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Chapter 169

Finally, Yun Bixue fell asleep unknowingly .

Xie Limo tenderly watched the person nestled in his arms . Although she was asleep, her attachment to him was evident in his eyes, and he couldn't help feeling affectionate towards her .

Especially when he saw the marks he left on her body, he reached out his jade-like hands and gently stroked them . His eyes slowly revealed a gleam of desire .

Despite being asleep, Yun Bixue felt the hands of the person beside her traveling across her body . She drowsily muttered something, as though expressing her displeasure .

Xie Limo lightly pressed a kiss on Yun Bixue's forehead and spoke clearly, "Sleep . Good night, my wife . Have sweet dreams . "

He snuggled close to Yun Bixue's body . This feeling of their intimate union made him unwilling to detach himself from her .

The next day when Yun Bixue woke up, the first thing she saw was the snowy landscape outside the windows . She also felt a warmth radiating from her back .

Such a morning made her feel a deep feeling of contentment, and she was immensely touched .

"Is my wife awake?"

Yun Bixue lightly twisted her body and abruptly felt a certain someone's passion in her body . She exclaimed, "Limo…" She had never imagined that Xie Limo would have such impressive stamina .

Xie Limo used his exquisite jade-like fingers to tidy up Yun Bixue's hair, concealing the new wave of lust that ran through his body .

"Young Master Xie, your stamina is extraordinary!" She somewhat felt like crying but couldn't produce any tears .

"Each heir of the Xie family has to undergo all sorts of training from a young age . It's a basic requirement to go through physical training to build up the body's strength . " If he hadn't been afraid of wearing her out, he truly didn't want to restrain himself .

Yun Bixue noticed the scratches on Xie Limo's chest, and she reached out to gently touch them . "Are these scars?"Although they were faint, she could tell from careful scrutiny that he must have suffered a great deal in the past .

Xie Limo lowered his head and looked at the subtle scars on his chest . Although the lines were faint after being treated, his eyes glowed with a tinge of darkness at the memory . However, it vanished instantly before Yun Bixue could notice .

"It's nothing . If a huge household like the Xie family wants to stand up and resolutely survive, the heir must be sufficiently capable . "

Despite Xie Limo's explanation, Yun Bixue's heart still ached . Her hands moved more gently, but Xie Limo grabbed them swiftly . "My wife, are you challenging your husband's self-control?"

Yun Bixue's face flushed and she frantically pushed away from Xie Limo's embrace . Sitting up, she asked, "What time is it? Is it time for breakfast?"

Xie Limo rose and got off the bed . Shortly later, he pushed a rolling dining table inside . "Breakfast has already been prepared . It's still snowing heavily outside right now . You can just rest at home!"

"Are you still going to work?"

Xie Limo nodded and replied, "Yes, there's a meeting in Ning An City today . Don't worry, I'll be back in the evening . "

Yun Bixue nodded . Although her heart felt uneasy, she put her worries aside .

After breakfast, Yun Bixue sat on the couch before the French windows and knitted a sweater . Bored, she'd decided to personally make something for Xie Limo . More importantly, the villa seemed to have everything . It even had wool and knitting needles .

Tired from knitting a scarf, Yun Bixue then started reading . All of the books were abot the economy . She wanted to learn more and be equipped with the skills to stay by Xie Limo's side .

On the other hand, as Xie Limo drove, he purposely made several turns in the city and changed to a number of cars . This was because he knew that from now on, someone would be keeping a close eye on him and Yun Bixue .

Only after settling Yun Bixue in that villa could he feel relieved enough to deal with these people .

"Xie Liu, be prepared to strike . "

"Yes, Young Master Xie!" Excitement flashed across Xie Liu's eyes . In Country A, his hands and legs were bound, and the laws were extremely restrictive . Finally, Young Master Xie had some instructions for him .