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Published at 28th of February 2017 10:48:13 PM

Chapter 50.1

 ­ Break The Limit (1)

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‘Never touch this staff . ’


That was the last warning given by Ian before he fainted .


“Urgh… . . ”


Ian woke up four days later .

With a little bit of moaning, he opened his eyes quickly .

An intolerable pain shook his head .


‘This place……?’


After waking up, Ian quickly looked at his surroundings .

There was no luxurious decorations, but it was quite neat and clean .


‘It seems I’m in the province castle . ’


Ian acknowledged the area with haste . There would be no other place clean like this in the Pieric Province at the moment .


‘It seems like I made it . ’


When Ian arrived at the valley, He used up every single mana and health he had . He had literally ‘fainted’ . Did he faint because the King of Shamans had resisted roughly? No . He was an easy opponent . The problem was the staff . ‘The staff of the Great Grass Field’, which was scripted with formulas .


‘I never expected it to cause hallucinations . ’


The formula on the staff wasn’t an incantation that controlled the monsters’ minds . It was a ‘hallucination’ that caused a specific ‘vision’, which Ian also suffered from .


‘It was the vision that the Great Grass Field was burnt by a great flame like hell . ’


Precisely, it was the hallucination that a meteor devastated the Great Grass Field . The king of shaman kept his incantation, and those monsters attacked the border lines to run away from such disasters .


‘Monsters are easily manipulated by hallucinations . ’


Their survival instinct was great . It united every monster as one which hadn’t occurred in history, but also formed order to plan plans to invade us .


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‘I better deal with the staff first……’


The formula on the staff wasn’t removed clearly, yet . He just had paused its power for a moment; he barely managed himself to run away from the monsters which had lost their vision .


“Sir Ian?”


Someone entered Ian’s room .

It was the conducted mage, Mcgedie .


“You’re awake!”


He, I mean, she ran into Ian .

She was holding a water bucket and towel .


“How long I have fainted for?”

“For four days straight . ”

“Four days… . ”


After hearing the answer, Ian looked up and down at Mcgedie . He had no idea why the conducted mage was nursing him, but he had another thing to take care of .


“Where is the staff?”

“Ah, the other mages concealed it for you . They said it is in a container which is similar to a mana prison . That……”


At the centre of the room, there was a container .

Mcgedie pointed .


“Nice treatment . ”


It was outstanding treatment .

It must’ve been done by the 3rd class mages .

As satisfied, Ian stood up .


“Y, you still need to take more …… . . !”

“I am okay . ”

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Then he approached to the container and opened its cover .


*Screeee… . . *


After opening the long container, a birch staff was there . As it got lightened, its surface was black, and the all of its body was filled with a tiny formula on its surface .


‘I better deal with the hallucinations first . ’


It was impossible to remove a formula once it was scripted . However, Ian could try to change it to another . It could be done by overwriting the script with another formula, or swapping it to a whole new formula .


‘It’s not an easy job . ’


It wasn’t an easy job at all . Not only did he need to deal with the original formula, but he also needed to choose the proper formula that synchronized with the artifact . If Ian chose a bad formula, then the artifact would lose its power and became a waste . A waste that had nothing special about it .


‘That’s sad, isn’t it?’


Ian liked the staff in various points . Especially, it had a branch on its head which let Ian put a communication orb onto it . That was the important part of it .


‘It is the only staff that may be able to fit the communication orb . ’

(ED Note: Jeezus that moment when you realise he went all this trouble to get a mobile phone-stick so he can talk with his mum… . )


Ian possessed various artifact staffs in his former life .

And this was why he chose to find this artifact among those staff he once had .


‘Let’s start . ’


When Ian raised his left index finger, and soon a tiny ice shard was formed . It was the perfect size for as an ice pick for scripting formulas .


*Scratch scratch… . . *


Sounds of scripting a formula on the birch staff filled the quiet room .

It seemed it would take a while .

Scratch, again and again…


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‘I better leave quietly like the dead . ’


Ian was focusing on his job deeply . Thanks to that, Mcgedie missed the suitable time to leave the room, so she just watched Ian without interrupting . She even had to breathe quietly so as to not interrupt Ian .


‘What is he doing anyway?’


His action stimulated Mcgedie’s curiosity .

She had graduated only 1 year ago .

She couldn’t dare to expect what Ian was doing .


‘Hmm . ’


She enhanced her eyes with mana .

Then, she started to investigate the staff, from its appearance, to the details of the formula on it .


‘Nope . No idea . ’


That was her evaluation .

Knowledge extends one’s understanding .

She just saw Ian’s face .

His focused face was quite impressive .




When she saw him during the academy course, he was a young boy . In addition, since he had titles with ‘the youngest’ or ‘boy’, he looked even younger to her .


‘He is not a young boy at all . ’


But now, he had grown up and become a young man .

Most of all, her first impression of Ian was when he came with the blizzard,


‘He’s not bad lookin……’

“Sir Mcgedie . ”


(ED Note: eh? possible waifu?)


Mcgedie made a weird sound .

Ashamed, she turned her head .


“Please stand there . ”

“P, pardon?”

“Behind there, near to the window . ”


But Ian seemed to not care about her at all .

He just ordered her .


“Y, yes sir!”


Mcgedie quickly followed his order .

It was an order of an Archmage .

She moved near the window quickly .


“So what should I do now… . . ”

“Just for a second . ”


Soon, a new formula was scripted on the Staff of the Great Grass Field . If it synchronizes well with the formula, it would oscillate with the mana . Otherwise, it would be no more than a useless wooden staff . Ian was about to test it .


‘Just a little bit . ’


As he injected mana into the staff, it started to glow dimly . Not a bloody dark aura of hallucinations, but a clean transparent grey light .


‘Good . ’


Firstly, the formula replacement was successful .

The grey light which he intended had occurred .

In addition, the staff didn’t lose its power .

It could be proved since it oscillated with mana .

Now the next step was testing its effect .

And the proper target was there .

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