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Chapter 131

Ji Qiongxin noticed Yun Bixue's uncertainty, so she nodded and said, "That's right . I can make out what kind of person she is in one glance . And I could almost fully decipher the personalities of those two individuals . " In order to survive in the Xie family, one first needed to have a sharp eye when it came to perceiving people . The Xie family was a large household with thousands of years of history, and many of its members were brilliant . They concealed their expressions well, and their means of trickery were remarkable . Even so, she had to scrutinize the slightest of actions from every individual's to make a judgment .

The two people from before were indeed inadequate . Dealing with them was merely child's play, yet they still dared to parade around her .

As if recalling something, Ji Qiongxin quickly exclaimed, "Bixue, Limo is really great at reading people . Rest assured, he would never be deceived by such pretentious and hypocritical b*tches . If a person like that stood before Limo, their true personalities and conduct would be instantly exposed . Only idiots would be taken in and be dazzled by them . "

Hearing such words from her mother-in-law, Yun Bixue let out a snicker .

However, thinking about it, her mother-in-law was right . Every time she went out with Xie Limo, she would steal a few glances at the beautiful women they met . However, Xie Limo had never taken a second glance at them, merely treating them as if they were ignorant fools . She recalled that she had once voiced her doubts about his taste, yet Xie Limo only looked resigned as he punished her with a kiss . "You have no conscience . Do you think that you're ugly?"

She didn't dare to speak another word after hearing that sentence .

While thinking of Xie Limo, Yun Bixue would always give off a natural aura of warmth and gentleness .

"Aunty, I trust him!" Yes, she indeed believed in Xie Limo .

"That's right . The most important thing to staying together as a married couple is to have mutual trust and consideration . Limo is dedicated to his relationships . As his mother, I have yet to see him treat someone else with such delicacy . " Seeing how the two of them were sweet as honey, she could have peace of mind .

Both mother and daughter-in-law dragged around their shopping haul, and as they waited by the road for Xie Limo to pick them up, Ji Qiongxin discussed visiting Yun Bixue's grandfather .

"Bixue, although you and Limo are already married, the usual procedures of engagement and wedding ceremony have not been carried out . Since we have already accepted you as our daughter-in-law, these procedures have to be carried out . We cannot have you suffer any bit of wrongdoing . Limo agrees with this too and agreed to let me plan the arrangements . I would also like to have a discussion with your grandfather about the engagement and wedding ceremony . "

"Aunty, I've already asked my grandfather, and he'll agree to anything as long as I'm happy . Besides, Limo cares for me sincerely, and Grandfather is not particular about the details . " Under Xie Limo's arrangements, her grandfather had been staying in a small villa surrounded by verdant hills and limpid water . He was accompanied by guards and servants and could visit the farm whenever he was bored .

With nobody to disrupt his peace, her grandfather had fewer things to worry over . His health had slowly improved, and she was most grateful to Xie Limo for this .

Ji Qiongxin shook her head . "Even if he's not fussy, we have to make it sensational . Especially the wedding ceremony—we have to organize the wedding of the century . "

Watching Ji Qiongxin become increasingly enthusiastic as she spoke, Yun Bixue listened with a smile . Finally, after Ji Qiongxin's persistence, they agreed to visit her grandfather in two days .

After waiting for some time, she turned back and inadvertently noticed something . Through the glass windows, she saw a couple sitting in a car . They were Su Lenghan and Yun Mengshi .

Were the two of them really sitting together? Indeed, Yun Mengshi hadn't let her down and had truly managed to seduce Su Lenghan . She knew Yun Mengshi well—if she had taken the first step, she would definitely have something planned next .

If she had seen Su Lenghan with another woman in the past, she would have been bitter and upset . However, she felt rather delighted now . She was looking forward to the clash between Meng Xinyan and Yun Mengshi .

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