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Chapter 9

After ending the call, Xie Limo stood in front of the window . Staring intently at the night sky, his thoughts tumbling and his emotions indiscernible .

After some deliberation, Xie Limo turned around, looking at the purse and document scattered by the bedside expectantly . His eyes glimmered with serenity .

Withdrawing his apathetic demeanor, he bent down to retrieve both the purse and document . Just as he was about to stash the document away in the purse, he noticed the words on it . He paused momentarily before opening the document . The corner of his upturned lips drooped solemnly, as he stored the document safely in the purse .

When Yun Bixue awakened, she felt an excruciating pain in her head, and her body was agonizingly sore . Prying open her eyes, she found herself lying in a foreign and luxurious house . Terror washed over her as she remained in a daze . A trace of confusion flashed across her dazzling eyes .

She remembered feeling depressed, and going to the Luxury Emperor Bar to drown her sorrows, but had no recollections after that .

The more she thought, the paler she turned, and the more pensive her mood .

"Are you up?" A low and canorous voice rang in her ears .

Yun Bixue looked to her side, where she saw a man as divine as a rose sitting gracefully .

As she pulled herself together, her eyes widened in shock . "It's you?!" It was the man who had helped her at Luxury Emperor Ballroom that day . He should be Xie Limo .

Xie Limo's polished eyebrows raised lightly, radiating charm and enchantment . His striking good looks almost blinded Yun Bixue . "That's great, you still remember me!"

"I was at my lowest that day, and it was you who saved me . I would never forget that . " Yes, the affection she had received since childhood had been minimal . Even a minuscule act of kindness would hence be kept close to her heart . How could she ever forget it?

Xie Limo's charismatic eyes glistened faintly as he watched Yun Bixue . His eyes were like black vortices, seemingly capable of sucking others in .

Yun Bixue turned away from the enchanter . She thought the man in front of her effortlessly emanated an alluring aura; little would be able to resist his charms .

"Okay, since you have woken up, get off the bed . It's time for breakfast . " Xie Limo had spoken with such elegance that it had made his request sound natural, causing Yun Bixue to be briefly mistaken that they were a couple, and he had been tenderly rousing her .

Alarmed by such a thought, Yun Bixue shook her head and laughed at herself mockingly . She had been through so much, how could she still think of such gibberish?

As she regained her composure, Yun Bixue questioned, "Where am I now? Why am I here? Did something happen last night?" Even though she knew Xie Limo was imperturbable and courtly, she still felt precarious .

"You asked so many questions at a time, which one should I answer first?" Although he had answered casually, his line of sight focused on the "Voice of the City" newspaper within his hands, a somber tone amidst all his grace . They say men who are concentrating hard at work are the most attractive—this adage was indeed correct .

Yun Bixue bit on her lips, her complexion turning pale and her eyes harbored profound sorrow . Since nobody had been willing to marry her, the document in her hands would not be endorsed .

She knew neither what her next steps were, nor whether there could be any reversals . Does this mean that she would only be manipulated in the future? No . . . She undoubtedly did not want that .

Xie Limo felt Yun Bixue's silence and subtly lifted his head . He detected the change in her expressions and his heart stirred . "Enough, stop overthinking . I foresee a formidable task ahead, so you should have some food first . There is milk offered in this room, and I have already warmed it up for you and placed it on the table . I hung your purse on the clothes hanger . "