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Chapter 289

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Editor: ryunakama

「Thank you indeed, but Aki-han is more fantastic」

「Nahhh, I’m normal, normal . More importantly……Uhh, what’s your name」

「I am Hera-chan . Hera or Chan is also fine」

「But you’re totally the fabulous one here, Hera-chan . I mean, you’re a fairy . You are totally a fairy」

「Thank you indeed, but I still think that you are the fantastic one, Aki-han」

 The girl and the fairy were meeting for the first time and had already hit it off big time .

「That’s craaazy . I had no idea fairies existed in this world . Hey, can I touch you?」

「You sure caaan」

「Ooo, you’re soft and warm like everyone else」

「That is because I am a fairy」

「Ohhh . Hey hey, what’s up with these wings? One of them is in tatters」

「Taiyou did that . Domestic violence is the testament of one’s looove」


「How the hell is that fantastic!」

 Taiyou immediately retorted .

 This incoherent, unpredictable phrase . 「Fantastic」 .

 He felt like she had reverted back to when they had met .

 Akiha and Hera . The two of them had hit it off before he knew it and were getting along .

 As if they had been best friends for a decade .

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「……Can I have a moment?」

「Hm? Ahh sorry sorry, what was it again」

「These things」

 Taiyou took out the rubber rings, showing himself tying and untying them .

「Yeah yeah, I remember now . So uhh, how are those related to Hera-chan?」

「To make a long story short, doing pointless tasks helps me level up and actually get stronger ability-wise」



「Yes indeed」

 Hera answered, twirling around in the air .

「Ooo, there are…numbers?」

「Ever played a game? Same idea . That’s my current power level in numerics」


「And you can see her anytime now, by the way . When you wanna see her, you sorta have to look 『between your back teeth and eyeballs』」

「Let’s see let’s see……Wow you’re right, came right back!」

「And that’s that」

「Wow, okay, didn’t know」


「Amaziiing . Hey, can I do that too? The level up thing」

「I am indeed sorry, but since I only belong to Taiyou-chan…」

「Aww, too bad」

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 Despite saying it like that, Akiha didn’t look too displeased .

 Seeing at how quick she was to adapt, Taiyou felt like he had truly met her past self again .

 Because she hadn’t been so focused on Aoba until recently .

「But okay, yeah, I get it」

 Akiha said after laughing .

「Then you could’ve just called it training . Leveling up is too indirect of an explanation」

「Then you wouldn’t understand, silly . Calling the act of tying and untying rubber rings “training” doesn’t exactly sound right either」

「Yup, I dunno」

「Oi oi」

 (You just switch what you say that easily?) thought Taiyou .

 But well, that was the kind of girl she was . He could accept that .

 As to which version of her was the real her, he wasn’t sure, but deep down, he was confident that she did as she pleased .

「Wow, you showed me something super fantastic . Thanks」

 Akiha said, winking .

「……You’re welcome」

「Hey hey, what’re these lower skills? Long-range Negation? Idol?」

「Yeah, it’s just as the name suggests . Long-range Negation is a skill that nullifies guns, missiles and all that」


「Yeah, I’m fine even if shot by a gun . If I recall, it works against flamethrowers as well」

「I can confirm that missiles are nothing to him」

「Oh, right right . The time I was shot by a helicopter?」

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「The heck? What kind of fantastic adventures have you been on?」

 Akiha’s eyes sparkled, getting invested .

 Taiyou recounted everything before now .

 Hera appearing, raising his level .

 Saving Kotone and her sisters, meeting Kohaku .

 Making the two of them his brides, infiltrating Juunishima, saving Youran .

 He told her everything revolving around Hera and his brides . He told her what was going on with Aoba behind the scenes .

 It took a while, but Taiyou took his time in this closed-off room with no sense of time .

 Akiha listened to this all the while with the utmost interest .

「That is something else . Like, you’ve been through some crazy rich experiences」

「You think? Well that makes sense . Juunishima and all that isn’t something a normal human would go through ever」

「Hey hey, that trailer you mentioned earlier, wouldja let me ride on it? With Aoba?」

「Sure, I don’t care . Welp, it’s just a little driving」


 Akiha’s eyes opened further .


「You just casually mention driving! That’s fantastic!」

「It really isー . It’s already fantastic when he races it straight through the road, but it’s even more fantastic when it’s in town」

「Town? Why’s that?」

「Because Taiyou-chan will pick up the whole trailer and take it up stairs, etc」

「With people in it?」

「With people in it, indeed」


「……What’s up with thaaat」

「What? Got a problem?」

「Nah, it’s just…」

 Taiyou couldn’t put it into words .

 The cause was evident . As soon as she met Hera, Akiha had burst forth repeating “fantastic”, which gave him mixed feelings .

 It couldn’t be helped . He had hoped for that “fantastic”, bargain sale-like situation, but…

「But okay . If you can do all those fantastic things then the competition’s already over」

 Akiha fell backward with a thud .

 The inside of her skirt was probably visible .


「Didja forget? Aoba」

「Ohh, right」

「You seriously forgot?」

「Well, all I could think about was making you like me」


 She got up, sitting cross-legged .

 And then she stared at Taiyou .

 Straight at him……with a seriousness in her eyes he had never seen before .