Rose in a Yuri Field - Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

The next day, Leia and I went to visit the school office to process her enrollment .

The enrollment process itself ended without any difficulties but did not go as well with the room allocation .

“Leia-sama from your origin, your assigned room would be on the right side of the stairs…”

The female clerk say so apologetically .
This would have been inevitable .
Originally the purpose of this was because it was not possible for a commoner or lower noble to live on the same level room as a higher noble or royalty . Also some house may clash with one another if a distinction is not made and for their pride too .
Though there are some people that say “Why are commoner good but I am useless”
For that purpose the time that the right and left use are able to use the shared facilities and bathhouse are shifted .
But there was one person who could not understand it .

“Nooo… I don’t want to leave Anne Rose-sama…”

Leia half protested half crying .
She dislikes leaving me more than anything .
But slowly she will become familiar and move on but for now, she has a strong rejection to becoming alone .

Still, she is a good child .

I would have nodded but she has never been selfish other than asking not to be separated from me .
However it would be pitiful to abandon her all alone without any acquaintance into the room on the right staircase .
Also in this short period, I had strong feelings for Leia like a little sister .
In this situation what could I do for this little girl who was grabbing onto the edge of my skirt without letting go?
I want to do something about it but the condition to move into a room by the left staircase had some harsh condition with one being a person of high status .
The clerk look sorry with how Leia was crying, I thought .
Only time pass as three different with different expression stood .

Is there any good idea… high status… little sister…

And I came up with something .
That right, wouldn’t that solve this?

“Leia, will you become my little sister?”

“I see . Adopted… certainly that would be possible”

After returning from the office, we are having tea while discussing with Jessica in the lounge .

“But, would Anne’s father allow the adoption of a commoner?”

So, the plan of how to not be separated from Leia was that she would become an adopted child of the Ainkfalts house .
This way Leia would be able to live in the room on the left side of the staircase under the family name of Ainkfalts .
When I told Leia about it she had a huge grin on her face while she hugs me and jumps about without letting me go for a while .
The clerk cheek was dyed red and look at this situation while her nose was bleeding .

“I wrote the whole incident about the school and sent it to my parent house . The fastest reply should be within 5 or 6 days” (Anne)

In the letter I wrote that she was a commoner but she was cute and smart and could learn to read, write and learn arithmetic .
There was no problem with the part that she cute, but it would not be a lie if she could learn later on .
As the eldest daughter of the Ainkfalts house, even if an adopted child came into the house there wouldn’t be any family feud because the eldest son is the one who will succeed the house, also I do not think that this child who bite into a teacake while swinging side to side will throw the house into confusion .
As a request from their beloved daughter whose loveliness continue to increase, my parent should agree easily .

“From today onward we will be practicing basic reading, writing and arithmetic . Also manners of being a noble daughter . ”

In the meantime we should be able to do a certain amount of studies so it will be the truth in the letter .
While for manners losing face in school should not give any problems .

“YES! Anne Rose-sama!”

“You are my little sister so it weird to call me that right?”
“Ha, Yes! Onee-sama!”

Leia answer with a smile while being bashful .
Somehow it getting eventful .

“Uu… So enviable…”

Jessica was looking at Leia with eyes of envy .
She should be an only child .
Is she longing for a sister too?

From today Leia will have to work hard .
This world literacy rate is low .
It not particularly rare if you are unable to read any character as a commoner but if you can read or write, you would not have any problem looking for a job .
However, Leia was able to read a little but couldn’t write .
If ask why it look like she happen upon an old textbooks that was thrown away, if she studied it she could have been able to read and write and get work .
But after being able to read it she stopped before being able to write .
In the first place, there was no writing instruments .

Though it wouldn’t be long before she can write since she could read now .
Although she didn’t study her head is not that bad .
Leia could probably learn some word by herself and her memory is good too .
Thus I decided to teach her calculation while teaching her how to read and write .
Calculation in this world is mainly division .
In other words, you can work in the royal palace if you are good at arithmetic .
Those that wish to do administrative work in this school need to complete arithmetic up to the second grade and those that wish to practice business need up to the third grade .
First I will teach Leia addition and subtraction and the Japanese style multiplication table on paper .
Since my original world education in japan is more advance it would be more efficient to teach her the Japanese way .
Leia had more of a talent in arithmetic than in reading or writing where she absorbed everything I taught her like a sponge, by the time when my parent reply letter come she would have master arithmetic, reading and writing .
Let’s work hard trying to write bit by bit…

『By all right this child should have came here to examine her nature but it would be troublesome to come and return back to the school . Even if you say that she an excellent child, as expected we cannot adopt her without seeing her at all . So bring Leia during the next holiday . Until then we will allow Leia to use the family name Ainkfalts . There no problem if you pass this letter to the school』

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Was what the letter said .
I wonder if this is ok .
It all right since Leia is both cute and smart .
2 day after the new school term began, Leia was desperately studying to be recognized as my younger sister .
If she keeps it up getting top grades in the school would be easy .
By the way, every night when I sleep at midnight Leia would begin to move restlessly .
It a good idea to take a breather and I also feel good .
A young girl assaulting you every night is the best, isn’t it?

