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Chapter 58

Miao Zifu got a clearer look at the man's face, and her face paled instantly . Trembling and nervous, she pushed away the person in front of her . "Who are you? I don't know you! Let go of me . . . "

Miao Zifu frantically tried to push him away—it wasn't clear why she would meet this man in Ning An City . At that point in time, she had no time to process the situation and could only feel her mind blanking out . She definitely couldn't let An Yexuan find out .

"Fu, my flower, don't you recognize me anymore? My flower, it's me, Duan Qiushu, the one you love!" Duan Qiushu looked at her, seemingly in pain . Although he was tipsy, his mind was still clear . No matter how much the person in front of him had changed, he would still be able to recognize her with one look .

Miao Zifu felt her face go numb with fear . She struggled forcefully to escape from his grasp, but the man was just too strong . "Sir, you got the wrong person . I'm not this 'Miao Zifu' that you mentioned . Stop bothering me . " The only thing floating in Miao Zifu's mind now was why Duan Qiushu came to Ning An City . Wasn't he at the old home?

"I'm not mistaken, I'm not mistaken . This is the letter you wrote me and the photo we took together . We met when we were children . I couldn't be mistaken . . . " Duan Qiushu seemed flustered and also anxious . He hurriedly fished out a letter and a photo that he kept close to his chest . It was evident that he often looked at them and touched them .

An Yexuan's cold eyes showed a tinge of curiosity before returning back to their usual tranquility . He asked flatly, "Zifu, what's really going on?"

Miao Zifu recovered from her shock as she stared at An Yexuan who was standing beside her . She felt her heart stop as she spoke in a trembling voice, "Yexuan, trust me, I don't know him . I really don't know him . I don't know where he came from to slander me!" Miao Zifu desperately gripped onto An Yexuan's sleeve, as though clutching at a lifesaver .

Duan Qiushu only just realized that there was someone else by their side . Looking at the man's elegance and coolness, his mannerisms almost blinded Duan Qiushu . Reacting almost immediately, he said, "Fu, my flower . Everyone claimed that you had a change of heart and you've fallen for someone else . I didn't believe it, I never believed it . I waited for you for many years, but it's clear to me that you really like someone else now . . . "

In his drunken state, he stepped forward to strangle Miao Zifu .

However, before his hands could even reach Miao Zifu's neck, another hand held them down .

Looking into An Yexuan's icy gaze, he only felt chilled to his core . "If you wish to kill someone, you can only do so with my permission . " At this moment, he thought of Chu Fei'er, whose death constantly crushed his heart . Thus, he refused to see another woman being threatened right before his eyes .

Miao Zifu was terrified and didn't know what to do .

"My flower, you lied to me . Back then I gave up the opportunity to attend university and used my family's fortune to pay for your studies . In your fourth year of university, I left my home to work and couldn't bear to spend money on food and clothes . When you wrote me letters, I would send money to you . . . Ha, ha . I still believed that you would be mine after graduating, but I was the foolish one . . . Ha, ha . . . So you've taken a liking to a wealthy man . " Duan Qiushu's voice was full of sorrow, and even his laughter sounded bitter and mournful .

Onlookers started to gather around, and they seemed to be looking at Miao Zifu with contempt .

With the crowd pointing their fingers at her, she finally snapped out of her shock and hollered, "Nonsense, that's nonsense! I never promised you anything! Stop your nonsense . . . !" No, she couldn't let An Yexuan learn about those details, nor let him believe any of this .

"My flower, no, Miao Zifu . From now on, our relationship is over, and I'm cutting off all ties with you . " With that, Duan Qiushu tossed the letter and photo in his hands onto Miao Zifu's face, before stomping off .

Someone picked up the letter and photo and started reciting it, "Dear Qiushu . . . I really miss you . My yearning for you feels like waves crashing over me . After I graduate . . . our school is organizing a debating event, and I need two thousand yuan . . . "