Rise of Humanity - Chapter 773

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Chapter 773: 773

King Zi Guang felt rather dubious about the Imperial Emperor’s claim, he hesitated for a few moments and said, “I met Jiang Yiqi on my way back, he was still heading for the lower realms . When he met me, he told me he had some business at the Lei Zhe Continent . Now looking back at it, he must’ve been hiding something…”

The Imperial Emperor, however, was nonchalant, “It was the Nong Sovereign that ordered him to the lower realms, most probably for that little human disciple of his . Nong Sovereign plotted for tens of thousand years for the rise of humanity, and he is now at the twilight of his life . Jiang Yiqi is most likely heading to the lower realms to smoothen out roadblocks for the little boy’s future . But the humans are no Fuxi, there is no need to worry too much about them . ”

King Zi Guang heaved a breath of relief . After all, Jiang Yiqi and King Zi Guang had been friends since they were young; although they hailed from different races, King Zi Guang didn’t want to antagonize Jiang Yiqi in any way .

“After Nong Sovereign’s death, the next Human Sovereign must be delicately chosen . ” Rays flashed across Imperial Emperor Xian Tian’s eyes as he mumbled, “Nong Sovereign’s time is up soon . He is the Human Sovereign and taking advantage of the protections from some of the ancient existences, he’s made many decisions against my will . When he is alive, I have to tread carefully when dealing with the humans, but after he is dead, I naturally don’t have to worry anymore . The next Human Sovereign must be someone that I can control . ”

King Zi Guang’s heart throbbed, he asked softly, “My Highness, you mean…”

“Under the next sovereign, the humans will remain as slaves and livestock, there will have no more shady business happening under my nose . ”

The Imperial Emperor smiled, “In the past years, I’ve nurtured a few human leaders of my own . After Nong Sovereign, those I’ve been commanding will finally come into place, they will rise and fight for the throne to ultimately hand humanity’s fate over to me . And as we speak, the only trouble in my plan is none other than your precious friend, Jiang Yiqi . ”

King Zi Guang’s face changed drastically, he slammed to the ground and kowtowed at Imperial Emperor Xian Tian, “I plead My Majesty to spare his life!”

The Imperial Emperor casually waved his hand and asked the king to stand, “Be at ease, as for if he knows his place and does only what he is allowed to, I will naturally leave him be . However, it is impossible that I will let him become the next Human Sovereign . The next time you meet him, deliver my will to him and make him back off . ”

Only then did King Zi Guang stand up and bow toward the Imperial Emperor, but he couldn’t seem to stop his throbbing heart .

Three years flashed by, and when Realm Monarch Bo Luo’s letter was delivered by the messenger to the Zi Wei Galaxy and reached to the hands of the Imperial Emperor, the Imperial Emperor laughed and tossed the letter into King Zi Guang’s hands, he said, “Open it up and you will know . ”

King Zi Guang opened the letter and read it carefully before heaving a breath of admiration to the Imperial Emperor .

The messager started with Realm Monarch Bo Luo whining about his hard work suppressing and monitoring Zhong Yue in the Heaven Origin Reincarnation Mirror every day and night . However, there were experts hidden among the Fuxi rebels that had assaulted the Bo Luo Six Paths World . Realm Monarch Bo Luo suffered grave injuries, while Fuxi Zhong Yue was rescued by the Fuxi rebels .

Finally, the letter ended with Realm Monarch Bo Luo expressing his regret and willingness to bear any consequences from his dereliction of duty .


“The Fuxi, forgotten but there are still some that are hidden in the shades . The little Fuxi’s escape is nothing out of my expectation . ” The Imperial Emperor gave a cold sneer, “Even in the Zi Wei Galaxy itself, do you think there are no rebels that tied their souls and hearts to the old era of Fuxi? How else do you think the Fuxi lady was saved?”

King Zi Guang hesitated for seconds, then decided to gave it a go, “Now that Zhong Yue has escaped, should we send men to the lower realms to capture him?”

“Of course, but I have other plans . ”

The Imperial Emperor slowly stood up from his throne and looked up to the 3,000 clusters of stars in the skies of Zi Wei Galaxy . They were the 3,000 Six Paths World, orbiting around the Zi Wei Galaxy .

