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Romance RPG - Volume 1 - Chapter 12

Published at 14th of March 2016 09:35:57 PM

Chapter 12

“Y-Your Highness . ”

Meng suddenly jumped out of the chair . Seeing that Edward was still holding her arm with one hand while the other was pulling on the half-wrapped bandage, she jerked away as if she had been electrocuted . Her face a deep red, she stuttered, “I-I’m really sorry, I didn’t know you were the prince himself . But you can’t blame me . How could I have known that someone like a prince would go into the deep part of the garden all by himself?

“Up until now, I’ve been really rude to you because I didn’t know that you’re the prince . An ignorant person isn’t a guilty one, right?”

Listening to Meng’s incoherent explanation, Edward faintly smiled . “Of course it’s fine . Women have the right to be impolite to men . ”

“Err, is that so?” Hearing that, Meng felt a bit awkward . It was a bit like apologizing to someone and discovering that the other person had actually already forgotten all about it .

“Your sword is quite unique . ”

Edward was observing Sword Spirit on Meng’s back with great interest . If he hadn’t been strictly observing etiquette, he might have already moved closer to inspect it .

“Are you talking about him? Yes, he’s very unique . ”

Meng casually grabbed Sword Spirit, and then held him out in front of Edward . Curious, Edward stared at Sword Spirit’s two eyes and mouth . Meanwhile, Sword Spirit, being stared at by someone who had the same exact face as him, felt that nothing could be stranger than what was happening just now .

Just as Edward looked at Sword Spirit with great interest, the door to the room was suddenly opened by someone . The one who had opened the door was a splendidly dressed but funny-looking man who appeared to share the same physical characteristics as a ball . Behind him were a slim and serious looking man and a very beautiful girl .

The ball-shaped man, while jiggling his countless layers of chins, said in a shrill voice, “My Lord Duke Biggs, please have a seat over here, and I will go request His Royal Highness Prince Edward to come and greet your daughter . ”

When the serious looking Duke Biggs saw the situation in the room, he was utterly shocked, and the girl, who was timid, let out a small cry . The ball-shaped man had been standing with his back to the room . When he saw the facial expressions of the two, he swiftly turned his head to look . What he saw was a strange person holding a sword, and the sword was pointed at no one else but His Royal Highness Prince Edward . The ball-shaped man also let out a shriek . That cry was far more unpleasant than the girl’s scream . It immediately attracted attention .

From the sound of armor clinking, it was apparent that a few warriors were currently rushing over . The duke, who was standing by the door, pulled his daughter aside to make way .

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Meng and Edward were both stunned . They didn’t understand how the situation had turned out like this . By now, warriors had reached the door, and the ball-shaped man screamed, “There is a thug taking His Royal Highness hostage!”

The warriors heard him .  How could they have let this happen! Immediately, they pushed the ball-shaped man out of the way . Seeing that the so-called thug seemed to be rather shocked, these warriors couldn’t let such a perfect opportunity go to waste . They all rushed forward at the same time . Seeing the warriors’ fists come flying at her, Meng screamed in fear . Edward was snapped out of his daze by the loud cry and immediately extended both of his arms, standing between the warriors and Meng . As he did so, he shouted, “All of you, stop!”

Seeing the prince blocking them, all of the warriors abruptly stopped, and they also clearly saw that the so-called thug was actually only a screaming girl . They looked at each other and understood that this situation was probably a misunderstanding . The warriors straightened up and saluted to their Royal Highness the Prince . Edward gracefully saluted back and then said, “It’s a misunderstanding . I am merely observing this lady’s sword and am not being held hostage at all . You may all return to your posts . ”

The warriors obeyed the command and turned to leave . As they passed through the door, they didn’t forget to glare at the ball-shaped man for making them look like fools . The ball-shaped man himself had his own unvoiced grievances .  Anyone who saw that kind of situation would naturally think the worst . How can they blame me? He glared at Meng with hatred .  It’s all this weirdo’s fault for going as far as to point a sword at His Royal Highness .

At this time, Duke Biggs entered the room . He took the initiative to walk to Edward, while saying, “It has been a long time, Prince Edward . ”

Edward smiled faintly, and while maintaining the dignity of a prince, politely replied, “Indeed it has . The last time was at my mother’s birthday party, Duke Biggs . ”

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“His Royal Highness has an excellent memory . ” Duke Biggs laughed wholeheartedly, and then pretended to glance at his daughter, as if having no choice but to give an introduction . “I present to you my daughter, Marisa . ”

Duke Biggs introduced his daughter proudly as Marisa shyly stepped forward . She had long, wave-like, curled flaxen locks that shone like gold, a pair of elegant, classic eyebrows, and an oval face to complete the image . She looked like the perfect example of a classic beauty .

“She really is a masterpiece,” praised Sword Spirit, and Meng turned her head to glare at him . Sword Spirit made an innocent face .  I’m only saying the truth .

The prince showed his customary smile, gently lifting and kissing the back of Marisa’s petite hand . “Greetings, Lady Marisa . This is the first time we have met . It’s a pleasure to meet you . ”

“Hello, Your Royal Highness,” Marisa replied shyly .

Edward smiled, and then he said to Duke Biggs, “I’m very sorry, Duke, but I’m still entertaining my guest . Could I trouble you to wait in another guest room for a moment? I will be there shortly . ”

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Edward called out to the ball-shaped man, “Rohtun, bring His Lord the Duke to the Rose Garden Room . ”

After Rohtun heard him, he swiftly made a fawning expression . Jumping to the door, he opened it, grinning while he made an “after you” gesture to the duke and Marisa .

The duke’s face displayed his dissatisfaction, and he said lightly, “Your Royal Highness, I hope you know that you must carefully choose which guests you entertain . ”

“Thank you for your reminder, Duke . ” The prince still smiled politely . His handsome face didn’t show any signs of disturbance after hearing the words the duke had just said .

The duke turned and took with him Marisa, who seemed reluctant to leave . As the duke stepped out of the door, he turned his head to look Meng over, his eyes filled with disdain . The beautiful Marisa couldn’t help but look back with her father . At first, she looked disapprovingly at Meng, but when she saw Meng’s uncouth clothing and grotesque hairstyle, she couldn’t help laughing and left like a proud peacock .

After being scrutinized by two people, Meng’s heart felt heavy, and her facial expression also became dull . She listlessly said, “Your Royal Highness, I should leave . ”

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