai Family’s head . Were our Tang Family to fail in the dispute with the Yao Family in Guangyang Province, I assure you that we will never abandon the Bai Family’s head and we’ll prevent him from being imprisoned at all costs . This… is the least I can guarantee you . ” said Tang Xiu .

Upon hearing Tang Xiu’s words, Bai Tao’s heart was touched .

It was, in fact, what he wanted to hear from Tang Yunpeng . However, the latter didn’t give any speak about anything the matter for a long time . Such a situation actually made him a bit resentful, but Tang Xiu’s words made the resentment inside his heart to completely vanish .

“Tang Xiu, I’ll remember your promise in my heart . I also want to say to you that my Bai Family will never separate from the Tang Family . Regardless of any plan you have later, you’ll have unconditional support from us . Whether you want money or manpower, you’ll have it . ” Bai Tao firmly said .

Nodding in satisfaction, Tang Xiu then got up and said, “We’ll mutually hold to our own pledges as gentlemen . As of now, we temporarily won’t be needing assistance from the Bai Family, so what you have to do is to increase your vigilance as to prevent against moves by the Yao and Sun Families . By the way, we can’t stay here much longer . Wait for my good news . ”

“Alright, I’ll send you out!” Bai Tao nodded .

As they came out of the building, Tang Xiu suddenly said, “Second Uncle Bai, I’d have to trouble you to get us a car! We covertly left Red Maple Villa Complex for fear of being detected by the Yao and Sun Families . ”

Bai Tao waved his hand to Bai Bing .

Immediately, Bai Bing went back inside . A minute later, she came back with a few car keys, handed it over to Tang Xiu and said with a smile, “These are for the cars in the courtyard . Take whichever you like . ”

Tang Xiu glanced at it and said, “I’ll take the Volkswagen Tiguan! It’s not expensive and won’t attract attention . ”

About two minutes later, Tang Xiu, Xue Jie, and the two bodyguards left quickly .

On the car .

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With an astonished expression, Xue Jie asked, “Tang Xiu, since we want to change our hiding place, why don’t you ask for help from the Bai Family? They have been here for so many years, I believe we can get many covert places that are suitable for us to hide from them . ”

Letting out a pale smile, Tang Xiu replied, “Auntie Xue, at this crucial time, it’s best to let them know as little as possible, unless they are truly our own people . Who can guarantee that the Yao and the Sun Families haven’t bought someone from the Bai Family’s members?”

Xue Jie was stunned and froze . She looked at Tang Xiu in a different light now .

Low-key and cautious!

Originally, for Tang Xiu to take over the command in Guangyang Province, she did have some confidence that he would defeat the Yao Family . But this time, a hay of hope was raised inside her heart . Furthermore, through what Tang Xiu did tonight, especially in the Bai Family, she could see that Tang Xiu’s stratagem was very astute . At the very least, the Bai Family’s people who were previously restless had now been pacified and soothed .

From the looks of it, Tang Xiu had even successfully bought their hearts .

“So, where are we going now?” asked Xue Jie .

“We’ll look for a place in Guan City that is very chaotic . What I’m talking about is a place with tons of non-natives, where people come and go frequently . We will move with a lot of people from now on, so we must have a place suitable to conceal ourselves as to prevent any accidents . ”

Xue Jie was surprised, “Tang Xiu, finding such a place . . . Are you not afraid that news will be leaked with so many people mixed in?”

“There’s nothing to be afraid of!” Tang Xiu said lightly, “Provided we’re careful enough, I’m confident that we can conceal ourselves well . I’ll think of a way!”

Despite knowing nothing of what Tang Xiu meant by “think of a way”, Xue Jie still chose to trust Tang Xiu . After all, what he did today had made her sincerely convinced .

“We can go to Hongpo District . ” Xue Jie’s bodyguard on the driver seat spoke .

“Where’s this Hongpo District?” asked Tang Xiu .

“Hongpo District is located in the southwest of Guan City . There are a lot of industrial parks, small projects, and small individual workshops there . Many migrants go there every year . The clothing factory under the Tang Family is also there . Although continuous reforms and development were conducted over the place in the past few years, still, there are many shabby places . So it’s a suitable place to hide many people . ” Said Xue Jie .

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Tang Xiu nodded . He then dialed the Huang family’s head cell number . From him, he learned that the Huang also had a intelligence network in Hongpo District . After which, he asked the contact of the intelligence personnel from him .

Guo Sen .

He was the owner of an Internet café in Yueyang Street, Hongpo District . He had been on the Internet café business here for more than ten years and had a complex relationship with the local thugs . He also had another identity in this place: An intelligence personnel of the Huang Family and also the person in charge .

After the Family’s head personally phoned him, Guo Sen became quite excited . He secretly decided that he must cooperate with the other party well . Whatever request the other party asked of him, he would try to meet it as far as possible .

He quickly received a call from Tang Xiu and told him the address of his Internet café .

Jingying Internet Café .

