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Chapter 51

As Yun Bixue looked up at Xie Limo, only then did she realize that he was tired . Her heart ached a little . She was the reason that he hadn't managed to have a good rest all this time .

"Limo, let's not eat outside . I'll make us lunch today . " As far as she could remember, Xie Limo was the one making all the meals since she moved in .

Xie Limo's beautiful eyes shimmered, and he laughed . "Madam, there aren't a lot of ingredients left in the kitchen . "

"Are there any supermarkets nearby? Let's go buy some together . " In the past, she liked to stay at home alone to cook when she was feeling unhappy . Now, she had someone by her side . This was all very strange to her, but it instantly made her cheerful regardless .

"I'll go with you . "

"Isn't Mr . Xie afraid of been seen by others? There'll probably be news about us again if we're seen together . " Whenever Yun Bixue made fun of Xie Limo, she always addressed him as 'Mr . Xie' .

Xie Limo raised his slender eyebrows and laughed . "Why would I be afraid of going out with my wife? I do happen to owe Madam a courtship and a romantic wedding . The reporters will know about it sooner or later . " The moment he chose to be with her, he'd made a decision . He would never back down or try to hide anything .

The entire plaza supermarket was huge and had a wide selection of goodsThe vegetables were on the first floor . Xie Limo pushed the trolley as Yun Bixue walked alongside him, placing vegetables into the trolley when she saw any suitable ones .

The man was handsome, and the woman was beautiful . They both had exceptional looks and temperaments, drawing the attention of many . Despite this, the casual clothes and hats they were wearing made it difficult for the onlookers to tell who they were from a distance .

Looking at the trolley which was now filled with desserts, Xie Limo felt a little exasperated and chuckled . "Madam, did you come here to shop for ingredients? Or did you come here to shop for snacks?"

Yun Bixue turned and looked at the trolley . It was true . She had unwittingly filled the trolley with a lot of snacks . She started taking them out of the trolley, feeling slightly embarrassed .

Xie Limo stopped Yun Bixue's hands . "It's alright . We'll buy these since you picked them out . But you need to eat fewer snacks . Proper meals are more important . " It was easy for him to tell that she had filled her hunger using these snacks in the past .

Yun Bixue blinked for a while, and her lips curled into a smile . So this is what it's like to be doted on . It doesn't feel bad at all . But she didn't dare to grow used to such treatment .

At the same time, Meng Xinyan and Miao Zifu were shopping too . There was a family feast today, and Madam Fu had invited Young Master An and Young Master Su over . Naturally, An Yexuan brought his girlfriend Miao Zifu along .

Miao Zifu naturally took the opportunity to suck up to Meng Xinyan, eventually bringing her outside with the excuse of shopping together .

When Miao Zifu saw a familiar figure in the vicinity, her hand which was on Meng Xinyan's arm tightened its grip . Meng Xinyan was looking at the items on the shelves when she felt a pain in her arm . She looked in the direction Miao Zifu was looking at, and her expression changed . It was Yun Bixue . But who was beside her? Their cap was worn too low for her to recognize the person wearing it .

"Miao Zifu, do you know those two?"

Miao Zifu smiled charmingly and shook her head . "I just found that woman to be very beautiful, and she caught my eye a few times . Even though I'm a woman, I was a little taken aback by her beauty . It must be even more so for men . "

Though it seemed to be an offhand remark, her words etched themselves into Meng Xinyan's heart . The color drained from her face . Recently, Su Lenghan's mind would wander from time to time . In his room, there was a cup that he had yet to get rid, a cup she knew had been a gift from Yun Bixue .

After finding what they came for, Xie Limo handed his credit card over to Yun Bixue to pay for their groceries . He then headed towards the underground parking lot to retrieve his car .

After paying, Yun Bixue stood waiting at the door for Xie Limo . To her surprise, two unexpected people approached her . They were Miao Zifu and Meng Xinyan .