Rose in a Yuri Field - Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

That day, I and Jessica stayed behind in class to finish an assignment for tomorrow .  

This year homeroom teacher is quite Spartan, to give homework today and to hand it in tomorrow .

“It finally over . What are you doing after this? Want to visit the cafeteria for tea then return home?”

After completing our assignment, I went over to Jessica and propose that .  
Beside the dining room, the cafeteria also has a place for tea and snacks .  
But unlike the dining room, which is only open during meals, that place is open in between class and after school .

“That so . Well then… Give me a minute ok?”

As Jessica tried to get up from her chair, she stumbles on her desk leg and staggers .  
Instantly I held onto her .  
For a few moment, our gaze met while hugging .  
This time Jessica came and hug me tightly .

“Sorry Anne, about earlier . I wanted to do it”

“You a hopeless child . Want to go back to the dormitory?”

From that day onward after the pajamas party, they occasionally ask me for it .  
Even Leia who was shy, in the beginning, is now saying「Onee-sama… Do it?」 .  
With that being said how am I suppose to answer it?

“No, I want to do it right here and now . There is no one here right? Is that no good?”

There usually isn’t anyone left at this time .  
Assuming we are the last it would be better to stay in the classroom than in the cafeteria or sports ground because there may still be someone going back to the dorms .  
Also won’t you get more fired up in a classroom?


“Really, what a helpless girl…”

I shrug my should as if to say dear me .

Ah there no helping it

In response to Jessica request, I put my hand in her skirt .  
The uniform skirt is a one piece vest dress type so you would either need to completely remove it or roll it up .  
Of course, we can’t take it off so the latter was chosen .  
Jessica let me open her chest and her breast became expose .

“Oh, it white underwear today . It a good match but won’t there be a stain?”

Jessica underwear was becoming a little wet .  
I try to look for a warning while tracing my finger over her wet part .

“Hii Uuu! It, It can’t be help! Because… I just thought of being with Anne…”

What a cute thing for her to say .  
Let finger her clitoris directly as a reward .

“Hiyaaa! Messing my clit up! Nnn! Haaa Aaaa!”

While peeling the skin of her clit, I used two fingers from my free hand and thrust it into her .  
Her close vagina slowly opened up to allow my two fingers inside while feeling her inside close around my fingers .

“Nnnn ah! I love it! Spread it, it feels so good! Cc… Coming! Ahh! Ahh!…… Eee?”

It would be boring if it done only with foreplay .  
I pulled my finger out just before Jessica came and put one foot on top of her desk, without removing her underwear but just shifting it to the side, and thrust into her while standing .

“ーー! Nn Hiii! Ahh Hii! Oh Uu! Oh Uu… Muuu!”

Look like just thrusting it in seem to have reached climax just a little .  
And Jessica’s voice was getting louder so I push my slimy finger into her mouth .

“Hiii! Muuu! uguuu! Uuuu! Nnnn!”

Maybe because it was a little rougher, her vagina juice was getting thicker .  

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After all, this girl seems to like it a little rough .  
But I myself like it too .  
But then a voice was heard from outside of the classroom .

“Is anyone else still here?”

Bad .  
Look like someone returned .  
Jessica also wanted more stimulation but there is no need for voyeurism .

I held Jessica up from behind while still being one and hid in the cleaning equipment storage .  
As I close the cleaning equipment storage door, the classroom door opens .

“Eh? There no one? I thought I heard a voice… Oh, the floor here is a little wet”

That is Jessica love juice .  
Would she perhaps open the cleaning equipment storage door? 
That would be bad .  
If the school knew that we were doing this, besides getting expelled, our parent would be informed too .

“I’ll ask the janitor to clean it up later”

My worry was unfounded .  
Oh, is that so .  
There usually won’t be a need for an Ojou-sama to clean it by herself .  
I can’t see Jessica face now because her back is facing me but I felt that Jessica was relieved because her vagina that was extremely tight until a while ago had loosened .  
Or maybe this is one of God protections .  
Certainly, there was a lot of development that was convenient in various ways up to now .

When I think about this, this situation is a delicious development .  
Since I won’t be exposed I can do whatever I want, but Jessica is scared to let her voice leak .

All right, let continue .

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Twisting around in this narrow space, I guide my fingers and play with Jessica nipple .  
Her relaxed vagina had started to tighten again .

“Uuu!? Ah! Kuu……!”

(Wait why!? There is still someone there!, M-My voice is leaking!)

With both of Jessica hands covering her mouth, trying to muffle her voice as her vagina is being thrust into .


Jessica trying desperately to suppress her voice was strangely sexy which made my penis even harder .  
In response to that, Jessica love juice was overflowing and dripping into the bottom of the cleaning utensil .  
In this narrow space that filled with an obscene smell, it only serves to further increase my excitement .

Jessica tried to resist by twisting her body as I place my hand on her chest .  
Of course, I continue to play with her nipple in that state .

(We are both so lewd now… so excited but it would be bad if I don’t stop Anne now… Ah! Coming!)


In my arms, Jessica trembles and shook her waist earnestly .  
It is very close .

(I already did! I want to! I can’t control my voice anymore! And you are still going to thrust with your penis! If you release your semen in my womb now…! No Noooo! Hiyaaaaa!……!)

Unable to endure anymore I silently ejaculated into Jessica vagina without a sound…… Or not .


Unable to endure it an ear piercing scream was release .

Eh? Huh? Is this god protection?

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Then in a flash, the door was opened .

My gaze met the owner with long straight black hair .  
It was Kanade that had come to talk these past few days .  
Unable to comprehend what was happening I shook my eyes as if to catch up .


Unable to say anything while stiffening, the first thing I heard was Jessica’s voice .

“T-The floor! The floor was getting wet! So I tried to clean it up with the tools! Right Anne!?”

“Eh… Yeah…”

Somehow confirming it .  
But Jessica… It pretty unbelievable…

“Is that how it is . However it is late now, so we should be getting home quickly and leave the cleaning to the janitor . I just here to pick up my belonging so if you would excuse me”

After displaying an attitude like thinking for a little, Kanade seems to be easily convinced than I had thought .

But was she really convinced by that excuse!? Perhaps it was terribly natural…

Before leaving Kanade brought her face close to mine and said in a voice that only I could hear .

“Please come to my room later”

As she said that she rushed out of the classroom in a hurry .

Ah, she is still not convinced after all… 
Hey God, you are not looking away, right?


At that time, I was not aware that Kanade face was distorted from delight .

It was difficult to expose Kanade madness .