I hand over the letter from my parents to the clerk and a room would be given to Leia tomorrow .
Tonight we are having a pajama party with Jessica as a celebration .
Leia pajama had a cute design of star and moon suited for small children .
Before leaving town Rose had bought some clothes with her fashion sense .
In contrast to Jessica sensual pajamas which was as red as her hair and had a wide opening reaching to her shoulder .
While I wore a pink negligee with lots of frills .
The cloth gradually becomes thinner from the bottom of my chest to my waist where my stomach was clearly visible under it and is lacking in delicacy .
I would completely be an exhibitionist without pants .
By the way, this was Lorna choice .

“Those pajamas… without Anne well-proportionated body it wouldn’t be possible to wear it . Did you choose it yourself?”

“No, my childhood friend who a maid chose it for me . Does it look weird?”

“Onee-sama look really cool . Only Onee-sama could wear clothes that cool!”

Leia was rejoicing while raising her hand toward me sounding extremely pleased .

“Of course it cool… as expected from my childhood friend, I know”

I do not see myself as lewd but being praised about it is a little awkward to me .

“She was very nice too”

This pajama party began with a humble battle .

The party began with me and Jessica talking about various events and lessons that happen in the first year since Leia wanted to hear about it, the story about the capital confectioner and while talking about the future and gossip we 3 went onto the bed rolling, we went here after Leia yawn loudly .
My room and Jessica room are nearby but tonight us 3 will be sleeping together .
With me in the middle as the other 2 people slept on my side respectively .
It was decided without me having any say in this .
Leia fall asleep first, me and Jessica soon fell into dream land in turn

“chiyu… rero…… mmm… amu…”

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It was the same pleasurable feeling from last time
But today Jessica is also sleeping on the same bed .
I thought today was the day but today is still .
As I look beside me there wasn’t a golden head which been there when I went to sleep .
However, on the opposite side, there was not a red head too .
Then I heard a voice from the futon .

“Wait a little Leia what are you doing! Licking such a place…”

“Onee-sama smeel is really nice… muu… once you smell it you get hook…”

The bulge of the futon is bigger than normal as if those two are talking under a tent .

“Certainty Anne does have a nice smell but over here…… hey… hey wait a second”

Up until a moment ago the tongue that was licking my secret place left and a different feeling tongue trace over the same spot timidly .

“Muu… ahhh this is amazing…”

“Onee-sama is amazing here too”

“What is this…! It amazingly big…”

Leia began stimulating my clitoris and from the conversation atmosphere, she looks proud that it began to grow right in front of Jessica .
She is my best friend and I usually talk about my body with Jessica while in the bath .
But she has never seen me fully erect before, so I heard a surprise voice from under the futon .

“I am in charge of her penis . So Jessica-san…”

“Vagina? I understand”

Did it not become somewhat serious?
It way too quick for Jessica to adjust .
Jessica tongue soon invade my vagina and while that was happening Leia suck on my penis .

「Onee-sama penis have a far stronger smell after all . I feel bad for Jessica-san but I will not give in…」

「Lots of lewd juices is flowing out… I feel sorry for Leia but I want to hit it…」

These two are indulging in their respective spot .
Jessica tongue not only licks the entrance like Leia but also poke each meat fold with the tip of her tongue .
Her tongue feels like it longer than an average person and was so deep in my depth that I felt my hymen would get torn .
On the other hand, Leia blowjob have gotten better these past few day or she had found my weak spot, anyway she had excellent technique that couldn’t be compare to her first time .
While squeezing the root with her hand she relentlessly stroke it tills it just below my glands and inserting the tip of her tongue into my urethra .
On top of that moving her head up and down .
Being done like this from both my penis and my vagina at the same time I could no longer endure it .

“Ohh Ha Ahhhhhhh! Kuu! Nnnnnnnnnnn!”

I have endured it without saying anything so far but I could not longer endure it .

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Bending my body to the tip of my toe as I ejaculated and squirted at the same time I heard two choking sound from the futon .
Normally the sheet would become wet but the person in charge of that was not letting it happen .
However, now it would be impossible to pretend that I asleep so I spoke in a soft voice .

“…you two?”

Two shadows came crawling out of the futon .

“Ah… umm… this was…”

Leia face look pale .
Leia probably think that I am angry but I wasn’t going to scold her in particular .
As I was about to tell her I wasn’t angry the shadow beside Leia moved .

“I have always love you! Since the first grade! I like you more than anyone else! So please do it with me!”

A red mass was beautifully prostrating herself .
She was my best friend since enrolling but what came out of her mouth was a love confession and a request for sex .
But her timing for confessing may have happen at a bad time because many thing was happening at the same time and my head was thrown into confusion .
There was no feeling of disgust in her and I want to wholeheartedly enjoy that good feeling .



Shall we have sex?

On the bed was my best friend who I enjoy studying with in nothing but a single panty .
Right after my reply, she got up and remove all her clothes except her panties .
Her small chest and thin waist look like there was no different from Leia even with their age difference .
But the only cloth she was wearing was a black see through panties which had lots of embroideries .
I could expect from what I have seen since the beginning .

“Hey, why are you wearing such lewd underwear?”

And Jessica began to tremble with bikun .

“Did you expect it from the beginning?”

As I caress her crotch with my index finger, the panties started to become wet with a slimly feeling .
Jessica breathing became rougher with excitement while her shoulder began to tremble .
Using my hand I remove her panty with fluid motions .
A single string connects her panties to her vagina and the overwhelming smell of a girl in heat begin to overflow .

“From this moment I will live up to your expectation and mess up your vagina with pleasure . ”

And I heard Jessica taking a breath .