The Imperial Emperor continued, “My goal is not to kill the young Fuxi, but those old farts that should’ve been eradicated along with the old era! His appearance serves as a golden opportunity . Leave him be for now… the waves he is bound to stir will bring those thorns to the surface . ”

King Zi Guang’s eyes brightened up, he smiled, “My Majesty, you are planning to lure out the old experts to the light through the young Fuxi and kill them all in one go?”

The Imperial Emperor laughed, “Will that problem ever be solved if we just wait for them to appear of their own accord? Send a message to Realm Monarch Dao Ming and notify him of my plans . He will know what to do . ”

King Zing Guang bowed and left the palace . He then immediately wrote a letter and passed it to Realm Monarch Bo Luo’s messenger to be delivered to the Realm Monarch .

Four years had flashed by . When Zhong Yue fell from the Ancient Lei Zhe Realm and crashed to the ground, Jiang Yiqi had also returned to the 3,000 Six Paths World and was teleporting to the Lei Zhe Galaxy .

The teleportation beam sent the half-blooded old man toward the Lei Zhe Galaxy . In his ears, he could still hear the Nong Sovereign’s voice lingering around .

Back then . he had just returned to the Zi Wei Galaxy and immediately reported the appearance of a young Fuxi to the dying Human Sovereign . The news was like a shot of energy injected into the dying sovereign, he laughed at the top of his lungs while he said, “Finally, the Fuxi I have been waiting for all my life! Yiqi, please bring him to me, I want to have a look at him before my time comes! I have so much to say, so many things to tell him! Quick, go! Go! I can’t live much longer!”

Then, Jiang Yiqi also told Nong Sovereign of his request for the Fuxi to look after Gongsun Xuan Yuan; but to his surprise, when Nong Sovereign heard it, he shook and said, “Look at you, look at you . Thankfully he isn’t furious by your words . Fuxi are the humans and the humans are the Fuxi . But I didn’t dare to let Xuan Yuan become a Fuxi . Yet, Zhong Yue dared to become a Fuxi . Someone like him, don’t you think he is too overqualified to be Xuan Yuan’s guardian? You’ve thought too low of him, that brought discomfort but he agreed to your request, that showed his magnanimity . ”

Jiang Yiqi was dumbfounded while Nong Sovereign coughed blood vigorously and hurried, “Go, bring him to me! I will live to see him, I will pass on the dreams and ideas I have but was never brave enough to execute! The fate of humanity will be in his hands!”

Jiang Yiqi couldn’t understand why Nong Sovereign was so anxious about this matter, but regardless, the old man carried the hopes of the dying Nong Sovereign and returned to the 3,000 Six Paths World again in search of Zhong Yue .


Fuxi, Fuxi, what magic do you have that caused Nong Sovereign’s heart to throb like this even in his dying years?


Jiang Yiqi remained silent . There were many things that the Nong Sovereign didn’t tell him and many more secrets that remained untold . Even humanity’s future was just a temporary task that Nong Sovereign had him to handle .


As for the dreams and ideals that even the Nong Sovereign himself could only dream about… why would he be so ready to hand it over to a young Fuxi he had never even met before?



They haven’t even met each other and yet, Nong Sovereign trusts him so much?


Jiang Yiqi couldn’t understand .

At the same time in the Ancient Lei Zhe Realm, Zhong Yue punched his way through the 81 levels of Lei Zhe lightning loch . When he saw Jiao Qingtu again, even the dragon didn’t dare to mention a single word of challenge to duel with him .

This Innate Dao Fruit contained Innate Space Qi in it, a type of the Innate Space Dao, one of the nine Innate Daos of Space .

Zhong Yue examined the Dao Fruit in his hands, it was also the lethal weapon that almost killed him when the Innate Dao Fruit slammed it into his face . However, the Innate Space Dao wasn’t the one Zhong Yue wanted, he actually had his eyes on the Innate Changes Dao .


But that’s alright, my attainments in the [Time Light Spatial Crystal Mystic Scripture] are indeed lacking . I can take this opportunity to improve my attainments in it .


Time and space were two of the most profound Daos in the universe and formed the foundation of the [Time Light Spatial Crystal Mystic Scripture] . Although Zhong Yue had been cultivating it for some time now, he had only scratched the tip of the iceberg .

But even just a superficial understanding allowed Zhong Yue to perform incredible feats, allowing him to create teleportation portals and, most importantly, boost his divinatory calculation technique .

