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Chapter 1763: 1763

Chapter 1763: Saved His Life

An Yexuan couldn’t reply to Xie Shiliu . His expression remained blank and he was radiating a cold aura . Even the air around him was icily cold .

Xie Shiliu placed the food on the table beside her and walked towards An Yexuan’s bed . Sitting down, she studied his expression .

She couldn’t tell what he was feeling now . She was gravely ill and could die any moment . However, An Yexuan was perfectly well .

After examining his face for a while, Xie Shiliu still couldn’t come to a conclusion . She simply felt that An Yexuan had intentionally caused the collision .

An Yexuan’s mind now was filled completely with how shocked Yun Bixue had looked back then . Upon seeing that face, he had crashed into the elder’s car without hesitation .

An Yexuan shut his eyes and continued lying down in silence .

Xie Shiliu asked him to eat, but he refused .

“Just leave it there . I’m not hungry . ”

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“You should still eat something . ”

Xie Shiliu had yet to receive orders from Young Master Xie regarding her next move . However, she couldn’t just leave him alone and die .

She would feel glad if he passed on, as that would mean she helped Young Madam get rid of her enemy . However, as a guard, her job was to follow orders .

She couldn’t interfere with her masters’ decisions .

Xie Shiliu said by his side and persuaded, “I know you just want some peace and quiet now . However, if you don’t eat, I’ll continue sitting here and talking to you until you’re hungry . ”

An Yexuan finally glanced at Xie Shiliu .

As he stared at her, her heart raced . She was afraid that An Yexuan might have seen through her .

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Before she could say anything, An Yexuan sat up and said, “I’ll eat then!”

Xie Shiliu finally heaved a sigh of relief .

An Yexuan ate quietly and Xie Shiliu left the room . Raising her head, she looked at the dark skies outside . Shortly after, she received a secret sign from Xie Liu .

Xie Liu informed her that Young Master Xie had dropped his plans to deal with the An family . He would stop targeting An Yexuan too .

She would, however, need to continue keeping an eye on the An family and An Yexuan .

Xie Shiliu understood that it was because they were afraid that An Yexuan would attempt to hurt them again . It was also to prevent the real Chu Fei’er from showing up .

When Xie Shiliu found out that the Second Elder had come to the imperial capital, she was utterly shocked . After some time, she managed to calm her nerves .

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She turned around to look at the closed door . An Yexuan probably didn’t imagine that this would happen too!

What he did today had saved his entire family .

Otherwise, the An family would be completely wiped out and only be history in Country A .

When Xiajun Yanwu found out that Xie Limo had gone to the hospital, she hurriedly left the palace and requested her subordinates to take her there .

Xiajun Yanli looked at her younger sister and frowned . “Yanwu, why are you anxious about Deputy Xie going to the hospital?”

Xiajun Yanwu knew that her elder brother was quick to catch on, and she wasn’t able to hide anything from him .

Nevertheless, she still tried to do so . Six years ago, her relationships with her two elder brothers had already been broken, and she didn’t care anymore .

“Majesty Huang, this is my personal business . It has nothing to do with you . ”

Xiajun Yanli answered sternly, “All of us are involved in the things happening in the imperial family . Your public image will affect the dignity of the imperial family . ”

Xiajun Yanwu narrowed her pretty eyes and replied, “Elder Brother, you’re wrong . Your image will affect the dignity of the imperial family, but mine won’t . Moreover, Deputy Xie is an important figure in our country . Can’t I show a little concern for him?”

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