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Chapter 115

That night, Yun Bixue had been in a deep slumber . As she slowly opened her eyes, she saw Xie Limo rising to answer a phone call . She started rubbing her eyes, but when she heard Xie Limo addressing his mother, she became clear-headed immediately .

She felt nervous yet expectant—even uneasy—as all kinds of thought started popping into her head .

She then ransacked her drawers in search of something .

After ending the call, Xie Limo noticed that his wife was no longer lying in bed . He saw her small silhouette looking for something and shook his head resignedly . He asked tenderly, "It's already so late . What are you trying to find?"

"I'm looking for my makeup and taking out the clothes that I'll be wearing . " Xie Limo's mother was coming, and she must leave a positive impression .

Watching how silly his wife looked, Xie Limo's eyes lit up . "You look great just like that . You don't need makeup . "

Yun Bixue blinked her eyes and looked at Xie Limo doubtfully . "Am I pretty?" When comparing herself to her alluring and exquisite husband, she could only feel mad at the drastic contrast . He was beautiful, but she was immensely less so .

Xie Limo's eyes shone brightly . It felt like whirlpools had formed in his eyes and it sucked Yun Bixue in . He gently stepped forward and caressed her head . "In my heart, my wife is naturally the most beautiful . "

There was no pretense in his words . He thought that life was indeed fascinating—he used to be surrounded by countless beauties but had never wavered . Now, he was willing to pamper her and even felt that he was too fortunate to have met her .

Watching the seriousness and gentleness in Xie Limo's face, Yun Bixue felt a sweetness in her heart . Pretending to be upset, she said, "You're lying to me . If you want to meet the most beautiful person, you should look in the mirror . Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? Xie Limo is . " Yun Bixue started teasing him by mimicking the lines from the fairy tale .

Xie Limo burst into a fit of laughter . Gently bopping Yun Bixue's nose, he said, "So playful . "

Seeing how she let go of everything and was revealing her relaxed side, he was willing to pamper and indulge her . She was similar to a child, but even if she were a child, he would continue to do so .

"Oh right, Limo . Is your mother arriving soon?" Yun Bixue didn't realize that she was treating Xie Limo more and more like her family, and their interactions were becoming more natural and harmonious .

"Yes, the private plane should arrive tomorrow morning . I'll take you there to pick up her up . "

It was good for his mother to meet her . After all, he and Yun Bixue were already married, but he had yet to give her a grand wedding ceremony . This naturally would require his mother's assistance to prepare, and she would offer her the greatest indulgence on behalf of the Xie family .

He did not wish for his wife to suffer any form of indignation .

Yun Bixue knew that the Xie family was affluent, and having their own private plane was not surprising . She asked curiously, "Where is the private plane landing?"

"There's an area in the eastern suburbs in Ning An City, and it's just for my private use . There are personal lots for the planes . " The Xie family had amassed a thousand years worth of riches, and each generation grew richer than the previous one . Money was not particularly attractive to the Jia family now and was only a representation of numbers . Thus, no matter where they settled down, the Xie family would surely establish a certain area for their private use .

"Okay . " Yun Bixue did not probe into the finer details and believed that Xie Limo had already prepared everything .

Xie Limo could tell that she was feeling nervous . Although he had asked his mother to delay her arrival, it seemed that she had yet to calm down . Forget it—they had to meet eventually . "Enough, don't worry . Rest earlier so you'll have more energy for tomorrow . "

"I'm going to take out everything first to prepare . Then it won't be too much of a rush . "

Xie Limo watched the determination in Yun Bixue's expression and sighed gently . "Tomorrow morning, I'll ask Xie Shiyi to lead a professional team to help you prepare . You just need to be there . "