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Chapter 7

Yun Bixue remained outside the building for a couple hours before leaving to wait at the carpark . When it was time to get to work, Su Lenghan turned up at the carpark as expected .

The instant Su Lenghan saw Yun Bixue, his beautiful brows frowned and impatience permeated from his handsome face . Together with his tall and noble figure, it was a sight to behold . "Bixue, must you continue to pester me?"

"Su Lenghan, I have come to you for the last time, and I only have one favor to ask . "

Yun Bixue advanced slowly toward Su Lenghan; her heart could not help but wrench . She felt that she was stepping on her dignity each step of the way, but the burden she carried made it impossible for her to retreat .

Yun Bixue stood in front of Su Lenghan . Looking at his exquisite and beautiful face, she took a deep breath, clenched her fists, and lowered her head slightly . In a soft and gentle voice, she said, "Lenghan, if I told you that only if we were to marry the Yun family would survive this crisis, would you marry me?"

Su Lenghan was shocked . His gentle and refined eyes grew slightly wider and stared intently at Yun Bixue .

It was his first time seeing her being so sweet and gentle . She looked dazzling with the dim light of the carpark cast on her .

He could not keep his heart from shaking at the tenderness she displayed when she lowered her head . At such a close distance, he could even smell the unique fragrance of Yun Bixue's body .

For a moment he was caught in a trance . His hand extended slightly, wanting to embrace her delicate figure .

Suddenly, a mobile ringtone broke the peaceful atmosphere, and Su Lenghan recovered from his trance . He looked at the name displayed on the phone, and his brows narrowed . "Hello . "

"Lenghan, are you still at the carpark? Why haven't you come out yet? It will be rush hour soon . My father just told me that my mother has finished preparing the dishes . "

"Alright, give me a second, I'll be there right away . " Su Lenghan's voice was filled with gentleness, and his tone became more relaxed .

Hanging up, Su Lenghan looked at Yun Bixue and sighed softly, "Bixue, I'm the one to blame here . As you know, I am going to marry Xinyan soon, and nothing can be changed . "

Yu Bixue overheard the conversation, and her face grew pale . "Su Lenghan, don't tell me that you've forgotten all the times we've spent together . Could it be that you've never loved me before?"

Su Lenghan turned away and paused . With his back to Yun Bixue, he said, "Bixue, you know this already . That was just a love affair, but isn't it only normal for people like us? I am very sorry . Please don't look for me again . Xinyan will be upset if you do . "

Yun Bixue stared blankly as Su Lenghan drove away, and felt her entire body become ice cold .

An unknown amount of time passed, and her body became very numb . She took her phone out and called every contact she had, but discovered that no one dared to have any relationship with her, much less talk about marriage .

Finally, a soulless Yun Bixue arrived at the Luxury Emperor's bar . She stood at the bar table, listening to the messy music behind her, and told the bartender, "I'll have an Unparalleled Belle!"

The bartender was stupefied for a while, then looked at Yun Bixue, a bit unsure of what he just heard . The Unparalleled Belle's alcohol content was the highest in the world, and it was very expensive .

Yun Bixue saw the doubt in the bartender's eyes and felt a coldness in her heart . She took out a wad of cash from her bag . "Can you make the drink now?"

The bartender looked at the cash . It was actually not enough . Regardless, he made Yun Bixue's drink expressionlessly .

Yun Bixue downed the drink and soon found herself extremely groggy . She noticed that the bartender didn't make any more for her and snarled, "What's the problem? Are you scared that I don't have enough money? Here, take my card, and continue to make me more Unparalleled Belle . "

Yun Bixue's vision was slightly blurred, and she didn't notice that the card she held was the gold name card .