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Chapter 160

Yun Bixue sat in the house quietly watching the snowflakes gliding down outside . Her mood was peaceful . She couldn't recall how many years it had been she properly admired the snow . She had constantly buzzed around, and her days had been rather chaotic .

In fact, she also had the sentiments of a young lady deep down . She enjoyed poetry and drawings, and she liked looking at the snow .

Yang Mei watched the delight on Yun Bixue's expression and felt elated too . "Miss Yun, come have a cup of milk tea!"

"Yang Mei, it's the first snowfall of the year . It's really beautiful . "

"Miss Yun is in a good mood, so the snow will also look beautiful too . " Miss Yun's cheerful spirits affected her, and she became happy too .

"Really?" Yun Bixue felt faintly absentminded . It was as though her mental state had changed a lot after she got together with Xie Limo .

Shortly after, the snow had covered the ground outside . Peering outside through the window, the snow hung on the branches, covering it in a blanket of white . As the wind blew, it rustled and fell .

Watching the snowfall grow stronger and stronger, Yun Bixue stood up to open the door . She felt rather concerned—would Xie Limo's car slip while he drove along the roads?

Just as she started feeling worried, they heard the sounds of a car pulling up coming from outside . Xie Limo opened the car door and alighted . He donned a dark gray coat and carried an umbrella . He looked as though he had materialized from a drawing; his figure was exquisite and breath-taking .

At that moment, Yun Bixue couldn't find any appropriate adjectives to describe him . She only felt that the beautiful scenes written in those female novels merely paled in comparison .

Spotting Yun Bixue, he took big strides to arrive by her side . He held the umbrella above her head and removed his coat, wrapping it around her . "Why did you come out? It's freezing outside, so what if you catch a cold?"

Despite his words, Xie Limo's tone was full of worry . A look of distress flashed across his exquisite eyes .

Yun Bixue relished in Xie Limo's care and waved her hands . "I'm fine . I noticed that you arrived in your car, so I decided to meet you halfway . "

Xie Limo clutched Yun Bixue's hands and said, "Your hands are so cold . We should go home immediately . "

Yun Bixue allowed Xie Limo's jade-like hand to grab her own, smaller one . Enjoying this moment of warmth, she obediently followed him home .

As Yang Mei watched the silhouettes of Miss Yun and Young Master Xie leave amidst the snow, she felt that it was indescribably wonderful .

"Uncle Yang, I think that Young Master Xie and Miss Yun are truly the best match . If Miss Yun is happy, then as her subordinates, we can finally feel relieved . "

Uncle Yang looked at his niece and said, "Miss Yun has suffered a great deal!"

Yang Mei's gaze turned cold as she said, "Whoever bullied Miss Yun in the past, our Yun family will never let them off . " As the family's men of sacrifice, their mindset had always been to serve their master with their lives . They would be the first to feel outraged if anyone tried to hurt their master .

"Listen to Miss Yun's instructions and arrangements . Don't act on your own accord . "

Yang Mei nodded and calmly replied, "Uncle Yang, I know . " She believed that one day, Miss Yun would lead them to completely vanquish all those pieces of scum .

As Yun Bixue sat in Xie Limo's car, she watched the roads ahead and questioned in concern, "Such a thick layer snow . How can we go home?"

Xie Limo continued driving at a comfortable pace . Hearing Yun Bixue's words, he laughed softly, "Does my wife not trust your husband's driving skills?"

Yun Bixue was startled . On a road like this, many cars had slipped on the snow . Only their car was fine . "Has this car been altered?"

"The car's tires and structure have all been professionally altered . "

The corners of Yun Bixue's lips twitched . She always missed out on the critical questions . The products manufactured by the Xie family were truly too amazing .