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Chapter 85

Hearing his wife defend him to such an extent, Xie Limo found his mood improving tremendously . He hugged her even tighter, his arms enveloping her closely . "My wife is defending her husband so passionately, I feel so happy . "

Yun Bixue extended her finger and poked Xie Limo's chest lightly . "You're my husband . It's only natural that I'll defend you . I am someone who doesn't allow others to attack my loved ones . No one can hurt my family . "

Xie Limo looked at her childish demeanor, and his heart almost melted . He said lovingly, "Yes, I am your family . " It wasn't a bad feeling at all .

Ever since they collected their marriage certificates, his wife had constantly been showering him with surprises . As a result, he too started to anticipate good things to come in their marriage .

Yun Bixue lay contently in Xie Limo's embrace . Listening to his heartbeat, she said softly, "Limo, to tell you the truth, other than Grandfather, there's no one else I consider as family in the Yun household . " Since her confrontation with Old Lady Shen, what little semblance of a family she had with them had been erased .

Xie Limo silently sighed . Caressing her head, he said, "I know . " He knew that his wife had endured a lot of hardship in the past, so he tried to give her all the love, care, and warmth that he could .

"In the future, I will be your family, and no one can hurt you . " He would shoulder everything for her, and rid her of all her loneliness and sorrow .

"Oh yes, Limo, regarding the He family, what's your plan? We can't let them get off so easily . Yes, we need to take things one step at a time to tackle the schemes of those rich families, but we should first make an example of the He family to intimidate the rest of them," Yun Bixue said coldly . After all she'd been through, she had long since grown out of her innocent way of thinking . She understood that given the current circumstances, she needed to be ruthless .

"Rest easy . The He family is finished for good this time, and the Shen family's plan will fail . Since the He family has to surrender their mining portfolio to the government, that will cut off one of the Shen family's sources of financial income . We need to keep in mind that we have someone important in the Shen family . As long as he helps us, the Shen family has no chance to turn the tables on us . "

Yun Bixue thought for a while, frowning . Confused, she asked, "You're talking about Old Master Shen's illegitimate son—the third son, Shen Wenluo? Isn't he on the Shen family's side?"

Xie Limo raised his eyebrows . His expression was calm and relaxed as he clarified, "The word is that he's an illegitimate son, but what if he isn't Old Master Shen's son? What will come of it then?" He was steadily guiding his wife's sharpness and wit, believing that with time, she would be able to protect herself without his interference .

No matter how ruthless she did things, as long as he has her back, no one would dare to say otherwise .

Yun Bixue's eyes brightened . "You're saying that there's a huge likelihood that . . . Shen Wenluo's father isn't Old Master Shen?" If that were true, it would be the best-case scenario .

Both Old Master Shen and the Old Lady Shen at her house were at the core, cruel and ruthless people . They would stop at nothing for their goals . She suspected that Old Lady Shen was involved with both Grandfather's hospitalization as well as the Yun family's matters . Despite marrying into the Yun family, this old woman's heart had always been with the Shen family .

All these years, the Shen family had used this vicious Old Lady Shen to take advantage of the Yun family for their own benefits .

Yun Bixue seemed to realize something and said, "Limo, I saw Shen Jingcui at the Luxury Emperor the other day . That woman is something else . "

Yun Bixue bringing up this matter reminded Xie Limo of what Manager Sun reported to him on that day . He rubbed his forehead resignedly, and sighed softly, "That day, weren't you afraid of getting injured?"

Yun Bixue understood what he was talking about . Shaking her head, she said, "I'm not afraid . At the time, I only wished to end them all in one stroke . They dared to sabotage you behind your back, and thus, they are my enemies . "

"According to Manager Sun, the situation that day was extremely messy, and he had a hard time cleaning things up . You were very fierce . " Despite what he was saying, Xie Limo's tone was filled with love and indulgence .

Yun Bixue blinked . "Weren't you at the scene? That's why I wasn't afraid . I just wanted to teach them a lesson and didn't care for anything else . "

Xie Limo looked at Yun Bixue's adorable demeanor and couldn't resist kissing her on the forehead . "You've done well, my dear . In the future, no matter what you do, know that you don't need to worry . Your husband will back you up . " He wondered what Su Lenghan was thinking when he chose Miss Meng over Yun Bixue .

Yet he was also glad that he was the one who encountered the unpolished gem when others could not identify it . His wife was practically a treasure . The more he learned about her, the more he found her suitable .

When Xie Liu went to visit Young Master Xie, he heard his laughter from outside the study room . Xie Liu felt a little emotional . Ever since Young Master Xie started spending time together with Young Madam, the young master had started smiling much more often .

Xie Limo immediately detected the slight change in the atmosphere due to Xie Liu's presence . "Xie Liu, come in!"

Yun Bixue was feeling sleepy, so she left the study room to the two of them .

Su Lenghan hadn't returned to the Su family villa in a long time . Seeing him home today, his mother was delighted . "Lenghan, you've returned!"

"Mother, has your condition improved? I'm sorry that I didn't visit you when you were hospitalized . "

Looking at her haggard son, his mother felt a lump in her throat . "Lenghan, I know it's been tough for you out there . I don't want to imagine what would become of the Su family if you weren't here . "

"Mother, looking after the Su family is my responsibility . I wouldn't call it tough . I only wish for your good health . "

Looking at the tiredness on Su Lenghan's face, his mother felt a bit worried . She tried to probe, "Lenghan, I know that the Meng family has chosen to keep their hands away from the matter this time . Could it be that Miss Meng has been avoiding you as well?"

Looking at his mother's concerned expression, Su Lenghan couldn't bear to lie to her . He remained silent .

His mother sighed softly and said, "Sigh, since you've chosen your path, you should follow it through . All women like to hear nice things . I've met with Miss Meng that one time, and I believe that she does indeed have feelings for you . You should take some time away from the company and be with her . Things could turn out for the better that way . "

Su Lenghan's elegant eyebrows frowned slightly . After a moment, he asked calmly, "Mother, do you think that I made the wrong decision?"

His mother knew that he was talking about the Yun family and the Meng family . She gently patted the back of his hand and said, "Lenghan, you did the right thing . Given the Yun family's circumstances at the time, it was the right decision to choose the Meng family . I know that you did this for the sake of the Su family . However, looking at it now, looking at how tired you are, I think your responsibilities to the Su family has been restricting your freedom . If it weren't for the Su family, maybe you would still be together with Yun Bixue . She's a good girl . "

"Mother, my feelings for Xinyan are true . " He was sure that his heart had chosen Xinyan . The Yun family bankruptcy might have had a part to play in his choice, but the main reason was that he felt that Meng Xinyan was talented, good-looking, gentle, and charming . It was easy for him to fall for her .

However, now that his mother asked him, everything he'd once felt became faint . He could no longer discern what his feelings were back then .