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Chapter 90

The kiss may not seem sweet, but it was intense . It was as though Su Lenghan was trying to vent his feelings, and Meng Xinyan tried to accommodate him . It appeared as if this was the only way for him to express his feelings deep down .

In a moment, the kiss ignited the fire within them, and they quickly abandoned themselves to passion . Unknowingly, they started discarding their clothes . Su Lenghan's cold aura also turned fiery, and he picked up Meng Xinyan, who was slightly panting . Opening the office door, it led to a resting place that had a bed . He placed Meng Xinyan down and hovered over her .

As he looked down at this beautiful woman, another person's silhouette flashed across his mind instead . He frowned and shook his head, erasing Yun Bixue's figure from his mind, and then leaned down to kiss Meng Xinyan .

Panting noises sounded continuously, as though a woman was moaning . The door blocked out all the sounds of lustful passion behind it .

After it was over, Su Lenghan sat down, and his gaze had turned cold . After lighting up a cigarette, the smoke lingered around as if it could soothe him .

He had just experienced something deeply joyous, yet why did his heart still feel lonely and empty? It was as if it could never be filled up and even contained a tinge of irritation .

Meng Xinyan was exuding an air of contentment . As she watched Su Lenghan sitting while smoking, she purred, "Lenghan!" Her tone was brimming with endless ecstasy—she was obviously satisfied with what just happened .

She knew that he was perfect in every way . This was her man, and after performing that deed together, nothing could ever make her feel uneasy again .

In the past, she had attempted to seduce him . However, Su Lenghan always appeared indifferent and reserved, and it made her feel helpless .

However, she hadn't expected that to happen earlier . She knew that he still loved her . Her mother was right—by playing hard to get, he would eventually become more devoted .

While Meng Xinyan was daydreaming, Su Lenghan turned back and glanced at her, then gently caressed her cheeks . "Sleep for a while . I'll wake you up when it's time for dinner . "

Meng Xinyan flashed him a flirtatious smile . "Lenghan, will you accompany me?"

"Be good . I still have a lot of documents to deal with in the office . There have been too many things going on recently, and I've been swamped . You rest first . "

As she listened to Su Lenghan's gentle tone, Meng Xinyan had no other thoughts and nodded . She had indeed felt tired, and her body was sore . However, it was all worth it .

Putting on his clothes, Su Lenghan had wanted to start on his work, but the office door suddenly swung open . "Elder Brother, I—"

Initially, Su Lengxian had been feeling guilty and sorry towards her elder brother, and she entered the building wearing a cap . After all, she possessed a Su Family Organization VIP card too . She'd also secretly made a copy of his set of keys when he wasn't paying attention .

To avoid being exposed, she came in stealthily . However, a thick air of passion permeated the office, and she was unfamiliar with this scent .

Her expression changed drastically . She looked at her elder brother, whose gaze was locked onto that door . Who was this shameless sl*t who dared to seduce her brother in the office?

Su Lengxian had forgotten her purpose in coming here, and she bolted towards that door without a care .

Su Lenghan snapped out of his shock and realized that this person was his sister, Su Lengxian . He had been searching for her for so long . Seeing that she was quickly heading towards the door, he strode forward . Just before Su Lengxian opened the door, he grabbed her hand . "Lengxian, what are you doing?"

"Elder Brother, I want to see which sl*t just dared to seduce you! Elder Brother, this is an office!" After experiencing that incident, Su Lengxian now looked sinister, and even her words contained animosity and a feeling of menace .