Published at 28th of January 2019 08:06:38 AM
Chapter 142

Although Old Master Yun's words were directed at Shen Wenqi, his gaze was fixed on Old Lady Shen . His gaze was deep and cold .

Old Master Yun was very angry . No one was to ruin the day . He had been too kind to these people in the past, so much so that they dared bullying his granddaughter to such a degree .

Old Lady Shen's heart skipped a beat when Old Master Yun's gaze landed on her, and she felt a sense of unease .

However as she wrapped her head around the situation, she realized that she was perfectly entitled to stand here today as Old Master Yun's official partner .

Shen Wenqi was originally an extremely proud person, even a bit lofty at times . However in recent times, given the blows that Shen family has suffered, he was actually indeed close to falling apart .

It was no use to plead with Old Lady Shen, as she did not yet have the Yun family under her command . Old Master Yun was still alive . At last, after discussing with his aunt, he disregarded eve