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Published at 23rd of May 2020 12:55:06 AM

Chapter 1546: 1546

Chapter 1546: A Moody Man

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Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“Ouch!” Qiao Muwan looked at her broken tooth, and her face turned pale . She yelled, “Miao Zifu!”

Miao Zifu had long left . She pressed on the call alert beside her, but no one came to her rescue . Her phone had also been smashed .

She had nowhere to release her fury now . No one was willing to help her at all .

Her mouth was now pooling with blood .

Despite feeling extremely angry, Qiao Muwan could only push herself on the wheelchair and enter the bathroom to wash herself up .

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When she was done and returned to her room, she saw the man in her room, causing her heart to race . Her teeth started to chatter uncontrollably .

That man seemed to have sensed Qiao Muwan’s return and turned around instantly . He immediately grabbed Qiao Muwan’s hair and pulled on it .

“It hurts! It hurts!” Qiao Muwan was in so much pain that her body trembled .

“Is this how you torture yourself when I’m not around? I tried so hard to save you, and this is how you repay me?” The man spoke furiously as he pressed her head against the bed .

 “I’m sorry! I didn’t know why things happened this way!” She tried hard to guard her face . She truly had no clue why things ended up in such a mess .

That man slapped Qiao Muwan across her face, but she didn’t dare to cry .

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She could be ruthless and cruel back then, but now, this man could see through all her tricks .

She thought that this man was cold and elegant, so why was he so moody and violent? After knowing him for a long time, she finally learned that this man had experienced a bad break-up in the past too . However, she didn’t dare to pry for further details .

That man was so cold and cruel, and she could not feel any trace of warmth nor see a hint of a smile on his face .

That day, Qiao Muwan didn’t just lose a few teeth . When that man personally treated her wounds for her, Qiao Muwan felt as though he hadn’t just lost his mind earlier .

After the man left, Qiao Muwan looked at herself in the mirror . Every time she saw her own reflection, she would still scream in shock . It had been several months, but she still couldn’t accept the fact that she looked completely different now .

She recalled what Xie Shiliu had told her earlier . It wasn’t her fault that she was ugly, but she shouldn’t frighten others with her looks .

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Qiao Muwan felt so much rage that her asthma acted up, which almost caused her to lose her life . Luckily, she managed to survive after receiving emergency resuscitation .

In Country A

The tests in spring for political positions had ended, and the results had been released on several websites .

Some people rejoiced, while others were depressed .

After learning that the results were published, Yun Bixue hurriedly dashed into Xie Limo’s study and borrowed his laptop to check .

Xie Limo looked at how eager Yun Bixue was and frowned . “Why are you checking?”

 Yun Bixue’s eyes lit up as she held a stack of examination slips from behind her . “Those people gave me these . ”

Xie Limo raised his brows . “How many poor students did you sponsor?” Looking at the thick stack, he was sure that there was a significant number of them .

Yun Bixue thought for a while and answered, “Several hundreds, I think! I can’t be sure, but they’re worth being sponsored . Their personalities are great, and they’ve been selected after rounds of interviews . ”

Xie Limo rubbed his forehead . He knew what she had planned to do, but he didn’t expect that she would help so many people . “Do you really intend to make those departments ours?”

“That’ll make things easier for us . Think about it . Isn’t it better to have someone on our side in each department?” As Yun Bixue spoke, her eyes were glittering .

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