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Chapter 128

Ji Qiongxin was conversing with Yun Bixue, but after noticing her lack of reply, she glanced sideways and saw the odd expression on Yun Bixue's face . She then followed her line of sight .

Two women in their twenties stood ahead of them, engaged in a confrontation . Seeing their actions and demeanor, they seemed to be in conflict .

Ji Qiongxin patted Yun Bixue's hand and said, "I can easily tell that these two are trouble-makers, their personalities must be unpleasant and pretentious . You should stay away from people like that . "

Yun Bixue understood that Ji Qiongxin meant well, and she nodded with a smile . "Aunty, I understand . "

"Good . How many women nowadays are as kind-hearted as you? You're so sensible and obedient . " Although Ji Qiongxin did not know the two women, she felt that both were eyesores that were simply tainting her sight .

She took another look at her daughter-in-law . She felt increasingly satisfied the more she saw her .

Yun Bixue's heart felt warm, and she felt rather touched . Back in the days when she was together with Su Lenghan, she had also met Mother Su . Although she had appeared amiable as well, Yun Bixue always felt that something was missing . Mother Su was always indifferent with her and sometimes abused her seniority .

After what happened to the Yun family, Mother Su had grown even more distant towards her . Although she didn't completely shut Yun Bixue out like Su Lengxian had, Mother Su's attitude was still enough to hurt her .

After meeting Ji Qiongxin, she finally realized what that missing feeling was back then . It was the feeling of sincerity . She could tell from the way Mother Su had regarded her in the past that she was taking into consideration the value of Yun Bixue's background . On the other hand, Ji Qiongxin looked at her as an individual . She treated her well and regarded her as family . She gave off a wholesome motherly impression .

However, everything was in the past . She now had the outstanding Young Master Xie and also a brilliant mother-in-law . Thinking back once again, she felt that her past wasn't even worthy of being retained in her memories .

She sometimes felt that the reason why human beings suffered from pain and sorrow was because the heavens would eventually have better arrangements for them .

Thinking about her gentle yet dominating Young Master Xie, the corners of Yun Bixue's lips curled up into a sweet smile . "Aunty, Limo will be home for lunch today . Let's go shop for groceries . "

"Okay . That's right, let's go!"

"Aunty, I actually know those two women . " Since Ji Qiongxin was so kind to her, she felt that she shouldn't conceal certain matters from her .

Ji Qiongxin held Yun Bixue's hands tightly and said, "Bixue, I can tell from one glance that the two of them must have done you wrong in the past . But the past is the past—there's no need to dwell on what happened . "

At this moment, Yun Bixue felt exceptionally grateful towards Ji Qiongxin . She was thankful for her understanding and patience .

Just as the two of them turned around to walk to the side, Su Lengxian noticed Yun Bixue and yelled . Dashing towards Yun Bixue, she was just about to shove her . "Yun Bixue, you sl*t! Tell me, did you do all those things back then? Huh?!"

Before her hands could even touch Yun Bixue, another pair of hands firmly grasped hers, almost breaking her fingers . She looked up and met a pair of piercingly cold eyes . Her body involuntarily shuddered .

"Who are you? How dare you grab my hand? Let go!"

Right after Su Lengxian spoke, a tight slap was delivered to her face . Pak! Su Lengxian's face was instantly decorated with the marks of a hand print .

Ji Qiongxin was the matriarch of the Xie family . She was superior in terms of capabilities and wits, but most importantly, she was also highly skilled at martial arts and had practiced all sorts of techniques . Due to her status, she needed to possess the ability to defend herself and attack her enemies .