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Chapter 77

After Su Lengxian snapped out of her shock, she spun around and ran downstairs .

"Miss, Miss . . . " A maid felt that something was wrong and chased after Su Lengxian .

Meng Xinyan stretched out her smooth arms and wrapped them around Su Lenghan's neck . At this moment, her eyes were enchanting, and her skin looked flushed . Her whole body melted into Su Lenghan's embrace .

"Lenghan!" Meng Xinyan's tone turned delicate and impatient .

After Su Lengxian's interruption, Su Lenghan lowered his head and gazed at Meng Xinyan in his arms . However, another distinct figure came to mind, and it was completely different from the person before his eyes .

He shook his head, and his darkly elegant eyes brightened . "Xinyan, get up first . " His voice sounded distant, and it was as if he'd spilled a basin of cold water over Meng Xinyan's head .

Upset, Meng Xinyan raised her eyes and met Su Lenghan's faintly cold gaze . Her heart pounded, and when she regained her calm, she realized that Su Lenghan had maintained his calm and indifferent demeanor ever since she purposefully seduced him . When she finally progressed after much difficulty, Su Lengxian had instead on barging in . She should have locked the door beforehand .

"Lenghan!" Meng Xinyan called out helplessly .

Su Lenghan's heart softened . Standing up, he picked up the clothes laying by the side and put them on her . "Put on your clothes first then come out . I'm worried that something might happen to Lengxian . "

Meng Xinyan nodded . Thinking back to Su Lengxian's earlier expression, she felt odd . Wasn't it normal for Lenghan and her to do this? Instead, Su Lengxian had worn a heartbroken look . Could it be . . .

Meng Xinyan was startled by her own thoughts . She hurriedly put on her clothes and went downstairs .

Su Lengxian had run outside aimlessly . She went straight to a bar and started downing alcohol bottle by bottle .

"Miss, is something making you sad? Perhaps you'd feel better if you vented . " A man stood beside the bartender, and he looked dashing . His voice sounded sweet, and it was pleasing to the ears .

Su Lengxian was initially irritated but seeing the handsome man before her eyes, she chuckled . "Haha . Something making me sad? Who said that something was making me sad? I feel ecstatic . " As she spoke, she gulped down another glass of alcohol .

The suave man narrowed his eyes and picked up the glass beside him . "Since you're happy, I'll drink with you . "

"Ha, who do you think you are, wishing to drink with me? You are not qualified . " Her mind was brimming with thoughts of her brother . She couldn't accept witnessing such a scene at all, but she had no clue why she felt this way .

The bartender laughed . "Miss, this is my friend and not an employee here . He's only here to help me while on a break . He's never shown interest in anyone else besides you, although many people have tried to approach him . He cares about you, and that just shows how special you are . " The bartender especially emphasized these words .

Su Lengxian felt a little tipsy, and her neck was rather sore . The handsome man dipped a towel in alcohol and gently applied it to her neck .

This moment of kindness made her rather dazed . "Elder brother . " With that, she hugged the man by his waist .

"Enough, you're drunk . I'll send you to your room to rest . " As he spoke, he lugged Su Lengxian to a room at the back .

When Yun Bizue left the Luxury Emperor, she boarded the car immediately . Xie Shiyi stepped on the accelerator, and the car took off speedily .

Under the night sky, she could see the lights of the other villas illuminating them from afar . These lights that embodied a sense of home could apparently brighten up her lonely heart in the dark .

Without losing the sharpness in her eyes, she realized that this was now her home . It was no longer a place where the wicked Yun family resided, and there was only warmth left now .

At the lane, Yun Bixue requested for Xie Shiyi to stop the car and to send Yang Mei back . She strolled along the long lane towards the villa, taking one step at a time . Breathing in the fresh air, she dispelled all the depressing thoughts she'd felt today .

After taking just a few steps, she spotted a figure before her . Her body froze, and she paused in her steps . That figure who stood silently at the doorstep was Xie Limo .

Yun Bixue was heartened . Quickening her pace, she walked forward and called out gently, "Limo . "

The moment Xie Limo saw Yun Bixue, his heart felt at ease, and his exquisite face glowed softly . "You're back . "

Yun Bixue nodded vigorously and hooked her arm into Xie Limo's instinctively, "Yes, I'm home . " However, she didn't expect to Xie Limo to feel so cold .

Her heart felt a slight ache . It was already dark and chilly; he must have waited outside for her for a long time .

Xie Limo didn't ask where Yun Bixue had been, neither did Yun Bixue mention it . After entering the house, Xie Limo gently tidied her stray strands of hair . "Look, you're already an adult yet you don't know how to take care of yourself . " His tone sounded mostly affectionate .

Yun Bixue was reminded of Su Lengxian, and she knew that no matter how much she fixed her hair, it would still be messy . She snickered, "There must have been strong winds today, and it messed up my hair . "

Xie Limo ignored her shoddy excuse and started to heat up their ready-made meals . The two ate together, and he then concentrated on preparing documents in his office .

Tomorrow was the day of his inauguration . Every leader of Ning An City would have to make a speech during the ceremony; it was to take responsibility for the citizens of Ning An City as well as to signify the start of their acceptance of him as their leader .

Yun Bixue didn't bother Xie Limo but instead lay on the bed after taking a shower . Her heart felt uneasy, and she finally picked up her phone . "Yang Mei, the arrangements for tomorrow have been settled, right? There won't be any issues, right?"

On the other end, Yang Mei's respectful voice sounded . "Rest assured, Miss . I have sent out three of the Yun family's men of sacrifice . There will also be decommissioned soldiers from the special forces to manage the scene tomorrow . "

"Okay . " Yun Bixue nodded . She knitted her brows, as though something had popped up in her mind, and she continued to instruct her, "No reporters will be allowed inside tomorrow . Search for one or two reliable media outlets and grant them an exclusive interview . " It would be a live telecast tomorrow, and she couldn't afford to take things lightly .

"Okay . "

"What's the situation with the royal families?"

"It was initially an impenetrable collusion, but because of what happened tonight, they've lost their focus . They definitely won't accomplish their goals tomorrow . " Yang Mei provided Yun Bixue with the latest updates .

After enquiring on other matters and ensuring that everything was in place, Yun Bixue finally drifted to sleep .

After daybreak, Yun Bixue woke up to use the bathroom . As she opened her eyes slowly, she realized that no one was lying on the bed beside her . She flicked on the lights in a daze and then walked towards the study room .

At the study room entrance, she noted Xie Limo was still hard at work . She said while yawning, "Sleep earlier . You have a battle to fight tomorrow . "

When Xie Limo lifted his head, he was met with such a sight—a beautiful and alluring woman was wearing an eye mask and pajamas with panda prints . She looked adorable, and his heart instantly softened . It was as if all his fatigue had dispersed because of her .

He felt a tickle in his heart as he approached Yun Bixue and grabbed her by the waist . "Why aren't you resting well? You're just like a kitten . " He caressed her hair as he spoke .

"Ouch~" Yun Bixue's head was still too sore, and she couldn't help but cry out .