Zhong Yue’s Yin and Yang lines were improved based on the [Time Light Spatial Crystal Mystic Scripture], and his divinatory calculation technique was also able to reach its current standards due to the [Time Light Spatial Crystal Mystic Scripture] . Even Creators couldn’t dare to say they could do any better than Zhong Yue in this regard .

Whereas the Innate Space Dao fruit contained even higher levels of attainments in the Dao of Space, it could bring unimaginable improvements to his [Time Light Spatial Crystal Mystic Scripture], especially the arts of teleportation portals and divinatory calculation technique .

“Brat Yue, the Innate Dao Fruit is not to be eaten, but to be slowly refined in your psyche ocean… You ate it…?”

Xin Huo was just explaining to Zhong Yue on how to properly take advantage of the attainments in the Innate Dao Fruit, but the next thing that he saw was Zhong Yue swallowing the Innate Dao Fruit like food .

The little flame immediately hopped around in agitation, he had never lost control of himself and proceeded to strangle Zhong Yue to force him to spit out the Innate Dao Fruit out . He roared, “The Innate Dao Fruits are not to be eaten, it’s no use as your stomach can’t digest it . It’s to be refined not digested, spit it out now!”

Rumbles of thunder came from Zhong Yue’s stomach, the [Desolate Lightning Heavenly Furnace Scripture] was activated and turned his mortal body into a huge furnace controlled by his Yuan Shen; inside of his body, the Innate Dao Fruit was shining in bright rays as if a little sun was burning in it .

“You plan to use the [Desolate Lightning Heavenly Furnace Scripture] to refine the Innate Dao Fruit?” Xin Huo asked puzzlingly .

Zhong Yue nodded, he said, “If I leave it in the psyche ocean, some of the energy in it will inevitably leak out . But if I use the [Desolate Lightning Heavenly Furnace Scripture], I can contain all the energy and not waste a single bit of it!”

Xin Huo eyes became wide like saucers, he then gave a cold sneer at Zhong Yue’s arrogance, “Don’t you know how immense the energy in the Innate Dao Fruit is? They are the Dao Fruits born from the Innate Dao Tree, nurtured with Chaotic Qi . Moreover, these are the Innate Dao Fruit . Trying to absorb all of it will only kill you due to mass overload of energy!”

Zhong Yue turned a deaf ear to Xin Huo’s criticism, he continued to cast the [Desolate Lightning Heavenly Furnace Scripture] and triggered the Innate Dao Fruit’s energy inside of his body .

But Xin Huo’s words came true in the next second . Not only did the Innate Dao Fruit contain the Innate Dao in it, but there was also tremendous innate energy that was stored in it .

When the innate energy burst out from the Innate Dao fruit, Zhong Yue’s mortal body expanded to several times its size . In just seconds, he was already ten thousand feet in radius .

Then, a split second later, his body expanded a thousand feet again; then again and again . In just a breath’s time, he was already a hundred thousand feet tall giant with no sign of slowing down!

It was as if the energy in the Innate Dao Fruit was even stronger than the energy within a sun . It was getting out of hand, pushing his mortal body through the limit and even his [Desolate Lightning Heavenly Furnace Scripture] was seeing cracks on its surface!

The [Desolate Lightning Heavenly Furnace Scripture] was the cultivation technique he had forged in the Ancient Lei Zhe Realm . It was strong, sturdy and unbreakable, even a Heavenly Deity couldn’t break out of it if he was contained inside of the [Desolate Lightning Heavenly Furnace Scripture]!

Yet in just a breath’s time, the [Desolate Lightning Heavenly Furnace Scripture] and his mortal body were showing signs of shattering apart . One could tell how terrifying the innate energy in the Innate Dao Fruit was!

Zhong Yue muffled a pained grunt, his Yuan Shen was sitting in the middle of the [Desolate Lightning Heavenly Furnace Scripture], refining and casting one innate Qi after another into the furnace body .

The furnace was his mortal body; when the innate Qi was refined and entered his body, they started to recover his wounds and strengthen his mortal body .

Turns out, he wasn’t unwilling to let the innate energy of the Innate Dao Fruit to leak while he refined them; but he was just simply planning to cultivate the innate mortal body with the help of the Innate Dao Fruit!