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Chapter 150

Xie Limo's cold gaze swept across everyone in the meeting room . As he did, he captured everyone's look and expressions . His exquisite jade-like hand lightly tapped on the top of the table, and he did not speak a single word .

Everyone in the meeting room all felt a weight of mountains bearing down on them . The atmosphere was oppressive, and those with a guilty conscience even felt unable to catch their breaths .

Just as some of them began breaking into a sweat, Xie Limo finally collected his stares and everyone lightly heaved a sigh of relief . However, even before they could take a breather, Xie Limo released the pen he grasped in his hand . The sounds it produced made everyone alarmed again, and they dared not make a noise even as they breathed .

Until Xie Limo announced coldly and elegantly, "The meeting continues . "

Everyong could finally let out their breaths . They widened their eyes and listened attentively, gravely afraid that they would be unable to bear the consequences of missing a sentence or getting caught by Young Master Xie for being distracted .

After spending a long time together, all of them were aware that Young Master Xie was indeed an overwhelmingly terrifying fox .

In the end, the meeting did not change even with the interrupting episode . It instead knocked some sense into everyone, and the meeting proceed extremely smoothly .

Shen Zhengyao wished to meet Young Master Xie, but he could not turn up empty handed . Ultimately, he searched for one of his previous lovers, and pulled all kinds of tricks to obtain some money .

He rubbed off the lipstick on his face and shook it off his hands . With the sum of money, he approached the shopping mall .

Yun Bixue instructed Xie Shiyi to drive the car, and to tail after Shen Zhengyao at an appropriate pace . In actual fact, she had been rather bored, and merely wanted to see what kinds of trouble would Shen Zhengyao generate again . She wanted to kill some time and also upgrade her skills . She could perhaps pick up some tricks and techniques from Shen Zhengyao . It was always good to learn more things .

She wanted to stand by Xie Limo's side in the future, accompanying him through all sorts of storms .

Ever since she took a guess at how magnificent and unfathomable the Xie family was, she had begun to get ready . She understood that regardless of her abilities or means, she was still inadequate . Hence, she wanted to work hard to become stronger, just like her granny Ji Qiongxin, swift and dominating . She treated different sorts of people with varying types of methods, and would never allow herself to be taken advantage of .

The previous time when Old Lady Shen had been put at a disadvantage, she could only swallow it down when she eventually woke up . The other person had innocently commented that she did not know Old Lady Shen . She had thought that she was only there to look for trouble, and she was only trying to protect her own daughter-in-law .

In particular, Old Master Yun had strongly asserted that Old Lady Shen had fainted on her own accord . Hence, Old Lady Shen had no platforms to vent her anger, and passed out twice from her fury . After she woke up during her hospitalized, she returned home and directly unleashed her rage on Yang Siru .

Because of Yun Muzhong's matter, Yang Siru had also been awfully irritated . Her heart was suffocating from her suspicions, and she also could not find someone to lose her temper at . She wanted to meet Yun Muzhong but practically failed to do so, unless Old Lady Shen ordered him to return . However, he would also leave again on the same day .

Her gang of sisters outside had secretly divulged that they had seen Yun Muzhong together with a young and dainty model . She had still been in disbelief . However, even if she had not witnessed it, the recent series of event made her unable to not suspect him, and even confirm her suspicions .

Old Lady Shen watched as Yang Siru held onto the remote control and watched her drama before the table . From time to time, she would occasionally chastise her .

As Old Lady Shen watched, she felt extremely unhappy . She started berating her, "Yang Siru, how are you behaving like someone's daughter-in-law? When the kid Muzhong is at home, you begin to rage at him . Isn't it great now? As his mother, I cannot even see my own son . You are still fooling around . Do you think you are capable now, that you don't even have respect for me, the old grandmother?"