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Chapter 140

"Haha . . . That Kiddo Xie isn't bad, he's not bad at all . " Old Master Yun had noticed that when they ate, Xie Limo would take great care of his granddaughter, while still having an occasional chat with himself . Xie Limo was rather humorous and chatting with him greatly lifted Old Master Yun's spirits .

As a result, Old Master Yun's impression of Xie Limo became better and better . He frequently laughed throughout the meal .

Yun Bixue was influenced by her grandfather's great mood, and she wore a smile on her face the entire time too . From what she could remember, he hadn't been this happy in a long while .

Sitting at grandfather's side, granny Ji Qiongxin was too shy to enjoy her meal . Yun Bixue had taken the initiative to carefully put various pieces of food into her bowl, and she sweetly said, "Mother, this one's tasty . You should have a bit more . "

Ji Qiongxin's heart was filled with a soft and mellow feeling of warmth . As she looked at her daughter-in-law, everything felt right . She also took great pleasure at hearing Yun Bixue address her as 'Mother' .

The family was enjoying themselves harmoniously .

Ji Qiongxin said, "Father-in-law, this time the child's father is absent due to matters at home . Please don't take offense to it . I will ask him to take some time to visit you once I get back . "

"There's no rush . I feel relieved after seeing you . Yun Bixue didn't have her parents when she was young . You could almost say that she and I relied solely on each other to pass our days . She has always been mature for her age—resilient and quick to take care of others, so much so that I felt sad for her . But this is how things have become . During that time, the entire Yun family was busy, and she had to learn how to take care of herself . She's kind at heart, and everyone likes her . But the Yun family is too complicated . She's experienced little kinship and suffered much injustice . I knew what she had to endure, but I couldn't do much for her . . . But I do know that she really wants a family . She just wants a warm family . But now that she's found that Kiddo Xie and has such a great mother-in-law in you, I don't care about anything other than her happiness . " Old Master Yun was happy and thus, began to reminisce about the past .

Xie Limo listened closely while peeling the shell off a prawn, but then his hand halted in mid-motion . Although he had known about her past life, hearing it from Old Master Yun made his chest tighten .

Upon hearing that her daughter-in-law was treated so unjustly, Ji Qiongxin's gaze grew cold . Those people in the Yun family must be an energetic bunch . She would talk to Limo at the next opportunity to make sure that they suffered the consequences—then nobody could bully her daughter-in-law .

Yun Bixue listened to her grandfather's laments as tears flashed in her eyes . "Grandfather, I'm doing rather well now . Why are you bringing this up now?"

"Alright, alright . Today's a happy occasion . I'll stop talking about these matters of the past . As long as you're happy in the days ahead, I will be at ease . "

"Grandfather, you must be happy in the days ahead too . We're all in Ning An City, so we'll visit you a lot in the future . "

Xie Limo grasped Yun Bixue's hand gently under the table . His exquisite hand held onto Yun Bixue's with a fierce warmth, one that could almost melt her heart in an instant .

Yun Bixue turned towards Xie Limo and met his gaze filled with worry and heartache . She gave him a smile—now that she had him by her side, the past didn't matter to her anymore . A person's experience was very valuable, and it was something that could aid them in climbing even higher in the future .

It was exactly because she had experienced so much, understood so much, and learned to be strong, that she was able to wait until the moment she met him . Yun Bixue's eyes were filled with warmth and gratitude .

"Grandfather, I hereby raise a toast to you . I promise that I will treat Yun Bixue well in the future . I'll keep this promise until the day I die . " Although he wasn't good at saying such words of promise, he had repeated it twice for her . The first time was when they were about to collect their marriage certificate, and he said that he wouldn't give his wife a chance to regret it . The second time was now, promising Grandfather that he would treat her well .

He seldom made any promises . But once he did, it would last a lifetime .