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Chapter 112

Xie Limo felt more and more sorry for his wife . He knew that she must have been through a lot . Patting her head, he didn't speak anymore .

Yun Bixue could still feel his understanding, patience, and tender love towards her, and waves of warmth rippled through her heart . If this had been in the past, she would have been flustered if she met Meng Xinyan and Su Lenghan . She wouldn't be as calm and collected as she was now .

During this confrontation, the deepest parts of her heart were actually in conflict . However, perhaps it was because Xie Limo was by her side, but she'd felt a sense of security . . .

She didn't know when it began, but she had already started to rely on him . She watched the tender love and indulgence written in Xie Limo's eyes . Such sincerity, she was truly fortunate .

"Limo, let's continue shopping . Let's finish buying everything we need today . " She couldn't let others influence her business . She could still differentiate between the more pressing matters at hand now .

Xie Limo smiled affectionately . "Sure . "

However, when Xie Limo looked at everyone else in the shop, he appeared somber again . His magnetic aura turned alarmingly cold . "I hope the events of today will not be leaked out . "

He'd merely said a few simple and grim words, but his sentence froze the faces of all the sales attendants . They nodded frantically . "Don't worry, Young Master Xie . " Facing such a menacing threat, they thoroughly crumbled .

They recalled the series of events that happened to the Jia family—many of them had secretly speculated that it was all because they had gotten into Miss Yun's bad books . With that thought in mind, they shivered and reassured Young Master Xie repeatedly .

Afterward, accompanied by Xie Limo, Yun Bixue bought all the items she needed . Xie Limo elegantly carried the varying sizes of bags as he wandered alongside Yun Bixue . He seemingly did not appear impatient at all .

Many of the ladies and young masters sauntering in the mall looked at the couple with green eyes . The ladies watched how patient her boyfriend was, regularly checking on his girlfriend, and they then looked at their own boyfriends . The contrast was indeed infuriating .

The couple strolled around until noon, when it was almost time for lunch . With the bags in one hand, Xie Limo held Yun Bixue's hand in the other . He kept reminding her frequently, "Beware of the escalator . "

Yun Bixue's heart felt fuzzy . Her displeasure from meeting Meng Xinyan had also dissipated under Xie Limo's gentle care .

After exiting the mall, the large screen on the building was coincidentally airing news about the Jia and Shen family .

"Jia Zhenping initiated and accepted an interview, and answered three of the reporters' questions . . . Mr . Jia personally confirmed that all their actions had been ordered by the Jia family . . . All the profits from the mining business go to the Shen family . . . "

After the reporter completed his statement, the screen switched to the scene where Jia Zhenping was being interviewed . Every answer appeared to be factual . The scene on the screen changed again, and it was now airing news on Old Master Shen's hospitalization, as well as how the Shen's family had rejected the interviews .

Yun Bixue watched with relish and her smile gradually widened . She was satisfied with the current situation and was increasingly reassured by the way Yang Mei handled her work .

The results were wonderful . She believed that those people would be too preoccupied with settling these issues, and would not be able to interrupt her efforts in building a good relationship with her mother-in-law .

Moreover, this was merely the beginning for her . By being a part of the plot to murder Limo, the Shen family had already caused her to reach her threshold . She would definitely eradicate the Shen family .

Xie Limo noticed the radiant smile on Yun Bixue's face and his mood brightened up too . "Since you're already out today, you shouldn't fret over other matters . Move everything into the car later . Let's find a place to have lunch . "

"Okay . " By spending time with her husband, her body would always involuntarily feel more at ease .