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Chapter 38

Thinking of how aloof Young Master Xie had been the previous night, Xie Liu shuddered in fear .

He had never seen Young Master Xie carry such a murderous look . The hospital dean spent the entire night kneeling, and the incompetent nurses and doctors on duty were all dismissed .

Because of Young Madam, Young Master Xie had not hesitated to wield his authority ever since he left the meeting in Tian Jing City that day .

Although this would implicate Young Master Xie, the Xie family did not mind .

He remembered the words of Young Master Xie during that moment—if he couldn't even protect his wife, he wouldn't be able to take on a horde of responsibilities .

Since Young Master Xie returned the day before, he had been continuously on guard . When Young Madam had finally awoken, everyone could finally loosen up .

Yun Bixue looked up at Xie Limo with some displeasure . "Why did you stop him? I still want to continue listening . "

As per usual, Xie Limo's eyes were filled with warmth as he looked at Yun Bixue and purred, "Okay, have some congee first . After you are discharged from the hospital, you will learn everything . So if you want to understand everything, you have to get better first . "

As he spoke, he took the box over from Xie Liu . It contained a bowl of congee . Using the spoon, he scooped a mouthful and blew on it before feeding Yun Bixue .

Xie Liu widened his eyes in shock . This . . . Was he the Young Master Xie that he had known?

Yun Bixue noticed the stupefied expression on Xie Liu's face and her face started to flush involuntarily . Moving her lips, she said, "Limo, my hands are fine . I can eat this myself . "

Xie Limo gave Xie Liu a sweeping glance, and the latter tactfully evacuated the ward immediately .

Xie Limo continued his gesture, his intoxicating eyes looking at Yun Bixue . She could only open her mouth .

When she had been fed the entire bowl, Xie Limo even wiped the corners of her lips thoughtfully .

Yun Bixue desperately wanted to hide in a hole .

Xie Liu returned shortly after taking his leave and announced, "Young Master Xie, Xie Shiyi has gained consciousness!"

"Xie Shiyi has woken up?" Yun Bixue was ruffled . If it hadn't been for Xie Shiyi's quick reflexes that day, they wouldn't have survived the first time the truck crashed into them . Knowing that Xie Shiyi was alright, she could finally be at ease .

Xie Limo's gaze trembled . "Get someone to protect Young Madam well . " With that, he rose elegantly and left the ward .

In the third room of the VIP ward, Xie Shiyi scuffled to get off the bed when she saw Young Master Xie .

"Lie properly . If you get hurt, Young Madam will be worried . " Xie Liu said blankly at the side .

Xie Shiyi was filled with guilt . "Sorry Young Master Xie, I failed to protect Young Madam . " After getting discharged, she would receive the punishments of the Xie family .

Xie Limo's captivating aura gave off an air of sternness . His distressed gaze looked sinister as he spoke coldly, "Tell me in exact detail what happened that day . "

Xie Shiyi respectfully recounted the day's events bit by bit . Regardless of the magnitude of each detail, she conveyed everything thoroughly .

After that, the entire room was overflowing with a repressive silence . Xie Liu was astounded; Young Madam's responses and bravery during the emergency had been too astonishing . Could it be that Young Madam had practiced martial arts?

Time passed unknowingly, and just before Xie Shiyi suffocated, the tension in the air subsided suddenly . "You mean that Su Lenghan was the one who sent the both of you to the hospital?"

"Yes, we were then pushed into the emergency room, and I do not know what happened afterward . "

A deadly look glinted in Xie Limo's eyes, and he said coldly, "Do not let anyone learn of this matter for now . " With that, he strode off . Xie Liu advised Xie Shiyi on a few issues and followed after .

The doctors and nurses along the corridor were stunned by the charms of the Young Master Xie appearing before them and were even more unnerved by him . They held their breaths as they walked past him .