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Chapter 137

"Wow, did you see that? My eyes aren't failing me, right? There's actually someone in Ning An City who can drive such a luxurious car! Quickly, pinch me, pinch me! I'm not dreaming, am I?"

"A nouveau riche . . . No, no . . . It's too insulting to use 'nouveau riche' . This is just blinding my eyes . Hurry up and chase after them! I want to see . . . " If she could curry favor with such a person, it would truly be a blessing .

"That's an authentic luxury car . Sisters, take a quick look at me . Is my makeup messy? Hurry up, I want to create a chance encounter . Once he takes a liking to me, hehe . . . "

"None of the centuries-old prestigious families of Ning An City would be able to afford that car . Who could it be, who could afford to drive such a car?"

. . .

In an instant, all who were in the know gravitated towards the elongated luxury car . However, with Xie Limo's superb driving skills, none of them could catch up .

From a tiny camera installed within the car, Yun Bixue could see the scenery from the front, back, and sides of the car clearly . She noticed the cars behind them wildly speeding up from the back of her car, and she felt somewhat confused . She initially thought that someone was plotting to destroy something, but after monitoring the situation for a prolonged period of time, she couldn't help but feel shocked, "Limo, are those people out of their minds?"

In the back seat, Ji Qiongxin said, "Bixue, don't worry . Dealing with these people will be a piece of cake . With Limo driving, no one will ever be able to catch up . Although this car is nothing outstanding, its model and inner machinery aren't things that other cars can compare to . "

It was only then that Yun Bixue realized the speed at which the car was traveling, and she was taken aback . Even at such a high speed, the car still remained stable . Is this world real? She covered her chest, unable to handle it all in one go .

Xie Limo was driving leisurely when he instinctively picked up the change in Yun Bixue's expressions . A tinge of distress flashed across his exquisite eyes, and he gently assured her, "Don't worry . After we lose them and reach the Great Green Road, everything will be fine . "

It was amazing how fast Yun Bixue's emotions returned to normal after just one sentence from Xie Limo . She asked worriedly, "Won't we be fined if we drive at this speed?"

Ji Qiongxin was shocked . "Who dares to issue a fine to the Xie family? Don't they want to keep their lives?"

Feeling a slight headache coming in, Xie Limo sighed, "My dear mother, this is Ning An City . "

Ji Qiongxin seemed to be deep in thought, and she nodded after some time . "Many individuals from the political scene in Country A have forgotten about our Xie family . Limo, if they don't abide by your words, you should knock some sense into them if necessary . " Ji Qiongxin's words were laced with authority, and she did not avoid speaking around Yun Bixue .

Yun Bixue was definitely not a fool . Ever since her mother-in-law had arrived, her understanding of the Xie family had grown deeper . She unfailingly regarded his household as an impressive one .

Her mother-in-law, Ji Qiongxin, always meant what she said and would never put on a fake front . This meant that the Xie family might truly be a formidable household and not merely an impressive one .

Xie Limo noticed that Yun Bixue had lowered her head and was lost in her thoughts, and a gentle ripple of emotions went through his heart . With regards to the Xie family, he didn't want to keep it a secret, but he knew quite well that his wife wasn't someone interested in his wealth and riches . She merely wanted a simple and cozy home . He'd kept it from her to prevent scaring her off . It had been difficult enough to meet his wife, and he couldn't afford to frighten her away .

As they arrived somewhere outside the garden of a villa, a signal light flashed from inside the car, and the gates opened . The car halted within the yard . With a press of a button inside the car, the car automatically changed its entire appearance—it now looked broken down and dirty .

After retrieving everything from inside the car, Old Master Yun lumbered out with his walking stick . Seeing so many gifts, he too was taken aback . Although Bixue had previously given him a heads up that the young lad's mother would be coming, he hadn't expected her to bring along so many gifts . Despite having experienced and growing accustomed to all sorts of scenes, his eyes widened so much that they almost popped out of their sockets .