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Chapter 32

A car slowly entered the old Yun family home, joining several other cars that were also parked in the courtyard .

"Young Madam!" Xie Shiyi looked anxiously at Yun Bixue .

Yun Bixue patted Xie Shiyi's hands . "Relax, I have long prepared for this day . "

Since her grandfather had already allowed her to act freely, she had no hesitation .

When Yun Bixue arrived at the main hall, all eyes simultaneously fell on her .

A black gown with a long trail complemented her elegance and glamor . Her hair was pulled back into a high ponytail .

On her slender neck hung a lustrous jade necklace that showcased her . It highlighted how gorgeous and luxurious she was . She looked remarkably dazzling and striking .

Everyone seemed to be in disbelief as they blinked their eyes . Was this the same Yun family's Young Lady who had virtually no presence?

Yun Bixue gave a sweeping look over the guests in the main hall and scoffed . The Shen family, Qin family, and Su family had all sent their representatives . It seemed like she possessed some standing that could make Old Lady Shen's guests turn up .

With that glance, she took in every single expression from the crowd .

Su Lengxian couldn't reconcile with the person she saw before her . Was this the same Yun Bixue who had been previously abandoned by her Su Family?

Why was she so dazzling now? Even as a female, she couldn't redirect her line of sight .

Yun Mengshi widened her eyes pitifully, but her fists were tightly clenched—so tight that it could almost cut her palm .

It was Old Lady Shen who reacted first . Propping herself up using her walking stick, she trembled as she rose . "Bixue is back! Quickly come here . This child, Grandma had told you to come at 10, but it is already 12 o'clock . You had agreed to return, and I thought you weren't coming anymore!" Old Lady Shen spoke in an affectionate manner .

Yun Bixue also smiled gently . "Grandma, I prepared a jade statue of the Goddess of Mercy for you . You did not like the accessory that I gifted you previously . You said you were exhausted from slogging all your life and wanted to rest and be leisurely . The best option would be to be religious . I entrusted someone to find this statue, but I could only purchase it after some time . "

Accepting the box made of jade from Xie Shiyi, she opened it .

A few people exclaimed . Such a valuable item; Yun Bixue is really thoughtful . This is invaluable and can not be bought with just money .

The hearts of Old Lady Shen and Shen Wenqi instead skipped a beat . Through her words, Yun Bixue was undoubtedly insinuating that she wished for Old Lady Shen to retire and wash her hands off the Yun family's affairs . How could that happen! When did that lass become so eloquent?

Old Lady Shen recovered shortly, delightfully accepting the gift from Yun Bixue . "Bixue, you sure are filial . You are so kind to your grandma . No matter how weary I am, I cannot give everything up . I will still worry myself over the current circumstances of our Yun family, but I truly cherish your gift . Quickly take a seat . Allow me to introduce everyone; this is the decision maker of the Qin family . You can address her as Aunt Qin . This is whom you had previously asked Grandma about, Young Master Qin Huailing . I believe you have already met him several times before; this is your uncle, Shen Wenqi . . . You should already know the rest of your peers, so I will not introduce them one by one . "

Hearing Old Lady Shen's words, Yun Bixue scorned but still greeted her seniors in succession . In response, everyone spared no compliments on her beauty and consideration .

When Yun Bixue took notice of Qin Huailing, her gaze shuddered . This ethereal charmer appeared to be only about twenty years old .