Rose in a Yuri Field - Chapter 14

Published at 8th of November 2017 05:15:01 PM

Chapter 14

《Leia perspective》

The next day I had caught up with Anne Onee-sama but Anne Onee-sama was very angry .
Even though I hadn’t kiss with Anne Onee-sama, I kiss with Jessica Onee-sama first, Jessica Onee-sama had said she like Anne Onee-sama and they kiss too, maybe it because I didn’t get Anne Onee-sama permission that she groaning .

I didn’t tell her that I did it with Rose-san too .
Because I am an adult .
Anne Onee-sama is quite possessive or something? Or not .
But I happy that kissing made her angry .
Jessica Onee-sama is also grinning a lot .
But looking at those 2 smiling all the time “Those 2 know more than I do” then I became depressed .
Talking about how much we love Anne Onee-sama in a panic we kiss each other .
Seeing Anne Onee-sama return a smile, it a relief .
I don’t have to worry so much .
Because no matter what happens she Anne Onee-sama .

That day I was so hungry that I couldn’t move .
It was the first time in my life that I thought I was going to die even though every day my stomach hurt so much that I wanted to die .
I have almost no memory of my parents .
It was a common story whether I was thrown away or they died .
But when I was about to die, someone held me .

As I open my heavy eyelid that felt so heavy, I saw a goddess with silver hair .
And she was surrounded with the fragrance of flowers .

What, was I already dead?
I thought that it wasn’t so bad since I was held in the arms of a goddess and couldn’t feel any pain or suffering or regrets anymore .
But something was thrust in front of my face .
It smells like food .
It was a meat dish that was served by a store I smelt before .
At that time, I could only drool .
Before asking if I could have a bite, I was kicked away and told to dig in the trash by another store owner .
I didn’t like pain so I went to search in the garbage dump and was fortunate to find the root of vegetables that was thrown away .

Does the goddess want me to have a bite of her food for the last time?
I tried to open my mouth and bit into her food .

But it was impossible .
I had no more energy .
I feel sorry for the poor food .
It such a waste that it was prepared for me with great pain .
So please give it to someone else who is hungry .

But then the goddess who saw took a bite of her food, chewing it then pass it into my mouth .
I managed to swallow it and it enters my stomach .
It repeats and since a long time, I felt my stomach becoming full .
After a while, I somehow thank the goddess .
She decided to bring me back to her accommodation where she was staying .

That? The goddess is staying at an inn?

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No no, if you calmly think about it, it was impossible for a goddess .
But maybe she a person that has a beautiful heart like a goddess .

When I arrive at the inn, I was brought to a pond made of stone with Rose-san where a lot of hot water was collected .
It seems to be a bath .
First, my body and head are washed then my body was wiped with a soft cloth and put into brand new clothes .
New clothes for the first time .
I have never worn much clothes other than rags .
How could I ever repay her?
If I do nothing I may possibly be thrown away again .

That when Rose-san spoke to me .

“Don’t worry . Ojou-sama does not ask for anything in return . Ojou-sama is probably the reincarnation of the goddess . But the person herself will deny it”

I understand but I had no idea of her meaning .
After all, she was a goddess .

When I return to the room there was a woman sitting on the bed waiting .
That was the first time I heard the name of the goddess .

Anne Rose

In the future, if I have a child, let name her that .

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And I ask the person herself to confirm it .

“Is Anne Rose-sama a goddess?”


Her word denies it .
But I heard it from Rose .
She must be a goddess after all .
And must be hiding it for some reason .
That why she denies it with such power .

At night I woke up but Anne Rose-sama wasn’t beside me .
Then from the next room, I heard something .

“Anne Rose-sama…?”

Because there was a big gap between the door and the floor, I crouch onto the floor and peek inside .
The room is fine but there is a big gap, I wonder if the material were lost along the way?

Anne Rose-sama and Rose-san were naked and intertwining .


That was all I could say .
I sure that… Yes, It sex .
A woman who was a tramp said it before she died of an illness .

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I want to do it too .
As I thought so, a slimly liquid came out from my vagina .
Looking at something beautiful my vagina leak as I would drool over something delicious .

It was the first time that I was so happy .
I had wanted to ride a carriage once and from this luxurious carriage, I saw a huge amount of people and large building through its window .
I could also eat till I was full, I feel like I am in heaven .
The place that we were going while I was in such a happy mood was a 『School』 .
It like a dream where a princess was living in this castle-like place .
Moreover after finishing the procedure for entering Anne Rose-sama was going to be my sister .
I didn’t know what to call her but it seems like I could call her my sister .

So happy .

My life began after meeting my older sister .

I want to be with her forever .

A wonderful goddess .

And my favorite Onee-sama .


I wish that this happiness will continue forever .