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Chapter 45

The name Yun Bixue caused whatever warmth that had risen in Meng Xinyan to immediately vanish . She felt that someone had just doused her in icy water, and she felt cold to the core .

Didn't he say that he didn't care about her? During this period of time, despite Meng Xinyan's incessant pestering and attempts to keep him busy, he was still thinking about Yun Bixue . He even took the initiative to call her .

Meng Xinyan gripped the phone so tightly that her fingertips grew white . She wanted to crush the phone in her grip if she could .

She was Ning An City's number one celebrity, and a goddess to many . Yet, she had never experienced being taken care of to such a degree .

It was Su Lenghan who approached her first . At an unknown point in time, she had switched from passively accepting his pursuit to being poisoned by his charm . She was attracted by his elegant appearance and felt touched by his warmth .

His every movement stirred her heart . If she had no one to compare him to, maybe she wouldn't notice how well Su Lenghan treated her .

Perhaps Su Lenghan didn't understand himself, but it was clear to her . He wasn't as unfeeling towards Yun Bixue as she'd previously thought .

At times, she was afraid to think about whether Su Lenghan would choose her if nothing had happened to the Yun family .

Thinking of these possibilities, Meng Xinyan felt extremely stifled and uncomfortable .

Hearing footsteps coming from the stairs, Meng Xinyan put the phone back to its original position before anyone noticed . Then she unraveled her scarf and let her hair fall loose, seemingly adding another layer of charm to herself .

When Su Lenghan entered the room, he was a bit stunned by such a beautiful back view .

There was a point in time when a similar figure helped him hang his clothes and cleaned up the messy table .

After hanging her scarf, Meng Xinyan turned around . Beaming, she asked, "Lenghan, why did you come up? Have you tasted the dumplings I brought yet?"

Su Lenghan put his hands leisurely in his pockets and shook his head . "Not yet, I'm waiting for you so we can eat together—you must be tired from the journey . " Ning An City was big, and the two families were indeed rather far away from each other .

Meng Xinyan nodded her head . She went up to Su Lenghan, held his arms, and said, "Let's go eat the dumplings together . Even though you didn't come to my place today, my mother still talked about you . She was worried that you were too busy to have a good meal . Ever since we got together, I feel that she holds you close to her heart . "

Su Lenghan looked at Meng Xinyan's rarely displayed girl-like demeanor, which was mixed with a little jealousy and flirtatiousness . He felt that everything about this scene was so familiar to him, and all his troubles seemed to melt away . Perhaps this was the kind of feeling that he longed for .

The number one celebrity of Ning An City, a goddess, was now at his side . He really should treasure it .

Downstairs, the servants had finished setting the dishes and left the room to Su Lenghan and Meng Xinyan .

After the meal, Meng Xinyan happily looked for various subjects to talk about . But eventually, after some time Su Lenghan told her, "Xinyan, I think it's best that I send you home now . Any later and Aunt would worry . "

A hint of disappointment flashed across Meng Xinyan's eyes . She had hoped that he would allow her to stay the night . But she knew that she didn't need to hurry such things, for he would be hers eventually .

The late autumn night was still very chilly . Su Lenghan drove slowly, with the car window slightly rolled down . The cold drafts kept blowing in, and he felt especially elegant and calm .

Meng Xinyan shivered . "Lenghan!"

Su Lenghan looked at Meng Xinyan out of the corner of his eye and saw that her face was red from the cold . He sighed softly . "When you reach home, take a hot bath to get rid the chill . If you want to see me in the future, I'll go to your place . It's too much trouble for you . " On that note, he closed the windows .