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Chapter 1020: 1020

When Yun Bilu came out of the toilet, her face was pale, and her body was trembling slightly .

Huang Yize felt that something was amiss the moment he saw her . He pulled Yun Bilu into his arms and asked in a worried voice, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m fine . I just want to eat something . ”

Huang Yize did not know that Yun Bilu had just thrown up . Yun Bilu did not want to worry him, so she tidied her appearance so that Huang Yize would not be able to tell .

When he saw that Yun Bilu’s face was a little pale, Huang Yize was confused and asked, “Did your period come?”

Yun Bilu shook her head as she leaned in his embrace .

If it was not that, then what was it?

Huang Yize’s hand shook a little as he supported Yun Bilu and asked, “Did the incident today scare you?”

“No, I’m probably just tired . ” At this moment, Yun Bilu felt a little depressed . She did not know why she felt unhappy either . She just felt that she was in a bad mood .

She learned how to suppress her emotions from a young age . She had always kept her feelings to herself so as not to worry her elder sister .

Hence, she was used to doing it, even in front of Huang Yize . She thought that perhaps she would need another two or three days to slowly calm herself down .

Huang Yize caressed Yun Bilu’s head . He then carried her in his arms, walked into the bedroom, and placed her down on the bed .

Huang Yize could not get used to seeing how quiet she was as she laid on the bed .

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He still liked the wild and hyper girl who was bubbling with energy . She looked so fragile now that he thought she would crack from just a touch .

He could not bear to leave her side when he saw her in this state . However, he had his responsibilities . He had to return to the headquarters of the Black Dragon Gang .

Seeing the warmth and gentleness in Huang Yize’s gaze, Yun Bilu’s heart started beating softly . She was not used to this side of him .

Why did her male idol become so gentle all of a sudden?

She stretched her hand and lightly pushed Huang Yize as she said, “Quick, go and make some food for me to eat . I’ll rest for a while first . ”

Huang Yize covered Yun Bilu with a blanket and caressed her head before saying, “Okay, wait for a bit!”

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When Huang Yize returned with some cooked food, Yun Bilu immediately felt hungry just from smelling the food before her . However, the moment she picked up her chopsticks, the bloody scene flashed across her mind again . She covered her mouth and ran to the toilet to vomit .

This time around, Huang Yize panicked and took big strides, following her into the toilet . Seeing how she was vomiting, he patted her back to ease her discomfort .

“Bilu, what’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell? Did you eat too much tonight?” He recalled Yun Bilu’s pale face and weak appearance just now and thought that she might have vomited earlier on as well .

Yun Bilu washed her face and mouth before turning around to look at Huang Yize . She smiled and said, “Huang Yize, you’re my male idol, and you’ll be my husband, right? When I’m pregnant in the future, I will vomit like this too, so try to get used to it now . ”

Huang Yize’s expression was stiff at first, but hearing Yun Bilu’s words, his expression softened immediately . “You’re already like this and still cracking jokes . You can even smile now?”

Yun Bilu could hear the unmistakable heartache in his voice . How was it that she never sensed his heartache for her before?

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She stretched out her arms to hug his waist as she said, “Huang Yize, I’m saying this for real . When I give birth to a baby for you, your heart must ache for me too . ”

Huang Yize’s body shook . After a moment, he said in a low voice, “You’re still young . Why are you talking about giving birth now?”

“Although you haven’t asked me for it, this is how I really feel!”

Huang Yize could not help lowering his head to kiss Yun Bilu’s lips . “Silly girl . You’re so afraid of pain, so I can’t bear to let you feel it!” It was true . He really could not bear to let her suffer and feel pain .

To prove her determination, Yun Bilu replied, “I’m not scared of pain!”