Rise of Humanity - Chapter 772

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Chapter 772

Zhong Yue carefully examined the types of Dao contained in the Innate Dao Fruits . There was the Innate Celestial Qi, the Innate Demon Qi, and both of the two could each be divided into another nine streams of equally powerful yet different Daos .

He also saw the Innate Five Elemental Qi that was further divided into five types, if he could attain all five of the Innate Five Elemental Qi’s Innate Dao Fruits, his attainments in the Dao of Five Elements would improve tremendously . But it was a pity that he could only choose one fruit .

Then, there was the Dao fo Yin Yang that was divided into nine types, each of which was able to propel his Innate Tai Yang Qi or Innate Tai Yin Qi to the extreme .

There was also nine types of Innate Lightning Qi, containing the ultimate art of the Dao of Lightning .

Other than that, there were also nine types of Innate Dao Fruits of the Dao of Time, Space, Life and Destruction, Changes, Emotions; four types of Dao of Myriad .

Zhong Yue counted a total of 99 Innate Dao Fruits, any one of them contained boundless knowledge . One Innate Dao Fruit alone was enough to propel him further in his path of cultivation extensively .

But if he was looking at reaping the most benefit from it, the best option would be to chose from the Dao of Yin, Yang, Celestial, Demon, Lightning, and Changes . If he intended to seek more innate Qi, he would have to look at the other selections, such as the Dao of Time or Dao of Space that could help him in his cultivation of the [Time Light Spatial Crystal Mystic Scripture] .


Or maybe I should choose the Dao of Yi, after all, Fuxi resembled the Yi, changes .


Zhong Yue carefully inspected the nine Innate Dao Fruits of the Dao of Yi and pondered deeply . Then, he nodded and reached for one of the nine fruits, before suddenly stopping again just inches away from plucking the Innate Dao Fruit down from the tree .

Zhong Yue pulled back his hand and looked down at the roots of the Innate Dao Tree in the soils . The soil was formed from Chaotic Qi and served as the nutrients to the Innate Dao Tree .

“Xin Huo, how about the Chaotic Qi?” Zhong Yue’s eyes were blinking in rays as he asked .

“That’s some super valuable treasures!” Xin Huo said excitedly, “The Chaotic Qi is one of the best gifts of the universe . It is the primordial Qi that has existed since the birth of the universe . Even the Innate Dao Tree can only bear the Innate Dao Fruits after being nurtured with Chaotic Qi! But Chaotic Qi is incredibly rare nowadays, perhaps this is the only place that has it in all of the 3,000 Six Paths World… What are you doing!?”

Zhong Yue was drawing out the twin divine sabers and merged them into a lightning furnace . He then cast the [Desolate Lightning Heavenly Furnace Scripture] at the Chaotic Qi, trying to refine it into the furnace!

Xin Huo was speechless, he quickly said, “Brat Yue, are you not afraid of death! This is the Innate Dao Tree’s nutrients, if Lei Zhe knows that you are plundering his tree’s nutrients, he’ll absolutely end your life!”

Zhong Yue acted like he didn’t hear Xin Huo and continued regardless, “How can he not know what am I doing here? This is his territory . He very well knows what I am doing, but he isn’t stopping me . Clearly, he has tacitly agreed to it . Woah, it’s heavy!”

It was just a small surge of the Chaotic Qi that the lightning furnace absorbed yet it showed signs of returning back into twin sabers!


Zhong Yue was shocked and Xin Huo gave a cold sneer, “The Chaotic Qi is much heavier than the weight of the White Luminant Gold . A surge of it is heavy enough to shatter your soul weapon, even your mortal body cannot withstand it at all! None of your treasures will be…”

Then, Zhong Yue took out the Heaven Origin Reincarnation Mirror and asked Xin Huo to take the place of the mirror spirit . With that, he kept another surge of Chaotic Qi in the Heaven Origin Reincarnation Mirror .

“Stop! Not anymore!” Xin Huo watched as the Chaotic Qi entered the Heaven Origin Reincarnation Mirror and shuddered the continent in the mirror to the verge of crumbling and he shouted, “Any more will crush the mirror!”

