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Chapter 59

Hearing the words she had written coming from the crowd, Miao Zifu's face turned even paler than white .

"She's the same person in the photo!" Someone else picked up the photo and started to make a comparison .

Suddenly, a man's voice rang out, sounding apprehensive . "I think I've seen this person before in a nightclub!"

A tossed stone raises a thousand ripples . Miao Zifu desperately wanted to search for somewhere to hide . In fear and trepidation, she looked towards An Yexuan . He had remained cool and quiet since the beginning, but his lips were tightly pressed together . Miao Zifu knew that this expression signified that An Yexuan was in a horrible mood .

Suddenly, a middle-aged woman yelled out, "She's taken a liking to a rich young master! No wonder!"

The crowd started jeering and swearing at Miao Zifu, and she was instantly drowning in a pool of criticisms and curses . At that moment she was thrown into a state of confusion and didn't know how to react . She had no clue how things had escalated to this point .

"Yexuan, you must believe me . You must believe that this isn't true . " The more she tried to cover it up, the clearer the truth .

"What did you say? Why would I appear in a nightclub for no reason? You're maliciously slandering me . Are you sick of living?" Pointing at the man who spoke earlier, Miao Zifu hated that she couldn't tear him apart .

"What's wrong? You were shouting so loudly, such a feisty girl . That's right, you showed exactly this temperament . Back then I wanted to drink you with, but you pretended to be haughty . It seems like you really do know how to act . "

Miao Zifu's anger made her lose her mind as she lurched forward to knock him out .

The scene became chaotic and quickly got out of hand . An Yexuan felt his face grew numb and he finally yanked Miao Zifu from within the crowd, hurling her into the car . A police car also arrived shortly after .

After she calmed down, Miao Zifu's body started shivering . What happened to her earlier? She had let An Yexuan see that side of her . No, it shouldn't have been like this .

She did not understand why things had intensified so quickly and within such a short period of time .

"Yexuan . . . " Miao Zifu opened her mouth, terrified .

An Yexuan offered Miao Zifu no chance to speak . He said plainly, "Zifu, I'll send you home . "

Miao Zifu didn't dare to speak anymore but she inwardly started hating on Duan Qiushu . Thinking of Duan Qiushu, she was reminded of that man in the crowd . She had his face imprinted in her head . If she had no other choice, she would make them hold their silence forever .

After dropping off Miao Zifu at her home, An Yexuan was ready to leave . Frightened, Miao Zifu hugged him . "Yexuan, don't go . I'm scared . Please don't leave . "

"Zifu, calm down . I have other matters to deal with . " An Yexuan kept his cool composure throughout her pleas .

Miao Zifu's heart was in utter misery . He had never truly cared about her . If it had happened to Chu Fei'er, he would have already gone on a rampage .

"Yexuan, have you forgotten how Fei'er left us? If you leave this place, I'll burn everything down and end things once and for all . " No matter what happened, she must keep An Yexuan by her side . She was afraid that once An Yexuan left today, she would never see him again .

At the mention of Chu Fei'er, An Yexuan's body froze . After some thought, he strongly flung Miao Zifu away . "Rest . I'll stay here and won't leave . "

An Yexuan didn't leave even during the dead of the night . He stood by the window all night with cigarette butts strewn all over the ground . The faint embers lingered, just like his mind .

The next day, the police came knocking and requested for Miao Zifu . "Someone has sued you for fraud . Miss Miao, please leave with us!"