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Chapter 4

Naturally, someone responded to the comment, "That's right, she is just pretending to be innocent . "

"Typical pretentious b*tch, even worse than her sister . "

One scion couldn't bear the smack talk . "Can't you give it a rest? You become jealous as soon as you see someone prettier than you . The Yun family is in a dire state already, you don't have to worsen the situation . "

"Please take note of the circumstances and avoid making trouble . Young Master Xie has returned to take over the entire Ning An City . He's part of the legendary Northern Xie Southern Wang . Take care that he doesn't start things off with your family . "

Although he didn't understand what Young Master Xie represented, his father had drilled it into his head that he had to put on a good performance in front of Young Master Xie . Enough respect had to be shown .

"What is Northern Xie Southern Wang, does anyone know?" A woman was unimpressed . Although Ning An City was the biggest city in the country, it was still under the jurisdiction of the capital city's political-administrative center .

Young Master Bai looked at his impenitent younger sister and shook his head . Admittedly, such secrets were only known by those who were to succeed the current generation of the prestigious and influential .

Yun Bixue had finished treating the wounds on her hand and arm and left the hall . While she walked, she worried over the 600,000 yuan surgery fee for her grandfather, unaware of the drizzle that had started .

However, when she saw a shadowy figure next to the luxury car in front of her, she paused . Her expression froze, and she pursed her lips; all color drained from them .

The tall and cold figure turned around, revealing the handsome face of a man through the rain . He held a cigarette in one hand, its smoke dispersing in the air .

Despite Yun Bixue not being able to see him clearly, she could feel the atmosphere turn gloomy .

Yun Bixue snickered, eyes filled with coldness . "Has Young Master An come to see my sorry state? Or is it to watch the Yun family make a fool of themselves?"

An Yexuan looked at Yun Bixue silently . His ink-black eyes were filled with darkness . They almost looked like black whirlpools that could suck up people's souls . His slender finger bent the cigarette and tossed it on the floor . The embers died instantly .

Yun Bixue had to admit, the man in front of her exuded an air of superiority and elegance in the way he carried himself .

The extinguished embers were like the complications between him and her—a cancerous one .

"If you hadn't done anything to Chu Fei'er back then, your family would have been fine . " An Yexuan's voice was pressed low, suggesting that he was suppressing something .

Yun Bixue's face grew paler . She said coldly, "An Yexuan, I have told you countless times before . I did not do anything to Chu Fei'er . I have nothing to do with anything that happened, yet you shove all the blame onto me . Are you satisfied now that you have exacted vengeance on me?"

"When Chu Fei'er can come back to life, the Yun family will be restored to its former glory . Your grandfather's condition will be also taken care of . "

Yun Bixue's mouth curled into a mocking smile . Chu Fei'er had been dead for a long time, it would be a miracle for her to come back . "Young Master An, I hope you won't regret your actions in the future . "

Yun Bixue turned around and left . Walking in the rain, each step she took felt punctuated with sadness and bitterness .

An Yexuan hailed from the country's most influential and prestigious An family, holding an important status in the entire country . He ordered that no one was to extend help toward the Yun family . Naturally, no one dared to disobey . It seemed that nothing could be done about Grandfather Yun's surgery fee .

Even Su Lenghan wanted to cut ties with her, going so far as to unite his family with the Meng's with a marriage alliance .

Around the corner of the road, a car suddenly pulled up next to Yun Bixue . The window opened, "Miss Yun, it's raining . Let me give you a ride . " It was Xie Liu, the man who had helped her bandage her hand earlier .

Yun Bixue tugged at her coat and shook her head, "That won't be necessary, taking the bus will do . "

"Miss Yun, please get in the car . If you don't, Young Master Xie will punish me for doing a poor job when I return . "