It was only then Zhong Yue stopped, he scratched his head and a few moments later, his eyes brightened up and took out a shabby copper lamp .

Xin Huo immediately snapped, “That is my house!”

Zhong Yue winked his eyes, “The oil’s finished . ”

“I know, but that is my house!”

“There’s no more oil in it . ”

“BRAT, I’ll kill you!”

As he watched the Chaotic Qi flow into the copper lamp, Xin Huo’s heart would ache every time he saw the lights in the galaxy inside of the lamp extinguishing under the weights of the Chaotic Qi .

“The Chaotic Qi is really heavy, many times heavier than the White Luminant Gold . If I can use it as a crafting material…”

The thought flashed by his mind and he shook at it . If he forged even a small surge of the Chaotic Qi into divine sabers, they would grow too heavy for him to even wield .

“But regardless, it’s good stuff . ”

He continued casting the copper lamp and sucked the Chaotic Qi into it . One must say, although the copper lamp was shabby, it could contain much larger capacity of Chaotic Qi in it than the Heaven Origin Reincarnation Mirror . Even after half of the galaxy in it was destroyed, the copper lamp was still able to take in more .

“Lei Zhe isn’t stopping me, seems like he doesn’t really care about the Chaotic Qi . If that’s the case, then I guess I will just keep it all . ” Zhong Yue mumbled to himself .

It was at that moment, the Chaotic Qi billowed vigorously and shocked Zhong Yue . Then, the Innate Dao Tree beside him suddenly uprooted itself, scooped all of the Chaotic Qi away with its branches and bolted away!

The Innate Dao Tree’s leaves wavered in the breeze, its branches and roots carrying the Chaotic Qi with the bigger roots moving like legs allowing it to run away from the shameless thief .

Zhong Yue quickly tucked the copper lamp into his Yuan Shen secret realms, he lunged forward and held himself onto one of the many roots .


Pak, pak, pak—


The Innate Dao Tree’s branches lashed on his back and butt like whips, creating long and deep wounds on him .

Yet, Zhong Yue gritted his teeth, not wanting to let go no matter what . Even when the branches had lashed on his hands, forcing him to let go . But his lower body abruptly turned into a snake tail and clung back on the tree .

“Xin Huo, quick, take the rest of the Chaotic Qi!”

The copper lamp hovered in the center of Zhong Yue’s six light wheels behind him, Xin Huo flew out from his forehead and unwillingly opened the lamp lid .




A tree branch was lashed out at Xin Huo and it infuriated the already moody little flame, “You dare to hit me!? Fine then, I’ll make you regret your actions!”

The furious little flame shouted, he cast Zhong Yue’s arcane energy and just before the copper lamp’s power was unleashed, a leaf from the Innate Dao Tree flew down and wrapped him in it . Xin Huo exclaimed in shock as he fell to the ground along with the tree leaf .

Then, another leaf from the tree flew toward Zhong Yue along with tens of tree branches lashing at him . Zhong Yue’s snake tail slithered him away from the leaf as he cast the copper lamp in another attempt to steal the Chaotic Qi from the Innate Dao Tree’s ‘hands’ .

All of a sudden, a loud cracking noise rumbled in his ears and he saw the Innate Dao Tree sever its own root . It was the root that Zhong Yue was holding onto . The tree then flashed away from his vision within seconds .

Zhong Yue was dumbfounded, he subconsciously tucked the Innate Dao Tree’s root into the copper lamp and shouted later, “I’ve reached to this level, it is my right to be rewarded with an Innate Dao Fruit, but why are you running when I haven’t gotten one yet?”

The Innate Dao Tree stopped for a second, Zhong Yue was overjoyed and rushed toward it with the copper lamp brimming in energy . All of a sudden, he saw the Innate Dao Tree curling on one of the Innate Dao Fruits and tossed it over in great force .




The Innate Dao Fruit landed right on the Zhong Shan Clan young man’s head, causing his face to sink in as if the fruit was embedded on it . The impact force was so strong that he fell onto the ground with his legs twitching .