With his two trusted confidantes, Guo Sen was squatting in the corner of the street near the Internet café, waiting for Tang Xiu and the others’ arrival . Beside him, a calm-looking youth extinguished a cigarette butt as he looked up and asked, “Eldest Brother, who’s that man? To think that even he’s worth the Big Boss personally issuing a command for us and sparing no effort to work with him?”

Shaking his head, Guo Sen said, “I don’t know . But since the Big Boss personally commanded it, then we must complete this task . Big Boss has promised to give us a very handsome reward if we do a good job . Perhaps we will be transferred to a bigger stage as well . ”

The facial expression of the youth changed as he firmly said, “I’m not that good in terms of intelligence compared to you, but I will be the first to act should he need someone . ”

For a moment, Guo Sen was silent, before suddenly asking, “Qiang Zi, where did Boss send you three years ago? How come you became so strong after you came back?”

“Eldest Brother, don’t ask . ” Shao Qiang shook his head and said, “I really can’t say anything about it . Else, I’ll be violating the big taboo of the family . Not to mention you, even I would be killed as well . That ancestor who taught the Huang Family not only gave this instruction to the Huangs, but also to us . You should be very clear about this matter as well . ”

Forcing a smile, Guo Sen replied, “Well, since you don’t wanna say, then I won’t ask about it . ”

Shao Qiang no longer spoke . But he reminisced about the inhuman torments of that year inside his mind . It was a devilish training which could claim lives . That place was a sacred ground to train powerhouses, but also the place where a group of devils lived . He was quite vexed inside . He wanted to go there for training again, but he was afraid that he couldn’t bear it and would die in vain .

Originally, if he hadn’t secretly fallen in love with that suffocating, beautiful girl because of that one glance, as well as not wanting her to look down on him, he would’ve been unable to endure and would have died in that place .

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However, he knew the gap between himself and that girl’s identity . He knew that they were people from different worlds . He was just akin to a toad while that girl was a white swan .  

No… she was not a white swan . She was a fairy maiden .

Hong, hong!

A car’s horn sounded, abruptly dragging Shao Qiang from his reverie . As he looked up, he found his Eldest Brother and the others running toward a SUV on the roadside .

"Are you Guo Sen?"

As he got down from the car, Tang Xiu looked to Guo Sen and asked .

“I’m . Are you Mr . Tang?” Replied Guo Sen promptly .

“Yes, it’s me . ” Tang Xiu nodded and said, “You should’ve received a call from Huang Jinfu, yes?”

Guo Sen’s mouth twitched a few times . He didn’t expect that Tang Xiu would dare to address his Big Boss by name . Nodding, he cautiously said, “Big Boss has commanded us to help you to the best of our abilities . Whatever you need, we will try to meet it . ”

“I need to find a safe place since we’ll have a lot of people coming . Hence, the place must be large enough, but it mustn’t be easily found by outsiders . ” Said Tang Xiu .

A surprised expression flashed from Guo Sen’s eyes as he asked, “Mr . Tang, would you mind telling me in advance how many people will be coming?”

“At the most, perhaps 100 . Or around 40 to 50 at the very least . ” Said Tang Xiu .

Thinking for a moment, Guo Sen then said, “I know a very covert place and it’s also very suitable for your request . But…”

“But what?” asked Tang Xiu .

“But it’s quite messy and chaotic there . There are many migrant workers and some gangsters and thugs who also often especially appear there . Also, the Boss in that place is the head of the gangsters . He’s called Hei Long; he’s very powerful and influential there . He also has some intelligence network . If we were to be found by his people, I’m afraid…”

“I would’ve been more worried if that place had no head at all . ” Tang Xiu said smilingly, “Take me there to have a look . If it’s good, I’ll take it . ”

“Qiang Zi, drive . ” Said Guo Sen promptly .

Shao Qiang nodded and quickly ran .

Squinting his eyes toward Shao Qiang’s back, Tang Xiu asked, “Is he your man? He’s quite skillful, isn’t he?”

Staring blankly at Tang Xiu for a moment, Guo Sen then said with amazement, “Mr . Tang, you’re really amazing . Big Boss sent Qiang Zi to me, and his skill is indeed extraordinary . Just seven or eight ordinary local ruffians or gangsters are not his match . ”

“What you’re talking about is his strength . But what I meant is his skill in killing . He has seen blood and also possesses a vicious aura inside his heart . ” Said Tang Xiu .

Guo Sen was dazed . He had never expected that this little brother of his who had followed him for nearly two years would be this strong . However, as he recalled that he was sent by the Big Boss, he felt relieved .

Soon, a car stopped in front of the two men .

Tang Xiu ordered one bodyguard to sit on Shao Qiang’s car and let Guo Sen sit in the Tiguan SUV’s front seat . With Shao Qiang as the guide, the two cars quickly drove toward an abandoned factory .

“What do you want here?”

An old man guarding the entrance ran out of the sentry box and shouted loudly .

Getting off the car, Guo Sen then came before the old man . He took out a stack of hundred-yuan paper money, stuffed it into his hand and said, “Gramps, do you remember me? I’m the owner of the Internet café . You once visited my Internet café to bring your grandson back home . ”

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