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Chapter 55

Yun Bixue didn't realize that when she was with Xie Limo, she would unknowingly feel at ease . Even her way of speaking would be more casual .

Xie Limo drove as he listened to Yun Bixue whine heatedly . "My dear, do you despise Miao Zifu?"

"I don't despise her, but I feel drained just by looking at her . She's so pretentious and hypocritical . " The thought of Miao Zifu was a constant reminder of how naive and kind-hearted she'd been in her university days, and also the ups and downs of that period . She felt sentimental .

Xie Limo watched the exhausted expression on Yun Bixue's face, and his gaze froze . He said blandly, "My dear, you don't need to fret over such insignificant people anymore . "

Hearing that, Yun Bixue instantly felt a surge in energy . "Limo, did you do something?" Based on her understanding of Xie Limo from the past few days, he must have done something . However, it was difficult to find information that could be held against someone as pretentious as Miao Zifu .

Xie Limo simply laughed and didn't answer . "My dear, if you want to control every matter of the Yun family, you need to use your wits more . " He couldn't actually bear to push her . His wife had always been too sympathetic towards others, but with him around, he wouldn't let anyone take advantage of her .

The sedan circled the plaza . The news was still broadcasting the incident involving the Shen family . The reporters still continued to pursue the matter, and the Shen family was severely battered as a result .

After Su Lenghan carried Meng Xinyan into the car, he crossed over the driver's seat and suddenly noticed the people in a nearby car . His eyes started glowing .

"Lenghan, what happened to you?" Meng Xinyan was alarmed . She called out multiple times to Su Lenghan, but he didn't respond .

Su Lenghan got in the car, as if he hadn't seen anything . The look in his eyes remained intense, and Meng Xinyan tactfully let him be .

Arriving at the Meng family home, the atmosphere was joyous and harmonious . Seeing her daughter injured, Chen Pei enquired about the reason, and Meng Xinyan replied with a few words .

Chen Pei immediately seethed as she said, "This Yun Bixue is really outrageous, daring to touch just anybody . Does she still think the Yun family is still the same as before?"

Meng Xinyan stole a glance at Su Lenghan, who wore a dark look on his face . Tugging on her mother's sleeves, she tried to persuade her, "Mom, don't blame Yun Bixue, it's me . . . "

"It's because you're kind that people bully you . "

"Mom, I'm fine . With Lenghan around, who could bully me?" Meng Xinyan always knew to praise Su Lenghan in front of her mother .

Seeing that she had an exceptional son-in-law, the fury in Chen Pei's heart dissipated . "You're too soft-hearted . It's lucky that you have Lenghan to protect you . Hmm, and where is Miss Miao?"

Meng Xinyan's expression started to change . They had forgotten about Miao Zifu and left her behind . Seeing An Yexuan sitting on the couch emanating a cold presence, Chen Pei felt her heart shiver .

The An family was a prestigious and influential family known across the entire country, and they weren't people that a commoner could trifle with . Old Master Meng was acquainted with the An family, and they had invited An Yexuan over after hearing that he was in Ning An City . They had initially not expected him to turn up .

What could they do now?

"Young Master An, I'm truly sorry . My daughter doesn't know any better . I will arrange for someone to pick her up right now . "

An Yexuan sat with his legs crossed throughout the entire exchange . His distant demeanor made him hard to approach, and he simply said, "No problem . Everyone should start eating first . " He didn't seem to care too much about Miao Zifu .

Chen Pei heaved a sigh of relief . She knew that Miss Miao had no status and that Young Master An couldn't possibly have taken a liking to her . Indeed, she could tell that there must be something fishy about it .

Master Meng sat there and prepared tea . He waved a hand and said, "Okay, it's impolite to make our guest wait any longer . Uncle Wang, drive to the supermarket to fetch her . This is our mistake . "