Rise of Destruction - Chapter 8

Published at 7th of January 2019 04:59:44 PM

Chapter 8

Climbing on the rope Amon felt his hands itching which made him grit his teeth . The rope came out from his bag and he was using it to make his own way for in and out of the underground Temple .

After getting out from the fire cave Amon inspected the other three caves and found out that they all had arts painted on the wall, but the floor was different . One had water, another had rocky terrain while the final one had a cold floor, with a few winds coming now and then .

The three doors close to these caves seemed to be a weaponry, library and medicine storage . Sadly everything was burned and left to degrade with time itself .


Cleaning his hands Amon looked at the hole from which he came . Looking around he saw many trees close in the perimeter . There were no monkeys around which made him happy .

The trees here were very high but there were fruits at a height at which Amon was able to climb up to . In fact, he was already climbing a very tall and wide tree which had fruits on it .

He had many bruises on his body but he finally managed to climb at a good height . Picking up the fruits he stored them in the bag which he emptied earlier . It had only four fruits which were head sized grapefruits and this wasn't even 1/4 of the capacity being used but sadly, he couldn't climb more . He decided to find another tree after his food ran out .

Just as he was about to start climbing down, he heard a stick cracking noise which attracted his attention . Looking from where this sound came from, Amon saw a hole in the wide tree, a few branches above him . He even saw the tail of a monkey .

Licking the place at which he used to have a tooth, Amon decided to take a risk . No risk, no win . It was hard to climb but after half an hour he was there . His only weapon right now were his fists .

'One . . two . . three!'

Rushing inside, he was prepared to kill the monkey with his fists but when he saw what was inside he changed his mind . Two monkeys were eating their fruits while their sharp pointy sticks were left leaning on the wall close to the entrance . One monkey saw Amon and was about to scream but Amon quickly hit its head with the stick following with a kick in its belly which send the monkey flying .

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The other monkey was chewing something and couldn't scream . Amon with shaky hands penetrated its chest with the stick . The monkey died with a ferocious expression which Amon imprinted in his mind .

Looking at his shaky hands he calmed down and went for the other stick . Picking it he went towards the other beaten monkey . It looked him ferociously as Amon stabbed its heart .

Amon calmed down and inspected the cave . It was his first kill in this lifetime but that's not what made his hands shaky . It was the fear of failing and getting killed . In a matter of fact, it happened in the span of ten seconds but his hands were sweaty, very sweaty .

Not wasting any more time he opened his bag and stored all the fruits that the monkeys had gathered . Coming back underground, he ate a whole melon after which he made a few torches and lighted up this place a bit .

Opening the autobiography of Undying Flame Tony he started reading it slowly . It took him a whole day to read it but he finally knew who was Tony and what was his final creation .

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The cave with the coals was called the Flame Cave and the Corpus Battle Temple allowed only its best fire elemental disciples to train the [Everburning Flame Mantra] in there .

As for Tony, he was the second son of a wealthy merchant and also a battle frenzy monk who built this Temple with his sworn battle brothers . Sadly they all died and the reason was unknown, for now at least .

Looking at the last fifteen pages Amon was amazed . It was a circulating method at the Fundamental Stage which was four stages above Amon's level . [Everburn Flame Mantra] absorbed fire energy and tempered the body at the same time . It also included the opening of various energy channels and skills like [Flame Breath] and [Fire Claw] . Plus the flames it created could hardly be put to an end . Not everlasting but it was still enough for Amon .

While reading those notes and experiences of Tony Montana, he understood his level of cultivation . The Initial stage was about making three mana rings, while Amon himself hadn't even created one ring yet . He had mana but he wasn't even considered to be at the first stage .

Another thing he understood that it was very hard to increase your spirit level as Tony himself described how hard it was to reach the middle of the Fundamental stage at the age of 72 .

Amon was so excited at the start but now he was a bit afraid for his future . It was written that at the Fundamental Stage lifespan increases by fifty years .

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'Lifespan increase is good but it is very hard to reach this stage . . . Nothing is free'

Deciding not to pay attention to this, for now, he began reading the instructions for the [Everburn Flame Mantra] . New to him hand seals and breathing technique .

His days were meant to pass in this way as he continued to practise the hand seals and breathing technique . It took him a week to start and it was time for him to enter the Flame Cave .

Entering, he saw that the coal floor was still ignited . There was no sign of the fire going down, rather it was becoming even hotter . Standing at the end of the coal and stone border, Amon started using the [Everburn Flame Mantra] .

'What the . . . this is so . . . GOOD!'