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Chapter 62

Duan Qiushu stared in shock at the woman before him . This was the person who'd made him persevere with his own beliefs . He'd always pictured her as kind-hearted and pure, but that had all been a lie, and he had been deceived . Now, with her face all contorted, he couldn't stand to look at her any longer . Her gaze was even more sinister .

Duan Qiushu shut his eyes, unable to accept how he'd given up his dreams back then for someone like this .

Back in those days, he and Miao Zifu had made it to university together . He was to attend University A, a prestigious school in Country A, and Miao Zifu registered for University T in Ning An City .

For Miao Zifu's sake, he offered her the money his parents had prepared for his own university fees, giving up his dreams and working diligently instead . He'd wanted to start his own business, but every time he amassed some savings, Miao Zifu would spend the money . Thus, to this day, he hadn't accomplished much .


His mother still wished for him to marry Zifu .

As Miao Zifu's rained her abusive words on Duan Qiushu, he glared at her coldly . "Miao Zifu, let's just say that I was blind back then . In the future, you go and look out for yourself!" With just one sentence, Duan Qiushu stood up to take his leave .

"Duan Qiushu, stop right there! You're too vicious! How could you do this to me? Why don't you go and kill yourself? Go and die . . . !"

"Miao Zifu, watch your manners . I may not have gone to a university, but I know I shouldn't swear so freely!" Duan Qiushu didn't want to linger anymore in this repressive atmosphere; it was almost suffocating .

Miao Zifu's eyes abruptly grew wicked as she cackled and asked, "Duan Qiushu, why don't you like me anymore? I never begged for your affection back then . You're the one who was stupid enough to offer me the opportunity and even gave me money . What can I say? Haha! You were a willing party, so how could I still reject the money . . . ?"

Duan Qiushu clenched his fists firmly by his side as his eyes grew dark . With heavy steps, he left the room .

Miao Zifu was later convicted and then put behind bars . She started panicking as she screamed and yelled, even appearing to have lost her wits . "I want to see An Yexuan, let me see An Yexuan . . . ! He won't abandon me! He'll come and save me . . . ! To everyone treating me like this, he will avenge me . . . ! Do you dare to provoke the An family? Ah . . . I don't want to go in there! Who dares to . . . I want to see An Yexuan . . . " Her maniacal cries rang out from inside .

The few policemen nearby looked at the lunatic before them with contempt . How could anyone have cared about a person like that? In a household like the An family, how could they possibly have allowed this woman to leech off of them?

"Go, Young Master An will not see you . Stay inside to clear your mind . " Everyone pushed Miao Zifu along, showing no mercy in their strength .

Duan Qiushu wandered aimlessly . He didn't know what he should do now, nor did he have the cheek to return and face his mother . Thinking about his elderly parents, he could only feel guilt and pain in his heart . Miao Zifu was right—he'd been too stupid .

Just as he was roaming around, a middle-aged man approached him out of the blue . "Mr . Duan, my mistress would like to have a drink with you . "

Duan Qiushu froze . Seeing a luxurious car nearby, he sneered at himself, "With my looks, how could I still have attracted someone? Sorry, I may be desolate, but I won't have dealings in shady businesses . "

Uncle Liu was taken back, but he quickly smiled . "Mr . Duan, I think you must be mistaken . Our mistress is already married, and she said that she can help you achieve your dreams . If you'd like to reconsider, this is the address . If not, the one suffering a loss won't be my mistress . "