On the other end, Innate Dao Tree was waving its leaves, branches and roots as if it was dancing happily, celebrating Zhong Yue’s tragedy before dashing away .

Moments later, Zhong Yue dug the Innate Dao Fruit out of his face and spat out the broken teeth and recovered his face . He mumbled, “What a stingy and unwelcoming tree…”

“Brat Yue, save me!” Xin Huo was heard shouting for help .

Zhong Yue quickly rushed over to the little flame who was still curled by the leaf . Xin Huo was just in fundamental, a form of energy; yet, the Innate Dao Tree’s leaf was able to curl him in, it seems like even the leaf itself was a precious treasure .

“Don’t worry!” Zhong Yue comforted Xin Huo . He took out the copper lamp and kept Xin Huo and the leaf into it . Then, he closed the lid to cut off the leaf and the tree’s connection, only after that did the leaf lay flat again .

Zhong Yue opened the lamp lid and Xin Huo flashed out of the copper lamp before coming to rest on Zhong Yue’s shoulder .

Zhong Yue heaved a breath, “Another leaf earned . ”

“This old tree, what a stingy tree!” the little flame had his hands on his waist and condemned .

“Yes, yes, it is a stingy tree!” Zhong Yue nodded in assentation .

“Brat Yue, work harder and make a pureblood Fuxi heir . Then, we’ll bring him over and plunder all of the stingy tree’s Chaotic Qi with nothing left behind for it! Oh yes, let’s not forget to take away all of the Innate Dao Fruits as well!”


All of a sudden, the 81st level Lei Zhe was dispersed and Zhong Yue found himself left powerless in the high sky, he couldn’t cast any flying skills or even his arcane energy at all . As a result, he crashed into the ground like a falling comet .




In front of the Ancient Lei Zhe Realm, the old clan master stared at the huge crater in front of him with his mouth agape . Seconds later, his old and hoarse voice asked, “Cousin brother, are you alright?”

“I’m fine . ” Zhong Yue climbed out from the deep crater, he replied mumbly .

Old clan master kept silent for a few moments, then he asked, “Did you manage to surpass the 81st level?”

Zhong Yue nodded . Then the old Lei Zhe clan master grew silent again . After a long time, he couldn’t conceal his doubt anymore and asked, “Back then, if there were any Fuxi that has made it to the 81st level, they would all descend in a grand and glorious manner . Why did cousin brother…”

Zhong Yue’s face blushed like a red tomato as he answered, “I think I’ve been played by the old tree, it intentionally suppressed my prowess and made me fall from the sky . ”

“The Innate Dao Tree… played you?” Old clan master asked, “Why would it ever do that?”

The young man immediately shut his mouth and no matter how hard the old clan master tried to get him to talk, Zhong Yue kept his lips sealed .

In the Zi Wei Galaxy, King Zi Guang had finally returned and reported his findings to the Imperial Emperor, he said, “Imperial Emperor, the Zhong Shan Clan member is truly a Fuxi rebel . I’ve checked thoroughly and gathered solid evidence . He is currently imprisoned in the Heaven Origin Reincarnation Mirror of the Bo Luo Six Paths World, watched by Realm Monarch Bo Luo . ”

The Imperial Emperor nodded, “Bring the evidence, I will present it to the Goddess . ”

King Zi Guang immediately handed out the recordings of Zhong Yue changing from his human form to the Fuxi True Form . With evidence in hand, the Imperial Emperor brought it to Goddess Shen Hou .

Goddess Shen Hou laughed, “So he is a Fuxi rebel . Then, just do what you need to, there’s no need to ask me . ”

The Imperial Emperor immediately excused himself and returned to the palace with a piece of shocking news, “The Zhong Shan Clan member has been saved by the rebels . ”

King Zi Guang was shocked, while the Imperial Emperor smiled in reply, “The Goddess is unflustered, so she must have known that he was safe . In a few days time, there will be news of it coming from the lower realms . ”