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Chapter 22

Yun Bixue wore a smile as she pondered over the words "Madam" and "Husband . " After he said the two words, everything seemed to be more natural .

"I can help you . My skills aren't bad . I can make a dish or two . "

She really did want to help him with dinner . There was also the issue of not knowing how to start the topic on what happened at the hospital today . If it were really him that helped, it was natural for her to express her gratitude by cooking for him .

Xie Limo sighed softly . "You were hurt the other day . The wound on your hand hasn't recovered yet, don't let it come into contact with water . "

Although they hadn't known each other for very long, this girl really didn't know how to look after herself, which worried him a little .

Yun Bixue felt a warmth in her heart . She looked at her almost fully healed hand; it wouldn't be a problem at all .

The kitchen was very spacious, about 100 cubic meters . There was also a complete set of kitchen appliances . As she entered the kitchen, she could smell smoke in the air . It looked like the place was used frequently .

As she watched Xie Limo whip eggs and cut vegetables with proficiency, she could not help but exclaim, "You used to cook frequently instead of leaving it to the servants didn't you?"

"Someone once said, cooking is an art . My mother often complained that father wasn't interested in food, so she nurtured me into her image of the ideal son . " Due to his mother's influence, he also grew to like cooking .

"You must have a wonderful mother . "

Xie Limo glanced at Yun Bixue slightly and saw a hint of disappointment in her fine features . He paused the movements in his hand and said, "Yes, Mother is very nice . She will be your mother in the future too . I think she will dote on you a lot . "

With the kind of personality his mother had, she must also adore her daughter-in-law . There were no girls in the family; she would probably treat her as her own .

Yun Bixue's eyebrows frowned a little . Looking at Xie Limo with her clear eyes, she asked hesitantly, "Will your mother like me?" She had yet to grow accustomed to refer to Xie Limo's mother as her own .

"Rest assured . Don't worry . "

Man, this girl . Sometimes she was a ditzy to the point of being adorable, reminding him of a cat that he had owned . She was so adorable that he wanted to caress her hair .

When Xie Limo made the dishes, Yun Bixue helped him with a few minor chores, such as fetching water or passing him a plate . Their hands would touch each other from time to time . In the beginning, they were a bit awkward, but it became more natural later on .

The dinner consisted of four dishes and soup, filling the kitchen and living room with the fragrance of food and whetted their appetite .

Sitting on the sofa in the living room and looking at the dishes on the coffee table, Yun Bixue's eyes were slightly warm, and they seemed to be wet .

She fought to suppress her emotions . After her parents had left, she had never had such a proper meal . Looking at the food in front of her and the loving gaze that was in the eyes of the man across her, she believed that she had found the feeling of finding the place called home .

"Let's eat . How do my dishes taste?" said Xie Limo as he picked up some pork ribs and put it in Yun Bixue's rice bowl .

Yun Bixue smiled slowly and picked up the Crystal Tofu she made and put it in Xie Limo's bowl . "You should eat more too . I am your wife; when my hand heals, I'll be making meals for you in the future too . "

One single sentence made the light that flooded Xie Limo's eyes soften even more . The light could almost kindle people's hearts .

After the meal, Xie Limo didn't let her help tidy up . He cleaned up the table and went to the kitchen to wash the dishes . He told her that she could watch the television if she were bored .

Yun Bixue switched on the television; the news channel was on . "The secret lover of Young Master Xie turned out to be the bankrupt Yun family's eldest daughter . An insider revealed that she had gotten herself injured on purpose to get close to Young Master Xie when the Luxury Emperor Banquet was held . . . "

"In spite of this tidbit, people saw the two exiting the presidential suite together . . . "

"What kind of relationship the two precisely have is up for debate . . . If there are any new findings, we will report it right away . . . "