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Chapter 149

Xie Limo's light cherry colored lips curled into a gentle smile . He said, "Dear . "

Yun Bixue stared at Shen Zhengyao through the glass window . Her gaze grew cold and said softly, "Limo, are you busy now?" She had known that she acted too hastily right after she dialed the number . She was worried that Xie Limo was busy .

Xie Limo smile elegantly . He replied gently, "There's not much to be busy about, what's the matter?" His voice was filled with care and worry .

Hearing Xie Limo's gentle reply, Yun Bixue's cold gaze became warm and gentle . She replied gently, "Nothing much . I'm having tea near the Shen family's place now . Shen Zhengyao has stood outside the gates for quite some times now . I suspect that he will go looking for your help . "

Xie Limo's beautiful eyes glittering with an enchanting light . He smiled and asked, "Are you worried that I will extend a helping hand towards him?"

"That's not it . You won't help him if he asks you for sure . I'm worried that he will do something in desperation . After all, Shen Zhengyao had grown up under the care of Old Master Shen . The people of the Shen family are all born with an innate ruthlessness . You should take care . "

Yun Bixue's words were filled with worry for Xie Limo .

Xie Limo's heart warmed, and he said elegantly, "I understand . Rest assured, as long as I'm still around, the Shen family can't do anything . I will have my men watch over them . "

"Alright, I can stop worrying then . Continue with you work, I will be home shortly . "

"Alright, ask Xie Shiyi to keep you safe . Don't walk around alone . "

Yun Bixue smiled and answered coquettishly, "Alright . "

Hearing her soft warm reply, his heart tightened . He remembered the times when she laid in his arms at home, where she appeared so fragile and beautiful . He could not help but smile . No matter how well he was able to keep up his calm image in the face of outsiders, he couldn't do it in front of his wife . His emotions were always swayed by her, but he was willing . For his wife, everything was worth it .

No matter how busy and tired he was, as soon as he returns home and sees her sweet smile, all the fatigue will dissipate .

After hanging up, Xie Limo returned to the meeting room elegantly . Everyone in the meeting room was waiting in absolute silence . No one dared to grumble or question his authority .

When Xie Limo first started taking charge of Ning An City, many refused to comply with his orders . They had tried to make things difficult for Xie Limo, hoping that he will step down in the face of the problems . For all of them, no matter what kind of background they had, were either demoted or had something happen to their family . Some were also found of be corrupt and subsequently jailed .

When they realized what had happened, almost all the officials within Ning An City had been replaced . After they understood what had happened, it was too late for them to regret their actions .

After witnessing Young Master Xie's capabilities, everyone was secretly afraid of him . As a result, they dared not raise any opposing opinion to his decisions ever since .

There were still some that tried to sought opportunities admits the crisis . They tried to report Young Master Xie's actions to people in power in Tian Jing City in order to control Young Master Xie's actions . However, it was ineffective . Not only did their complaints achieve nothing, they were reported to be plotting something against officials . Evidence were found and they had their homes sealed .

Everyone was obedient ever since, and dare not harbor any plans . Even so, the new officials that Young Master Xie employed where those he trusted deeply, and not those people who once plotted against him .