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Chapter 69

Yun Bixue felt the coldness from the recent events dissipate, and she was left with the feeling of warmth in her heart . No matter how much pain she suffered, how desolate and sad she felt, it seemed like he was always just beside her when she turned around .

After locating Yun Bixue, Xie Limo finally felt the pressure lifted off his heart . He called her name from afar, his worried tone sounding somewhat exasperated . In the rain, he ran towards the person who was the cause of his worries .

However, seeing her wide smile as she turned around, his anger dispersed right away and he could only feel his heart ache . Dashing forward, he wrapped her into an embrace . Feeling her ice-cold body, he felt a tender sense of pity for her . "Hey you, it's pouring . Don't you know you should go home?" When he couldn't find her at home, he had been worried sick, afraid that she would endanger her life again .

She hadn't picked up his calls . Finally, he decided to search for her himself personally . He heard that she had gone to the prison to visit someone and then left . He could only drive along the road to comb through the streets . Luckily, he finally found her .

Yun Bixue lovingly leaned into Xie Limo's embrace and deeply breathed in his scent . Her heart became more at peace, and she could hear the anger and frustration in his tone . She knew it was because he cared and couldn't bear to see her like this . Otherwise, who would care about her life or death?

Luckily, regardless of how forlorn she felt, she had someone by her side . She had a home too . Yes, a home .

"Limo, I want to go home . Let's go back to our home!"

Yun Bixue's soft tone sounded slightly teasing, and it tickled Xie Limo's heart like a feather . All his worries simply melted into a quiet sigh . "Yes, let's go home . " It was rare to see his wife show such reliance for him .

Xie Limo lifted up Yun Bixue, carried her into the car and then drove straight home .

Once at home, he sent Yun Bixue to the bathroom for a hot bath, before personally retrieving a change of clothes from the closet .

After her bath, Xie Limo had already prepared dinner and even boiled a sugared ginger drink for her . "Drink the ginger soup first . You were under the rain for so long, don't catch a cold!"

Yun Bixue lowered her head and shuffled to Xie Limo's side . Pinching his sleeves, she asked, "Are you still angry at me?" She had clearly told herself that she would be a good wife, but she seemed to be causing him more trouble instead .

Xie Limo stuck one of his hands in his pocket, and the other lightly knocked on Yun Bixue's forehead . "So stupid, you silly girl . "

Yun Bixue looked up as her eyes sparkled . "Limo, you're not angry anymore?"

Xie Limo walked to the front of the table and picked up the remote control to switch on the air conditioning for the entire house . He then looked at Yun Bixue . "My dear, don't you know why I'm angry?"

Yun Bixue thought for a while and knitted her brows in frustration before shaking her head .

Xie Limo didn't know whether to laugh or cry and his exquisite gaze glittered . "You, you're already an adult, but you still don't know how to take care of yourself . It was such a heavy downpour, but did you not think of going home? Do you want to catch a cold to punish your husband?" If she became sick, it would only make him more concerned and distressed .

Yun Bixue stepped forward and hugged Xie Limo, not knowing how to express how touched and warm she felt . In the past, she had been used to the lack of affection, and it didn't matter to anyone what happened to her . When she felt chilly on rainy days, it only helped to clear up her mind . Earlier, she had almost forgotten that she now had a family and a loving husband who cared about her .

"Limo, I won't do it again in the future . No matter what I encounter next time, I will always return home . "

"Yes, and then?" Xie Limo thought that his wife was poor at managing feelings and emotions . He felt responsible and obliged to toughen her up, to prevent her from being taken advantage of again .