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Chapter 49

The Yun family's house was immediately filled with the sounds of fighting . Even though Yun Bixue was facing off ten or so people by herself, somehow no one managed to get close to her .

"Ah . . . terrible, terrible . . . !" Yang Siru screamed excessively .

Old Lady Shen looked at the mess on the first floor and felt her temples jumping with pain . The tendons on her hand that was holding the walking stick were more visible than normal . She really didn't look very well .

"Siru, call for help on the telephone," Old Lady Shen ordered, her eyes filled with a shadow of darkness .

Yang Siru said happily, "Yun Bixue, Yun Bixue, your day has finally come . It's no wonder that no one wants you . Just look at you now, I bet it won't be long before Young Master Xie grows tired of you as well, haha . . . !"

"Yang Siru, you sure are pleased with yourself, aren't you?" Yun Bixue looked at those who had fallen before her, and she fixed her hair . She looked messy, but not flustered .

"You're just like that mother of yours, who couldn't keep a man loyal to her despite her vixen looks . " Looking at Yun Bixue, Yang Siru was reminded of that mother of hers . She couldn't help but admit that her eldest brother-in-law's wife was an unparalleled beauty .

Yun Bixue narrowed her eyes dangerously . "Yang Siru, you won't enjoy yourself for much longer . "

Just as the second wave of hired thugs arrived, the doors of the Yun family's house was smashed open from the outside . A cold autumn wind blew into the room .

An extremely charming and elegant man entered, carrying with him an air of solemnity .

Yun Bixue was a little dazed . "Why did you come here?"

Xie Limo took just one glance at Yun Bixue, before telling the people behind him, "Xie Jiu, Xie Shi, take Madam and leave this place . "

Looking at the two men walking towards her to escort her away, Yun Bixue said awkwardly, "Limo, I don't want to leave . I want to stay here and see how Old Lady Shen throws her weight around . "

Xie Limo massaged his forehead with his elegant hands . He repeated, "Xie Jiu, Xie Shi!"

"Yes, Young Master Xie," the two replied before bowing respectfully before Yun Bixue . "Young Madam, please!"

Eventually, they escorted Yun Bixue away, almost by force . She realized then that the taekwondo and kung fu she had learned before was useless in the face of real experts .

After Yun Bixue left, Xie Limo curled his light, cherry-colored lips as he walked to the sofa and sat down . His body leaned back slightly, exuding an air of lazy unruliness . "I wonder if Old Lady Shen would like to join me for a cup of tea?"

He sat amidst the wreckage, but it couldn't conceal his imposing nature .

Old Lady Shen couldn't get a handle on Xie Limo . With her eyes flickering, she asked, "Young Master Xie is a powerful figure in Ning An City . I wonder what brought you here today?"

Old Lady Shen seemed to understand that since he was someone in power, he was capable of certain things .

Xie Limo was overflowing with nobility and confidence, and he practically ignored Old Lady Shen .

After Yun Bixue came out, she looked at the villa with a lingering coldness . Then she took out her phone and dialed a number . "Yang Mei, find me a few people and tell them to get into bed with Yun Zhongmu by any means possible . It would be best if they can get pregnant . "

Even if Old Lady Shen was the one behind her accident, she wouldn't be this angry . But Yang Siru shouldn't have made plans that involved her grandfather .

Furthermore, she wasn't about to let go of what Yang Siru had said about her mother so easily . Her uncle might be cowardly, but he certainly loved beautiful women . It was just that he didn't dare oppose Yang Siru .

"Yes!" Yang Mei answered respectfully through the phone .

After Yun Bixue's accident, she had Yang Mei moved back from overseas . Yang Mei had been groomed well overseas and was outstanding in many aspects .