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Chapter 8

Upon seeing the gold name card, the bartender turned pale . "Miss, rest assured! I will make you the drink immediately!" His tone became polite .

This time, the bartender concocted the ordered drink earnestly and sincerely .

When Yun Bixue desired a drink, the bartender complied .

Inadvertently, she became drunk . In her drowsy state of mind, Yun Bixue could only feel her body settling on a large cozy bed .

In an opulent presidential suite .

As Xie Limo exited the bathroom in his bathrobe, he noticed a woman lying on his posh big bed . His captivating eyes squinted slightly as he glared coldly at her .

The lady seemed to have had one too many; strong alcohol scents emitted from in between her breaths . The corners of Xie Limo's cherry blossom pink lips arched . He could tell she was a stunning beauty just from her scent . Such a gutsy woman, a gutsy woman who dares to drink .

Ever since he turned fifteen, countless others had tried endlessly to offer him women, but to no avail . He had never been agreeable to their doing . He had, however, not expected someone to act on their own accord in Ning An City .

Xie Limo sat by the bed and observed the woman laying next to him . Her long silk-like hair concealed her face, but her figure was enticing . Her skin glowed lightly and was delicate like snow . Her blouse opened slightly, exposing her exquisite collarbone and emitting a glamorous radiance .

Xie Limo turned his charming gaze away, radiating a mysterious aura . His lips curled slightly into an ambiguous smirk, carrying a hint of self-contempt . She was indeed a beauty . It was a pity that he had never wavered .

While Xie Limo was lost in his thoughts, Yun Bixue was still struggling in her sleep . As if in heart-wrenching pain and loneliness, she removed the jacket scattered across her body and shook her head restlessly . She appeared to be having a nightmare .

As Xie Limo recognized her face, his intricate features twisted slightly and his eyes glistened . "So it was you!" His voice sounded low and dull and his emotions enigmatic .

Just as he was about to rise from the bed, he noticed her tears dried after crying ceaselessly . Nestled in the bed multiple times larger, it contrasted against her small and fragile frame, emphasizing the paleness in her face . Due to her disturbed sleep, her eyelashes were damp with tears .

After much deliberation, Xie Limo used his slender fingers to wipe away Yun Bixue's tears . "Stop crying . " His voice was melodious and was seemingly comfortingly in itself .

Yun Bixue dreamed of her grandfather, of how her affectionate grandfather had stayed by her side during her childhood . However, just as he flashed a smile, he abruptly vanished .

Yun Bixue lunged forward, trying to grab him . "Grandfather, don't leave Nuan Nuan . . . Nuan Nuan will be obedient . . . "

Accompanying the despondency in her words, Yun Bixue's tears gushed out endlessly, unable to be dried .

Xie Limo gently pursed his cherry red lip, fixing his gaze on Yun Bixue . A hint of sympathy flashed across his alluring eyes . "Be good, I won't leave . Have a good rest . " His tone was low yet enchanting .

Appearing to be reassured, Yun Bixue finally calmed down in her slumber . She stopped crying, and her sleeping face turned sweet and pure, a face one would not disturb .

Seeing that Yun Bixue had settled, Xie Limo rose to look out the window . Looking down at the cars in the alleyways, his eyes swiftly turned cold . After much thought, he gave a devilish smirk .

Subsequently, he dialed a private number . "Check everything that transpired today . Regardless of importance, I want a thorough search!"