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Chapter 124

The sounds of Yun Bixue's moans rang beside Xie Limo's ears, testing his self-control . He lowered his head and gently caressed her beautiful face . A hint of darkness flashed across his exquisite eyes as he softly kissed her lips . He muttered under his breath, "What a little seductress . " He sighed lightly to himself; How can I not love her when she's like this?

In the midst of their amorous affection, Yun Bixue looked up at Xie Limo . At this moment, his allurement could make one breathless . She could hardly resist his charms during their passion .

Feeling his fervor, Yun Bixue gasped pitifully, "Limo . . . "

Xie Limo sighed with affection and placed her fingers on his lips, gently kissing them . Seeing the traces he'd left on her body, a sense of satisfaction welled up in his heart . Tonight, she had truly become his .

"Are you tired?" He knew how forceful he had been earlier . Once some feelings were no longer restrained, they would go up like burning flames, unable to subside .

Yun Bixue's face flushed red, and she pouted . How could he ask such a thing so easily? However, seeing the marks on Xie Limo's body, her dazzling eyes widened . These . . . Were all these marks made by her?

Yun Bixue gently touched the marks, her heart in pain .

Little did she know, such an action felt like a tickle to his heart . Xie Limo inhaled and suddenly grabbed Yun Bixue's hands . He spoke with warmth and tenderness, "My dear, you're only provoking me by doing that . "

Afterward, he no longer held back . Another round of intense passion permeated the entire room . The lustful scent floated around, filling the room with their desire .

In the end, Yun Bixue was truly worn out . Exhausted, she found a comfortable position within Xie Limo's embrace and fell asleep .

Looking at his wife's clinginess, Xie Limo's lips curled up into a pleasant curve . However, after noticing how tired her face looked, and recalling that it was her first time, he couldn't contain himself . He lovingly planted a kiss between her brows . "Good night . Rest well, my dear . "

That night, Xie Limo felt blissfully happy . Noticing that the door had already been closed, he recalled everything that had happened and couldn't help but chuckle . Although his mother had been trying to act as their matchmaker, they had also finally conquered that stage . So really, he should be thanking his mother after all .

After a good night's rest .

When Yun Bixue awoke the next day, she was surprised to see that it was already past eight . As she tried to leave the bed, her body started aching with every movement, as if it was being torn apart .

Xie Limo was sitting by the side reading a newspaper when he saw this, and he quickly pulled Yun Bixue into his arms . "What happened? Are you feeling unwell somewhere?" His worry was apparent from his anxious tone .

Yun Bixue remembered last night's passion and her ears turned red . In actual fact, he had given her the utmost warmth and happiness last night . However, she also recalled her intense behavior after she lost control, and she desperately wanted to stay concealed under the blankets .

Xie Limo chuckled and tidied Yun Bixue's hair . "Enough . You'll get used to it in the future, yeah?"

"You're still teasing me . " As she spoke, Yun Bixue reached out to pound a fist on Xie Limo's chest .

"My dear, if you move again, I can't guarantee that I won't do something to you again . "

After Xie Limo spoke, Yun Bixue didn't dare to make any more wild movements . She looked at the clock showing it was now after eight and exclaimed, "Oh no! I was going to make breakfast for Mother since she's here . Oh right, why did you wake up so late too?"

"Mother left to buy some things and wanted me to sleep in a little longer with you . She told me not to wear you out . "