Rise of the Wasteland - Chapter 210

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Chapter 210: Chapter 210 - Don’t Stand in My Way

Chapter 210        Don’t Stand in My Way

“It’s really unbelievable . Did they just follow our order and begin to work?” Angie was looking at a wide projected screen, where a mini map of Queens, New York, was displayed on it .

The map showed a variety of roads, buildings, people, institutions, and resources, which were all differentiated by different lines and colors . The ancillary management system was remodeled after Angie got it from Staten Island’s government building and it seemed to come in handy .

“We’ve only maneuvered less than fifty thousand people for now . So, it still isn’t that difficult . However, it’ll be a completely different case if we were to manage the millions of people . Lena, too looked at the screen and she sighed, All I need is a bit of time . Even the Brotherhood of Steel and Skull and Bones will have to kneel before me if I could keep managing these personnel and resources . I’ll be the new King of New York!

After thinking about it, Lena then asked Zhou Qingfeng through the wireless radio, “The cataclysm has already been in place for one and a half months . Did you say that there’ll be a nuclear bomb attack three months after the disaster? Is that really going to happen? We might have a chance to take control of this city if we could prevent the nuclear bomb . ”

“But, what if the nuclear bomb attack is inevitable?” Zhou Qingfeng answered her question with another question, “All our efforts will be lost . Hence, we'll need to leave this place as soon as soon possible even if it’s just a temporary solution . ”

“Well, you have a point . It’s just too big of a risk for us to take . ” Lena, who had been ambitious just a few seconds ago, smiled bitterly before saying that with disappointment and frustration . “Why, why? Why do we have to suffer such a terrible disaster? Is it really just part of human nature?”

Zhou Qingfeng kept silent for a few seconds before finally saying, “If you can’t change your fate, change your plan . ”

“Very inspirational……” Lena Fox replied sarcastically . “Oh, right! How many people are we going to bring along with us? Now that the people and resources we control are more than a hundred times of the past . I feel that we could bring that up to ten thousand people as long as we’re willing to . ”

“Three hundred to five hundred people will be a much more reasonable figure . We’re very likely to run out of supplies as it’s such a long time . If we really bring it up to ten thousand people, we’ll run out of resources . ”

Zhou Qingfeng’s had a conservative mindset . Hence, his own benefit is usually his top priority .

Lena eventually agreed with Zhou Qingfeng’s idea . Through the government's administrative system, she had taken control of a self-unloading bulk carrier codenamed, ‘Paradise Bird’ near the New York port .

The carrier was one hundred and fifty meters long and can carry over forty thousand resources . It also had five warehouses, four thirty-ton cranes, and could be used to carry goods in small ports which were poorly facilitated hence making it extremely useful in the middle of the cataclysm .

“The ‘Paradise Bird’ is currently parked on a dock in Brooklyn and it only requires thirty crew members to sail . I’m trying to find a way to supply it with enough manpower to fill up the warehouses and tanks,” Raymond had came up with a goal for Lena in a day’s time .

“Well done, keep up with your good work . We’re running out of time . ” Lena waved her hand as a signal to order Raymond to carry on with his work .

Nobody in Skull and Bones had realized that their entire administrative security system had fallen into someone else’s hands . They only felt like their work efficiency had improved quite a lot and they were pretty happy about it .

However, there were also some unhappy people .

Ted, the deputy commander, who was faking his illness for the past three days, was ready to file a report for ‘Jim Jones’ when the whole situation deteriorated . However, things did not go as planned . The operations of Skull and Bones had become much smoother and better after he left .

“What the hell, how did he manage to pull this off all by himself?” Lord Ted was frustrated . The entire logistics center was busy for the entire day since noon, but out of his expectations, all the work was done in an orderly fashion .

Improvements in other areas were not yet known . However, the sole improvement of the logistics center had already been amazing enough . Usually, due to contradictions in transport and road grooming problems, there will be traffic congestion in the entry and exit of the logistics center every single day . The trucks that moved in and out of the logistics center will usually cause a mess on the road in order to compete for space on the road .

However, the good dispatch management system had now improved the traffic conditions of the logistics center by a large margin . Everyone in Skull and Bones was happy as previously, they could not get what they wanted in a timely manner . In contrast, Ted, the deputy commander was the only one with a bad mood .

He realized that it will be very hard for him to regain his lost power . Hence, after realizing that something was wrong, Lord Ted immediately went to the logistics center headquarters, wanting to take over his job once again . Unfortunately, Zhou Qingfeng had successfully established his own prestige in a single day . A team of guards stopped him from entering the headquarters .

“I’m Lord Ted, the deputy commander of the logistics center . Now, get the f*ck out of my way,” Lord Ted was infuriated and he tried to break into the headquarters .

However, the guards dismissed him contemptuously, “We’re from the Ninth Armored Battalion . Our commander has given out the order - the logistics center headquarters is an extremely confidential place . Without his permission, no one is allowed to enter, especially anyone who claims to be the deputy commander . ”

“I’m already recovered,” Lord Ted immediately jumped in anger . However, it was useless for him to jump around, as the guards did not even care about him at all . They clearly knew that the new Mr . ‘Jim Jones’ was much better than him .

After the futile attempt, Lord Ted knew that reaching out to his superiors will be the only hope left . He reported to his master, Fernando Rethnor, saying that the new aide-de-camp had been bullying him and prevented him from fulfilling his duties .

Ted was originally a mercenary from South America . He set up an office in New York and had been recruiting military personnel from South America to work in other war-torn places . He had been friends with Fernando Rethnor for nearly a decade .

However, Fernando Rethnor, who was on the Polarlys, said, “Ted, thanks for sending over the caviar and cigar today, I’m very satisfied . Regarding the logistics center, I’ve already heard the report from my nephew . Since there’s someone who could do a better job than you, don’t you think it’s better to just let him carry on?

“Oh, right . I’m very satisfied with the way you organized my wedding ceremony as well . I hope that you could finish it as soon as possible . Don’t let me down . ”

Organize? Wedding ceremony? What the hell is that? After Fernando hung up the phone, Lord Ted was completely dumbfounded . He had never organized any wedding ceremony!

“I’m the one who organized the wedding ceremony, and I’ve done it on behalf of you . ” Zhou Qingfeng, who disguised himself as ‘Jim Jones’ took the initiative to walk into Ted’s office, “I hope that both of us could come to a compromise . ”

“You’ve forced me to a dead end and now you’re asking me to compromise with you?” Ted knew that he had already shown his hand in surrender . He could now only sit down and negotiate with Zhou Qingfeng, “What do you want me to do then?”

“I’ll be leaving the logistics center after Lord Rethnor’s wedding ceremony . So, as long as you’re not messing around, I’ll act in concert with you . ”

“But, the wedding ceremony is already around the corner,” Ted did not seem to completely believe in Zhou Qingfeng .

“Seven to ten days will be more than enough for me to take what I want . I’ll leave this place once I feel that this place has lost its use and you can then take over the efficient logistics center that I’ll leave behind . ” Zhou Qingfeng put forward his conditions and said, “Do you think there’ll be a better win-win situation than what I’ve just said?”

“You’ll leave after ten days at most?”

“Yes, ten days at most . ”

“But still, I don’t really trust you . I know that you’re seeking for much more than this . ”

“I already know that you won’t believe me, but what can you do? Do you really think that you could fight me? Don’t you realize that I’m way out of your league? Remember, don’t stand in my way . ”

After he finished speaking, Zhou Qingfeng swaggered and left, leaving Ted dumb-founded alone in his office .

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