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Published at 23rd of May 2020 12:55:06 AM

Chapter 1545: 1545

Chapter 1545: The Fake Angering the Authentic

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Xie Shiliu had emphasized her words . In order to spite the real Chu Fei’er, she intentionally spoke in an arrogant tone .

Qiao Muwan was so exasperated as she said, “You’re an impostor! How dare you talk to me? Who do you think you are? Don’t make me expose you . I’ll make you lose everything you have . How dare you talk to me like that?”

Qiao Muwan was utterly infuriated .

“Oh, no . Tsk, tsk . You’re angry over such a small matter . It doesn’t matter whether I’m real or fake . Yexuan believes me . He’s entrusted everything to me . ”

“No way . He’ll never believe or listen to you . ”

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Xie Shiliu narrowed her eyes and answered, “Why not? Didn’t you say that he seems as though he’s been possessed? How could he listen to you instead of me? Haha! What a joke!”

Hearing those words, Qiao Muwan thought that she might possibly know something and became nervous . After listening to her laughter, Qiao Muwan knew that she was merely laughing at her .

She almost broke out into a cold sweat . If someone were to find out… No . She couldn’t let anyone find out about it .

An Yexuan was crucial in the game that she was playing, and he was hers . No one could steal him away from her .

This sudden incident made her calm down, quelling her impulse .

Xie Shiliu thought that it was fun to have someone to toy with . With An Yexuan recuperating now, she didn’t have anyone to torture, so she was bored to death . She even wanted to tease Qiao Muwan even further .

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“Why aren’t you speaking? Are you scared? A vixen will always be a vixen . Don’t overestimate yourself, okay? It’s not your fault that you’re ugly and stupid, but don’t step outside and frighten others…” Xie Shiliu continued to provoke her in excitement .

Qiao Muwan’s blood was boiling, and she slammed her phone hard against the wall . Instantly, her phone was broken .

Her anger couldn’t subside at all, and she still wanted to ease her frustration . However, ever since she woke up, she couldn’t move her legs at all . She picked up a wooden stick beside her and wanted to whack Xie Shiliu with it .

“Hey, Muwan, look what yummy food I brought you . ”

Hearing Miao Zifu’s voice, Qiao Muwan immediately put down the stick . Suppressing her anger within her, she was in unbearable discomfort .

Miao Zifu had done it intentionally . She had been stifling her laughter for a long time outside before she finally entered .

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Qiao Muwan’s face looked so twisted . When other people saw her, they would try to avoid her . Even the doctors and nurses didn’t want to see her at all .

Miao Zifu was the only one who didn’t mind and even came to visit her regularly .

Qiao Muwan only recalled how silly Miao Zifu used to be and didn’t think that she could harbor any ill intentions . Hence, she didn’t suspect anything at all .

“Oh, Muwan, what happened to your phone? Why is it on the floor? Is it broken?”

Qiao Muwan heard Miao Zifu’s shocked voice and didn’t know how to explain . “Erm, it slipped from my hand . ”

“Look at you . How can you contact others if you don’t have a phone?”

Qiao Muwan thought that she would offer to buy a phone for her and didn’t expect her to say such a thing .

At that moment, Qiao Muwan was still livid because of Xie Shiliu’s words . She didn’t want to answer Miao Zifu either .

Miao Zifu left after passing her the meal she made for her .

Qiao Muwan was so angry that she didn’t feel like eating at all . However, she was rather hungry . She had had enough of the hospital’s food and wanted to try something different .

Little did she expect each dish to contain many tiny rocks! As she chewed on the food, her tooth just fell off!

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