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Chapter 107

Su Lenghan felt a huge chunk of memories rushing back into his head . These memories that he had chosen to ignore and forget suddenly surged into his mind, and he almost couldn't take it .

"Lenghan, you always call me 'Bixue' . Can't you give me a pet name?"

He recalled how she used to throw childish tantrums occasionally, and he'd detested it . "The others don't know about our relationship yet, so I can't call you like that . "

"Okay . "

While they were watching television, he recalled how she muttered under her breath, "Some people get called 'Ling-er' and 'Qiu-er' . It sounds nice . "

"You're already more than 20 years old, yet you still want such immature names . You'll only be mocked by the others . You have to grow up . "

"My university roommates have pet names too . "

"We represent the Su and Yun family . We're different . "

. . .

Reminiscing about the past, Su Lenghan felt a sharp pain through his chest . He realized that he must have treated her very coldly, just like how Meng Xinyan had been aloof to him initially, and he had to chase her for so long . Men indeed cherished what they couldn't attain the most .

He couldn't pinpoint his exact feelings at this moment . Could it be regret?

No . . . He would never allow himself to feel regret . The Yun family had been in dire straits, and for his own family's sake, he could only abandon them to choose the Meng family . Moreover, he was fond of Xinyan . Why would he regret it?

Su Lenghan suppressed the feelings flooding through his heart, and the changes in his expressions vanished instantaneously . Nobody could even tell that he had been feeling peculiar .

With regards to what Xie Limo said, he only nodded to show his acknowledgment .

Xie Limo paid no attention to Su Lenghan's attitude . With his wife by his side, everything that he did was simply to support Yun Bixue .

He glanced askance at Meng Xinyan and never looked at her again . He couldn't bear to see how she blindly agreed to every word that Su Lenghan said .

Back in the past, the elders in his family had consistently attempted to offer him women similar to Meng Xinyan .

Feeling irritated, he didn't even bother to take a second look at her . In comparison, his wife was far superior . He really couldn't understand how Su Lenghan had been using his wits .

If Su Lenghan continued his ways, the Su family business would undoubtedly take a beating too .

However, all of this was none of his concern .

As Yun Bixue watched Su Lenghan, she felt that he had changed immensely . He used to be exquisite and elegant and had emanated a charming aura . Yet, he appeared somber and distant now, and it made the atmosphere oppressive .

As for Meng Xinyan, she had played a part in sabotaging her . Since Meng Xinyan had planned on messing with her, she naturally had to retaliate . However, the way Su Lenghan was reacted to it was beyond her expectations .

After snagging the one he loved, logically, he should be rejoicing . The way he behaved now was truly puzzling .

Well, Yun Bixue definitely wouldn't be able to comprehend the thoughts of a man like Su Lenghan .

Xie Limo removed his sunglasses and smiled tenderly at Yun Bixue . "Are you tired from walking? Let's go over there to rest . What do you want to eat? I'll buy it for you later . "

Yun Bixue got caught up in Xie Limo's sudden attack of indulgence and couldn't resist it at all .

She felt her heart warming up, and her soul felt intoxicated as she met his shining and exquisite gaze . She murmured, "No, I'm not tired . I still have to buy those things for your mother later!"

Her tone sounded unintentionally flirtatious . As she leaned into his arms, she completely forgot about the two prominent third wheels who were just beside them .