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Published at 15th of May 2018 07:34:44 AM

Chapter 70

As frosty icicles, the imperial order has been issued .  The noose around the tower lord’s neck was being pulled tightly .  With the removal of the floor of the platform, he wasn’t able to reach the surface to even stand on his tiptoes as he had been .


 “Auk, Auuk!  Auuuk!”



The tower lord began to gasp for air as the noose tightened around his neck .  Even though he was made an imbecile, the natural instinct for survival did not go away .  He couldn’t conjure up magic, but his shaking appeared to be gruesomely desperate .


 “Auk… . Auuuk… . . Auuuuugh… . . !


His eyes were turned red .


Fluids poured out of his nostrils and mouth .


Then his struggles began to slow .


The ember of life was slowly dissipating .


 “Auuuuugh… . ”


It was when he shook his legs for the final time .


Bizarre circumstances began to materialize .


All the spectators’ attention was directed to one spot .


And everyone appeared astonished .


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 “Ah… . . ?”


 “What, what is that… . . ?”


 “Around the mouth… . blood, is it blood?  Blood?”


 “Doesn’t appear to be so… . . ”


In black color, the dark energy spilled out of the tower lord’s mouth .  It was the same situation as when the black magic was sucked out of Marco and many other victims by the ‘great cancellation’ spell .


 ‘Is it black magic?’


Ian looked onto the tower lord with surprise .  Why is it that a perpetrator, rather than a victim, of black magic would release the dark energy?  


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 ‘There were two explanations . ’


However, the astonishment lasted only for a brief moment .


Ian observed the situation with cool reasoning .


 ‘Perhaps, the tower lord was also a victim of black magic . ’


It was possible that the tower lord was also a victim of black magic .  That scenario had already been considered .  He had used the ‘great cancellation’ spell on the tower lord a few days ago, but there were not any responses .  


 ‘Perhaps, he had put a black magic spell on himself . ’


That would be the most likely scenario of all .  If it was something that gets invoked just before death, that would make the most sense .  It was the last resort that might have been prepared for a long time .  It was quite obvious that something big was about to take place .

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 “Sir, Sir Ian!”


In response to such unanticipated occurrence, the sorcerers around there looked at Ian .  It was because, in the absence of the tower lord at the moment, the final decision maker of the Ivory Tower was Ian, the 6th class mage .


 “Prepare a joint barrier!”


At Ian’s command, there gathered 6 high ranking sorcerers, who were near the execution platform .  Then they followed up by covering the struggling tower lord with strong mana barrier .  As the exterior of the barrier was hard, so would be the inside .   Should there be an effort to attack, it will surely prevent it .


 ‘Self-destruct for example . ’


There were many things that could happen such as causing self destruction, invoking epidemic disease spell, witchcraft, and even brainwashing .  Ian had to move as well .  Standing up from his place, Ian assisted in maintaining and strengthening the joint barrier .


 “Auuuk! Auk!”

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