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Chapter 146

The next day, Xie Limo was afraid that Yun Bixue couldn't rest well, so he turned off all the alarms . He also instructed the servants to not disturb her .

A meaningful look was all he needed to give to his mother to let Ji Qiongxin know what she needed to do . She said softly, "Don't worry, I know that you dote on her . I will have the servants make her meal, and she can eat whenever she wakes up . There won't be anyone to disturb her . "

As Yun Bixue spent the entire day sleeping, Xie Limo had gathered all the evidence against the Shen family swiftly . He planned to use the Shen family as an example to warn the other wealthy families who might be harboring plans of their own .

After the meeting, all the relevant personnels of the Shen family were investigated . The court had ample evidence, and everyone involved in the incident of the Shen family had been put behind bars for the time being .

Old Master Shen was bedridden . However, just as the officials were going to catch people at the Shen family, a fire broke out . After the fire, many were injured or killed .

The other wealthy families had been keeping an eye on the Shen family . After seeing what had become of the Shen family, they were scared . They started to have overnight family discussions, even together with other wealthy families on what they ought to do next .

They were afraid that Young Master Xie was exacting revenge .

When Jia Dongkun heard what had happened to the Shen family, he was taken aback as well . He shivered while whispering, "It's so frightening . "

Jia Dongkun's mother cared a great deal for her son . She hugged her son who had become a bundle of nerves in worry . She asked, "What's wrong, son?"

"Mum, you need to save me . Yun Bixue and Young Master Xie won't let me off the hook so easily . . . " Every time he remembered how he had wanted to cause harm to Yun Bixue at Luxury Emperor, he shivered in fear . If he had known that things would end up as they had beforehand, he would never have dared to speak to Yun Bixue rudely .

He was so silly . . .

Su Lenghan had been extremely busy during this period of time as well . He was very irritated, and there was barely any time for him to relax .

Ever since Su Lengxian had woken up, she kept throwing tantrums, forcing him to take action to uphold justice in her name . In particular, taking actions against Meng Xinyan .

"Brother, I'm your biological sister . You can't treat me in such a manner . Meng Xinyan had tried to harm me on purpose . I had fainted and she fled the scene without a care . Brother, you had always doted on me the most, haven't you? Can you please discipline . . . "

Su Lengxian had artificial teeth implanted, but she still struggled to form words . Her face was unrecognizable too .

Su Lenghan shook his head and said, "Lengxian, she's your sister-in-law . There must have been some kind of understanding . You should rest for the time being . I will deal with the matter as soon as I finish my work . "

Su Lengxian burst into tears . She cried, "Brother, are you biased towards that bitch? Brother, you're always protecting her . . . "

Su Lenghan's gaze grew cold . He said, "Lengxian, she's your sister-in-law . Don't be so rude with your words . "

"Brother, she's in your good books now, but you don't know that she had done a lot of vile things in the past . That day at Luxury Emperor, she had intended to harm Yun Bixue . Yun Bixue was lucky though . . . The incident on the media was also directed by her behind the scenes . . . Meng Xinyan also tried to harm her biological sister . . . Brother, don't be fooled by her appearance . . . "

Su Lenghan's hand that was holding the financial statement paused . He raised his head and stared intensely at Su Lengxian

Su Lengxian's heart skipped a beat . It was the first time that her brother had looked at her in this way . She panicked and said, "Brother, I've said nothing but the truth . "

Su Lenghan punctuated every word of the sentence as he said, "You mean that it was Meng Xinyan who harmed Yun Bixue?"