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Chapter 162

Yun Bixue recalled her past attachment to Su Lenghan and felt rather sentimental . Time was indeed fascinating—it could wipe everything away .

In the past, she had craved for a home . She wanted to moderate her temperament and strive hard to be a gentle lady . She aimed to be considerate and understanding, and never unreasonable . She felt that by acting like that, other people would notice the goodness in her .

During her university days, she was like that when she met An Yexuan, but he had misunderstood her in the end . She had been saddened and disappointed, yet time still passed by . In the end, after graduation, she learned that the Shen family and the Yun family had previously made a verbal pact for marriage .

Back then, she didn't hope for too much, but then the gentle and attentive Su Lenghan appeared before her . No one had ever indulged her so sincerely and treated her so well before . Thus, she couldn't distinguish between reality and pretense .

She could only feel Su Lenghan's gentleness . She thought that he could perhaps be the one whom she belonged to .

Therefore, she worked hard to treat him well . Most of it was an attempt to break away from Old Lady Shen and Yang Siru by having her own free home and environment .

Yet, no matter how hard she tried, she finally saw through him after the Yun family went bankrupt . Su Lenghan treating her well was merely how he completed his official businesses . Without the Yun family, she was no longer the eldest daughter of an affluent family . Frankly, she wasn't even anything . She simply had no more value to the Shen family .

After witnessing how gentle Su Lenghan acted towards Meng Xinyan, she finally understood—if a person genuinely cared for and pampered another, that was how he should behave . It had been a lie when she said that she hadn't cared .

After constantly giving in to another person, yet seeing the recipient coddling another woman, one would surely feel heartbroken, as long as her heart wasn't made of stone .

However, at that time, she couldn't even afford to have any sad thoughts . She still had to support the Yun family and save her grandfather . Otherwise, Old Lady Shen would send her to the Qin family!

She would never forget all that had happened . Although Su Lenghan hadn't been the cause, he had still dealt her a great blow and put her through immense humiliation . Thus, since she had a chance to retaliate, she naturally wouldn't let it go .

She was waiting to enjoy the entertaining show Su Lenghan would give her . How would it play out between one man and two women? It would definitely be exciting to watch .

Observing the look on Meng Xinyan's face, Yun Bixue snickered . So this was the person that Su Lenghan chose to abandon her for . She was mediocre at best .

Now, she neither felt envious nor had any other emotions surging through her . With Xie Limo by her side, he allowed her to understand what love was . He also let her experience first-hand what it felt like to be cared for and indulged in . She cherished every moment .

Xie Limo parked the car by the roadside . He saw that Yun Bixue's expression had frozen up, and he gently pulled her body closer . Caressing her head, he said, "Don't let your emotions get affected by others . "

Yun Bixue looked at Xie Limo and replied, "I called Su Lenghan just now . You won't be unhappy, right?"

Xie Limo laughed lightly and answered, "My dear, do you think he's worthy of me feeling upset? Don't place us in the same basket . At least his taste is something that I wouldn't dare to agree with . " As he spoke, his eyes wandered towards Meng Xinyan and Yun Mengshi who stood in front of the cars .

Yun Bixue snorted . Sometimes, she really felt that her husband had a brilliant sense of cold humor .

"I think his taste is weird too . "

"On the other hand, it's a good thing that he has such unique taste . He couldn't even see my wife's wholesomeness . " Sometimes, she rejoiced over how Su Lenghan had placed his focus entirely on the organization's businesses . If he had paid more attention to his relationship, Yun Bixue wouldn't be as disappointed in him .